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Fair App Review – For Uber & Lyft Drivers (How does Fair app work?)10:13

Fair car app review and promo code – Sign up for Fair and save $100 on your first starting payment with the affiliate code ‘RSG100’ at checkout: https://therideshareguy.com/ftkm

How To Use Uber Driver App – 2018/2019 Training & Tutorial 8:39

The new Uber driver app has arrived for 2018/2019. Wondering what it looks like and how to use it? RSG contributor Joe walks us through how to use the new Uber driver app here.

GetUpside App Review: Easily Earn Cashback On Gas (2019)6:33

GetUpside review. Sign up for GetUpside and get a 15¢ per gallon sign up bonus: https://therideshareguy.com/getupside

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