Uber Connect: 2024 Guide to Package Delivery with Uber

Uber continually provides entrepreneurs with opportunities to make more money. Their latest opportunity is Uber Connect, a package delivery service.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to rent or own a large truck to make money with this service. It’s an on-demand, small package delivery service that most drivers can use with their current vehicle.

Uber Connect: Overview

Uber Connect is a same-day delivery service that allows consumers to request delivery of an item on the same day. Uber promises most deliveries within the hour.

Consumers can use Uber Connect to deliver last-minute gifts or to help out a friend, and businesses can use it to have products delivered, transfer documents, or swap supplies with an office across town.

Drivers make money like they do driving people for Uber, and customers have a digital platform to have packages delivered on the same day.

What Uber Connect Offers Its Customers

Uber Connect offers the same flexibility as Uber for people. Customers can order an Uber Connect delivery, and within a short time, the driver arrives to pick up the package and deliver it.

Most packages are picked up and delivered within the hour, according to Uber, and customers can track the package from the minute it’s in the driver’s car.

There are certain restrictions, such as prohibited products and package sizes, but most deliveries that can fit in the trunk of a midsize vehicle work.

Regarding prohibited products, customers cannot send anything illegal: alcohol, weapons, narcotics, hazardous material, high-value items, jewelry, and prescription drugs. There may also be monetary value limits to the deliveries, but that varies by area.

Benefits of Uber Connect

Uber Connect offers another way to help independent contractors while conveniently transporting items. Here are some of the ways drivers and consumers benefit.

For Drivers:

  • Offers an additional source of income: Uber Connect provides drivers with another way to earn money when there aren’t requests for rides from people.
  • A break from driving people: If you live in an area where Uber Connect deliveries are common, you can switch up your jobs, taking a break from driving people while still making money.
  • Work on your schedule: You accept the deliveries you want and decline those that don’t meet your requirements.

For Consumers:

  • No postage or shipping labels: Shipping products can be a pain when you need postage, shipping labels, and to visit the post office or local UPS. Uber Connect drivers pick up the packaged items for you. No labels or special trips are necessary.
  • Fast delivery: You can have a package delivered locally within an hour, versus waiting days like other shipping services and the post office require.
  • On-demand service: You can request an Uber Connect delivery and have it completed within the hour in most cases. This is great for last-minute needs.

How Uber Connect Works

Uber Connect works a lot like Uber for people. Here’s what you should know as a driver or consumer.

For Drivers:

Drivers can select deliveries much like they select Uber riders. You aren’t obligated to accept a delivery if you aren’t comfortable with it.

Uber Connect is by invite only currently. This means it must be available in your area, and you must be invited. You’ll see a message titled ‘Introducing Uber Connect’ in your Uber message box if you’re eligible.

To start driving for Uber Connect, you must accept the invite and follow the prompts. Since Uber already approved you, the process is quick.

Once approved, accepting Uber Connect orders is simple:

  • Accept the request in the app.
  • Meet the requester at the predetermined location, where they will hand off the packaged product.
  • Drive the package to its destination (the requester can follow it on the app).
  • Meet the recipient at the dropoff location (Uber doesn’t recommend that you leave a package without the recipient present).

For Consumers:

Uber Connect is simple for consumers, including for last-minute deliveries or needs. Just like when you book a ride when needed, you do the same to deliver a package.

You get on-demand delivery, usually arriving and delivering within the hour, but the exact timing depends on demand and driver availability.

You must provide information about the package sizing and pickup and dropoff locations. After reviewing the pricing, you must also agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the order.

It’s best to alert your recipient that a package is arriving, as Uber recommends drivers not leave packages without the recipient. If you do, it should only be after receiving explicit written instructions from the sender in the app in the special delivery instructions.

Using Uber Connect for Different Types of Deliveries

You can use Uber Connect for most consumer and business deliveries, except for items on their prohibited list.

Consumers use Uber Connect to deliver gifts or quickly send items the recipient needs, such as an item they forgot.

Businesses use Uber Connect to ship products quickly or to transfer items between warehouses, offices, or even to another company. The process and pricing work the same for consumers and businesses.

Tips for Efficient & Secure Uber Connect Deliveries

Before sending deliveries off with Uber Connect or accepting Uber Connect delivery jobs, here are some tips for an efficient process.

