RSG188: Building Better Maps for Couriers

Picture this: it’s your first day delivering, and you receive an order to be delivered at a mega apartment complex. There are no instructions from the customer, a complete lack of signage – now what? This situation happens more often than you might expect!

In this episode, I’m chatting with Nitin Gupta, the founder of Beans AI, an app that helps drivers (and many others) navigate pick ups and drop offs. I’ll talk to Nitin about how Beans got its start, why apartment complexes are so challenging in the first place, and how couriers can use Beans to increase their earnings. 

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Intro to Nitin Gupta

  • Worked as an engineer at Uber, among other companies
  • Co-founder of Beans AI
  • Quit their jobs to make over 1000 deliveries
  • Built Beans from the ground up

Why Create Beans?

  • Delivering to apartments – it’s intimidating!
  • Frustrating for couriers – and customers
  • Beans built for couriers but also used by businesses

Beans App Integrations

  • Property managers help inform data
  • Fire departments
  • Crowd-sourced data
  • Better data also helps customers be more safe and secure

How Does Beans Help Couriers Make More Money?

  • Saves them time
  • Reduces frustration
  • Safety for couriers

What’s Next?

  • Pursuing more integration
  • Focusing on more downtown locations – active mapping
  • Establishing good partnerships
  • Separate product for package delivery companies too


  • Big thanks to Nitin for coming on the podcast!

Show Notes