13 Features Instacart Shoppers Actually Want

What do Instacart shoppers really, really want from Instacart? It shouldn’t surprise you that the top answer is “more pay!” But beyond pay, what else do Instacart shoppers really want to make the shopping and delivering experience better?

RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook shares what top features he’d love to see Instacart add in this article below.

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Top 13 Things Instacart Shoppers Really Want

It would be great if this turned into a checklist we could check every time Instacart added a new feature, but let me know – do you agree with my ‘Instacart wish list’ or do you think I’m missing anything?

1. Tips For Shop Only Shoppers

I do Shop Only shopping because it is convenient, and I can typically do it faster than a full-service shop.

The ONLY downfall with that is you don’t get tips for doing this service.

I believe this should change. Shop Only shops can be very big orders and multiple orders at a time.

Shop-only shoppers work just as hard as full-service shoppers and tips should be a thing for us as well.

This would cost the company nothing, as all Instacart would need to do is simply allow the ability to tip the shopper in the app.

tipping2. Ability To Accept Batch Before Finishing Last One

If you’ve ever done Uber, UberEats, or Lyft you know what I’m talking about.

Before you drop off the order or the person, it pops up with a new request for you to accept.

This is a wonderful feature, as it keeps your day going and you rarely will have lulls.

In addition to reducing lulls, it also keeps me from staring at my app and wondering if I should turn it off and go do something else. Steady requests may be tiring for some, but I would welcome it!

3. Rate Customers And See Their Rating

Most other gig services allow for this rating system – and I love it!

Ratings have helped me a lot as an Uber and Lyft driver. I mean, who wants to pick up an order or a passenger who has a 1-star rating? There’s usually a reason someone gets that rating.

So why shouldn’t Instacart offer us this feature, too?

I believe the shopper and customer can benefit from this rating system. It has more accountability on both ends.

4. Higher Base Pay Per Large Batch

Have you ever done a batch that the base pay is $7 for over 100 items and hoped and prayed on the way to the delivery the person gives you a cash tip to make up the difference?

I believe we all have!

If the batch is small, it makes sense that you get $7, you can get in and out no problem. But, when the order is large, the batch pay should go up with it.

5. Better Protection Against False Claims

We are all too familiar with the saying “the customer is always right” aren’t we?

But is that really always the case? No! Unfortunately, some customers falsely claim they didn’t receive their items or the items are damaged so they can get them for free.

When this happens, it goes against the shopper, unfortunately. Whenever an item is claimed missing or damaged, our rating as shoppers go down.

Better protecting the shoppers in these situations can help deter customers from making these false claims, and then everyone wins.

6. Alert Shoppers About Surge Pricing or Promotions

With Uber, it seems like every day I’m getting messages saying there’s a surge or a promotion for me to make more money.

These alerts about surges inspire me to drive for them more.

If Instacart did more surges or promotions for shoppers, I think more people would be willing to go online and accept batches, or have more people sign up.

7. Don’t Let App Glitches Affect Rating

Unfortunately with technology things happen, whether it’s the app glitching or the internet is unstable. I get that.

But why does it have to affect my rating as a shopper? Instacart should be able to see when errors are occurring on their end, so why not just fix or adjust anything negative that happened during these glitches or outages?

8. Get Another Order While Already Working On One

If I’m at a store doing a full service or shop-only order and another small order pops up while I’m there, rather than sending the order to another driver, it would be nice if Instacart would give me the option to do it.

Yes, it’s similar to accepting a batch as you finish another one, but this would specifically be a request for the store I’m already in.

Not only would this make more money for me, but it would likely get the order to the customer faster than finding a completely different driver.

9. Better Pricing For Customers

I’ve never left the receipt in the bag for a customer to see, but I see the prices Instacart has for something versus the actual price.

Most of the time it’s only a little extra, sometimes though someone is being charged $2 or $3 for a $0.99 item.

Not only that, but some drivers don’t know to not leave the receipt in the bag, and when they do the customer sees the cost difference and is not happy.

I bet you didn’t expect I’d take the customer’s side on this article, did you? But more transparency for customers would also affect shoppers, too!

10. Let Me Pick Which Order To Drop Off First

Last week I did a full-service order that had 3 deliveries. Two of the deliveries were close together and the third was further away. With the way traffic was that time of the day, and for ease of getting back to the store after delivering and getting another batch, I would have liked to have reversed the order that I delivered.

If you had all the addresses and you were able to pick which one is delivered first (when you have multiple orders), it would make it so much easier to plan out and get to the next batch sooner rather than later.

11. Extra Money For Stairs With Large Orders

This is absolutely, without question a “must.” When I make deliveries to apartment complexes or condos with multi-levels, it’s fine when it’s a small order and there’s an elevator.

But multiple trips and heavy items – plus three flights of stairs? Come on. I understand some people need these deliveries because they’re sick or can’t do it themselves, but what about the drivers? While I can do it, some people can’t, or can’t do it easily.

It just makes sense that if this is the case, there should be a way to charge extra for those deliveries.

12. Better Directions For Apartments, Condos, and Mobile Homes

While we are discussing apartments, many of them are hard to find the actual apartment.

If the customer puts in an address that is one, they should be required to put instructions on how to actually find the apartment.

Or Instacart could simply integrate better with Beans, a mapping service for couriers. Learn more about Beans in Harry’s interview with the Beans CEO, Nitin Gupta, here.

13. Allow Customers To Request Specific Shoppers

If you as an Instacart shopper could build up a client base of customers who like the work you do, you’d be more likely to get out there and drive more often.

The customers would also be more likely to order because they know it’s Tyler bringing their groceries, not some Instacart shopper.

You’ll make more money, customers will use the service more – everyone wins.

What Instacart Features Do You Really Want?

What do you think of my list of thirteen features I think Instacart should add – is it too much, too little or just right? Is there anything you would add?

I think most of these features would be easy for Instacart to implement and would drastically improve how and when shoppers shop. Who wouldn’t want to be notified of surges and promotions – that seems like an easy win for Instacart!

Let us know in the comments below what you think about my list!

-Tyler @ RSG