For Drivers:

  • Use Uber Connect to fill voids: If you live in an area where Uber Connect is offered, use it to fill gaps when restaurant deliveries are slow. Make yourself unavailable for restaurant deliveries while conducting an Uber Connect delivery to avoid confusion and lost orders.
  • Provide great customer service: Like Uber and Uber Eats, drivers can get customer tips for delivery. You keep 100% of the tips, so the better service you provide, the more you’ll earn.
  • Choose deliveries wisely: Uber is transparent in the pricing, so make sure the delivery is worth your time and effort. Also, ensure the instructions are detailed enough and that the recipient is aware of the delivery so you don’t get delayed.
  • Pick up rides or food delivery on the way back: Avoid dead miles by picking up a restaurant or person delivery after you deliver a package. This ensures the miles you drive back earn you money instead of costing you money to get back home.

For Consumers:

  • Alert your recipient: Uber highly encourages drivers to wait for a recipient to receive the delivery. If they can’t be there, you must give written permission to leave the item unattended.
  • Tip your driver: Uber Connect is a convenient service for consumers. Your delivery driver works hard to get your item from Point A to Point B, and tipping them greatly helps their business.
  • Follow the prohibited items list: Be mindful of the items Uber doesn’t allow for Uber Connect, and ensure you follow the rules.
  • Package the items securely: All delivered items must be properly and securely packaged, just like you would if shipping them via UPS.


Uber Connect is available in select cities; however, they are expanding. If they see a package icon on their Uber’s home screen, drivers and consumers will know if it’s available in their area.


Like Uber rides, there isn’t a certain price every person pays for Uber Connect. Your cost depends on the time of day, demand, type of delivery, and mileage.

The Uber app tells you how much it will cost before you purchase the delivery. You also have the option to tip your driver, who gets to keep 100% of the tip.

User Stories and Testimonials

Since Uber Connect is still somewhat new and by invitation only, there aren’t many reviews specific to the service.

Overall, Uber has a 3.4 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot, and like any service has its ups and downs.

Some people love Uber and its service, and others find everything they can to complain about it.

Overall, the company itself provides excellent services, and it depends on the drivers you get who deliver the service.


Uber Connect helps consumers and drivers by providing a convenient service that helps drivers earn more money. Here are some common questions about it.

Is Driving Uber Connect Worth It?

Driving for Uber Connect won’t make you rich, but it can be a good way to diversify. Consider it a nice break from transporting people or a way to increase your earnings when looking for a gig to make money on the way back from a trip.

I wouldn’t solely rely on Uber Connect for my gig earnings, but I would definitely add it to my list of gigs.

How Can I Become an Uber Connect Driver?

You must be an approved Uber driver and receive an invite in your Uber inbox to drive for Uber Connect. If you receive the invite, follow the instructions to accept it, and you’ll have another avenue of income available.

Are There Any Special Vehicle Requirements for Uber Connect Drivers?

Uber Connect drivers don’t have specific vehicle requirements like Uber drivers because they aren’t transporting people. However, a midsize car is best, especially if you want to accept larger deliveries.

Can I Request Same-Day or On-Demand Uber Connect Deliveries?

Uber Connect is an on-demand service. You accept the deliveries as they come in when you are available. Uber doesn’t pre-schedule the deliveries; consumers use it as an on-demand service.

How Do I Track the Status of My Uber Connect Delivery in Real-Time?

The Uber app shows you the delivery from when the driver picks it up to when they deliver it.

Are There Any Safety Measures in Place for Uber Connect Drivers and Packages?

Uber limits the types of products consumers can deliver, and they must accept the terms when they purchase the delivery to protect drivers.

Can I Use Uber Connect To Pick up a TV?

Unfortunately, Uber Connect drivers cannot pick up a TV. The items must be low value, usually under $100, and fit in a shoulder bag or medium-sized trunk.

What if No One Is at the Package’s Final Destination?

Uber Connect drivers are encouraged to contact the sender if they are still waiting for someone to accept the package at its final destination.

They request that you don’t leave the area and wait to hear from the sender. The sender may request that you return the item to them (they must do this in the app so you get paid) or leave it. If they request that you leave it, the request must be in writing.

Uber suggests you contact customer support if you can’t come to a resolution with the sender.

Final Thoughts

Uber Connect won’t make you rich, even if it is available in your area. But it’s a great supplement to those Uber and Uber Eats rides you accept. It also offers another way to make money that doesn’t require a lot of stress or dealing with people.