VOOM Rideshare Insurance Review 2024

Data-driven insurance turns the tide for rideshare drivers. You no longer must pay for insurance coverage you don’t need and cannot afford. Instead, keep more money from your ridesharing gigs in your pocket, and rest assured you have reputable coverage.

What Is VOOM Rideshare Insurance?

VOOM Rideshare insurance is insurance explicitly made for rideshare drivers. It’s currently available in only a few states but will soon be available in others.

  • Provides data-driven insurance for rideshare drivers to keep it more affordable
  • VOOM has issued over 100,000 policies so far
  • VOOM has raised over $22 million from investors

How Does It Differ From Traditional Insurance Providers?

Traditional insurance providers provide a one-size-fits-all policy. This means you pay no matter your driving habits or how often you use your vehicle outside of when you are ‘on the clock.’ VOOM only charges clients for the miles they drive ‘off the clock,’ so if you use your vehicle primarily for ridesharing or delivery, you could save money by not paying for miles you aren’t driving.

VOOM Technology and UX

VOOM directly connects with your rideshare driver account. This offers many benefits, including easier onboarding because it auto-fills your driver and vehicle details, enabling you to secure a quote faster.

Once insured, VOOM uses the commercial miles data, the driver’s ratings, claims history, and mileage driven, to determine your monthly premiums. Using your trip data can save you money on your insurance because the rideshare platform already insures the trips you make. This includes when you’re on your way to another job. Deducting this mileage from your premium reduces what you owe, saving you as much as 60% off traditional insurance prices.

How Does VOOM Rideshare Insurance Work?

It’s simple to get started with VOOM rideshare insurance with these steps:

  1. Connect your rideshare account: Securely connect any rideshare or delivery accounts to account for the mileage you drive for your gig versus personal use. VOOM enables you to connect the rideshare or delivery account also after receiving a quote, based on your personal preference.
  2. Customize your coverage: You can easily customize the coverage you need for personal use (if any). This ensures you aren’t overlapping coverage and overpaying for insurance.
  3. Buy your policy: VOOM offers a 6-month policy with monthly or pay-in-full (6-month) billing to make it easy to stay on top of your bill.
  4. Upload your mileage: Once in a few months, you must upload your car’s odometer photo to show how many miles you’ve driven compared to the mileage in your drivers’ accounts so VOOM can determine which miles were for personal use.
  5. Drive insured: Once you’ve customized your policy, you can cancel your traditional auto insurance and rest assured you’re covered.

Pros and Cons

Choosing the right rideshare insurance is a big decision. Here are the pros and cons of VOOM rideshare insurance to consider.


  • Relies on data to determine your premium rather than paying a one-size-fits-all price
  • Covers the rideshare service’s $2,500 deductible if you have a claim while ‘on the clock’
  • Completely customizable to your personal driving needs, including income loss or rental reimbursement


  • Only benefits those who use their vehicle primarily for gig driving
  • Must sync your rideshare driving apps to VOOM
  • Must upload a photo of your car’s odometer from time to time

VOOM’s Insurance Products

VOOM’s insurance products are unique to anything offered on the market today. Here’s what you must know.


VOOM is a hybrid rideshare insurance policy that only charges you for miles driven for personal use rather than traditional insurance companies’ one-size-fits-all approach. VOOM works alongside the rideshare companies’ mandated coverage while ‘on the clock,’ making up for any gaps and providing extra coverage to compensate for income loss or rental reimbursement.


VOOM is completely customizable, allowing you to determine the coverage needed when not on the clock. This ensures you only pay for what you need, keeping more money in your pocket.


VOOM has three phases of its coverage:

  • Offline (“Period 0”): Only pay for the miles you drive while ‘off the clock’
  • Online and waiting (“Period 1”): The rideshare platform provides your liability coverage, and VOOM offers additional liability coverage such as physical damage and uninsured/underinsured medical payment coverage
  • Online and driving to or with a passenger (“Period 2 & 3”): VOOM supplements your rideshare platform coverage with a deductible cap coverage of $2,500 to keep your out-of-pocket expenses down

Why VOOM Rideshare Insurance Is Better For Gig-Drivers

VOOM rideshare insurance reduces gig drivers’ insurance premiums. Instead of paying for coverage you don’t need, you only pay for the miles you drive while not working for a gig app. Rideshare drivers can keep more money in their pockets by reducing costs.

According to Pew Research, 16% of Americans have earned money from an online gig, and those numbers are expected to increase. Still, there wasn’t an affordable insurance solution until VOOM began.

Customer Service

VOOM customer service representatives understand the importance of keeping your costs down as a rideshare driver. From start to finish, they provide excellent customer service whether you have questions about your bill, need to file a claim, or want to apply for a new policy.

Ratings and Customer Reviews

VOOM rideshare insurance isn’t yet rated by the Better Business Bureau, but you can review their 4.1 stars review of a handful of customers on Google Reviews. While there are only a handful of reviews, it’s a newer company with a great start!

State Availability

Currently, VOOM rideshare insurance is available in Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia, and Minnesota. They are working to expand to more states as well.

How to Apply

Getting a quote with VOOM is simple.

Start by linking your existing rideshare accounts and answer a few simple questions about yourself.

Within a few minutes, you’ll have a quote, and if you’d like to move forward, choose your plan and coverages and then purchase your policy in a matter of minutes.


VOOM rideshare insurance is a unique policy. Here are some more questions people have about it.

Why Would I Choose VOOM Over Another Personal Auto Insurance Policy?

VOOM considers your miles driven for personal use versus giving you a flat rate no matter how many personal miles you drive. For example, a current customer who mostly uses his vehicle for rideshare driving was able to decrease his insurance costs by $1,250 per year by switching to VOOM’s customized policy.

What Happens If I Don’t Share My Odometer Reading?

You’ll pay your state average miles amount if you don’t send in your odometer picture. However, you can reconcile the difference by sending your photos for future months.

What Discounts Does VOOM Insurance Offer?

VOOM provides discounts based on various factors such as clean driving records and safety features in your car, in addition, VOOM does not penalize for low credit scores ensuring fairer insurers for drivers. Lastly, having a dashcam installed allows for a lower deductible in case of a claim.

What Rideshare Platforms Are Eligible?

VOOM currently works with Amazon Flex, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats and DoorDash.

How Much Is Rideshare Insurance?

Rideshare insurance premiums vary by location and type of coverage, but on average, for the state of Arizona, rideshare insurance costs $113 to $205 a month.

What Happens If You Have an Accident While Driving for Uber, Lyft, or Other Apps?

If you have an accident while actively working a gig on Uber, Lyft, or other apps (and you have full coverage on your personal auto insurance policy), the platform will cover the accident.

This is applicable if you are at fault, but you will be subject to the $2,500 deductible in case of physical damage to your car. This is where VOOM’s optional “Deductible Buydown” coverage (added to your comprehensive and/or collision coverages) comes to help, they will reimburse you for the difference between the platform’s $2,500 deductible to your lower VOOM policy deductible ($500/$1,000).

What Types of Car Insurance Coverage Do I Have While I Am Waiting for My Next Gig Job?

When you are waiting for a match, your rideshare platform coverage only offers limited liability coverage, and you should have a reputable personal policy to cover you during these times.

Drivers Take

VOOM rideshare insurance gives rideshare and delivery drivers a much more affordable and customizable insurance policy to make ridesharing and delivery driving more profitable. Since rideshare drivers cover all their own expenses, having a way to cut costs on such a major expense can be life-changing.