How much do Uber Eats drivers make? It’s a big question, as using food delivery services to bring restaurant meals right to the front door has grown in popularity over the past few years. This has created job opportunities for people who want to set their own hours, work as their own boss, and have more control over how much money they can potentially make. 

    While the amount an Uber Eats driver makes can vary greatly from delivery to delivery, many drivers have found ways to increase their income to earn between $20 to $25 per hour.

    How is Uber Eats Pay Calculated?: How Much Can You Make with Uber Eats?

    Uber Eats uses a combination of algorithms, promotions, and proposed tips to calculate how much each delivery will pay. Let’s take a look at each:

    Base Fare: This is the fixed amount a driver can expect to make when they choose to accept a delivery. To arrive at a base fare, the algorithm the company uses takes into account several factors, including the total time and distance needed to make the delivery and the additional time a driver will spend traveling to the restaurant once they have accepted the trip.

    Trip Supplement: The trip supplement is an additional benefit paid to the driver to make a delivery worth the driver’s time. The algorithm considers things that could affect the delivery, most notably when it could take a longer time than usual to make the delivery, or when a driver must drive a greater distance when initially traveling to the restaurant. 

    Promotions: Uber Eats offers several different types of promotions, which are used both as an incentive and a bonus for drivers who want to increase their pay.

    Tips: Uber Eats drivers receive 100% of the tips that they make. 

    Fuel Surcharge: As of March 16, 2022, Uber Eats has added a temporary fuel surcharge of $0.35 to $0.45 (depending on location) to every delivery order to help offset the burden placed on drivers due to the record-high gas prices.This amount goes directly to the driver and is included as part of the trip fare. The current surcharge is scheduled to remain in place for the next 60 days.

    As you can see, how much you can make with Uber Eats depends on a variety of factors, with one of the most important being when and where you drive. On average, however, Uber Eats drivers hourly pay is around $20-25/hour. 

    Does Uber Eats Pay for Gas?

    Normally, Uber Eats does not pay for gas. As mentioned above, Uber Eats has added a temporary fuel surcharge of $0.35 to 0.45 to every delivery order to help offset the cost of fuel. They then pass this amount along directly to their drivers. 

    In normal times, however, drivers do not receive any reimbursement for their fuel costs. 

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    How to Make the Most Money With Uber Eats

    All you have to do to make money with Uber Eats is make the deliveries, but there are ways you can increase the amount you make. You don’t even have to work long hours. You just need to know how to work smarter. 

    Not sure how to start making deliveries with Uber Eats? Check out our video walkthrough here: Uber EATS Delivery App Tutorial for 2022 (Step by Step)

    Here are four tips that can help increase your pay:

    Keep your focus on short, quick trips. If you notice how your pay is calculated, you’ll often find that you can make more by taking two short, quick trips instead of one long one. Most drivers find they do best by only accepting trips that are within a six to 10 mile radius from the area they are currently working in.

    Decline low paying deliveries when it’s busy. Low pay is better than no pay, but during peak hours it’s usually better to decline lower paying trips if you feel certain you’ll get a higher paying one soon. Uber Eats doesn’t care if you decline an order, but try to avoid canceling an order once you accept it. 

    Hang out where the action is. When you go online, the Uber Eats map will show you the areas where the most deliveries are currently occurring. By hanging out in that area during peak hours, you can respond faster and you will also have less distance to drive to the restaurant once you accept an order. 

    Combine promotions when available. One of the easiest ways to increase your income is to combine promotions so that each delivery will earn you extra pay. As an example, if you are taking part in a Quest, making the deliveries during an ongoing Boost or Surge promotion could easily double your pay.

    Best Time to Do Uber Eats

    The best time to deliver with Uber Eats are when people are hungry! These times are usually:

    • Lunch rush (11 AM to 2 PM)
    • Dinner (5 – 9 PM)

    There is also higher demand for Uber Eats deliveries on the weekends, during big events (Super Bowl, the Oscars, etc.), and when the weather outside is bad (rain, snow). Just be sure to drive safe!

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    How to Get More Uber Eats Orders

    The best way to get more Uber Eats orders is to position yourself near clusters of popular local restaurants and drive during the busiest hours, like lunch, dinner and the weekends.

    Consider heading to your local downtown, or part of the city where there are several popular restaurants. By positioning yourself there during busy times of the week, Uber Eats will see you’re the closest driver available and continue to feed you requests. 

    Takeaways for Drivers

    While there is no guarantee as to how much an Uber Eats delivery driver can make, using the tips above can help you increase your potential income. Make sure to check out our other articles as well to learn even more ways to maximize your income and boost your earnings. 

    FAQs about Uber Eats pay

    How Much Does Uber Eats Pay?

    Uber Eats pay depends on a variety of factors, but most drivers can earn $20-25/hour by employing the strategies above.

    Uber Eats Pay Rate

    Uber Eats’ pay rate is calculated using this formula:

    Base fare + Trip supplement + Promotions + Tips = Total

    Uber Eats drivers will receive a flat fee for picking up one or more orders from a restaurant. Every Eats fare will be different, but in general Uber Eats minimum base far is $3. 

    Does Uber Eats Pay for Gas?

    As of March 2022, Uber Eats does pay drivers for gas. The gas surcharge is $0.35 to 0.45 per delivery and is calculated based on the city in which you drive. 

    How do Uber Eats Drivers Get Paid?

    Similar to Uber driver pay, Uber Eats drivers get paid via Instant Pay (as long as you have at least a $1 balance) or via bank transfer.

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