7 Best Car Seat Covers To Protect & Save Your Car’s Interior

Let’s get one thing straight, irrespective of how big or fancy your car is on the outside, do you think anyone will want in if it is stained and smelly on the inside?

From body sweat to dirt on the clothes, everything takes a toll on the seat. Yes, getting it cleaned every 2-3 weeks is an option, but what if I told you there is a cheaper and more long-term solution? And by that, I mean by investing in a car seat cover.

Not sure how to pick one? No problem, our team did the digging for you and picked out 7 of the best car seat covers to buy. Keeping your car clean while adding to the décor just got a whole lot easier.

#1: FH Group PU205102 Leatherette Seat Cover

If you have the money to burn, nothing shouts luxury and elegance like leather car seats and the FH Group PU205102 is the hands down the best.

Firstly, being a leather cover seat, you can simply clean any spills or dirt with a damp cloth. (cleaning a car doesn’t get any easier). Plus, it’s rub-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it fading even with all the scrubbing.

It also has adequate cushioning which not only gives you unmatched comfort but also prevents the cover from flattening or wrinkling (not to forget the leather in general offers excellent durability).

Secondly, the cover does not stick to the seat even with all the movement due to the non-slip silicone on the inside.

Lastly, the FH Groups experts have designed the cover to make installing and removing a breeze (takes a mere 40-50-seconds) making it the best car seat cover by a distance.


  • Highly Durable
  • Spill and rub-resistant
  • Super easy to clean
  • Comes with cushioning for comfort
  • Elegant looking (adds a touch of luxury)
  • Non-slip silicone keeps the cover in place
  • Installing and removing takes 40-50-seconds


  • Slightly costlier
  • Can be uncomfortable during extreme summer

#2: Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Cover by Gorla

The Neoprene build of the covers mean it does an impeccable job of protecting your seat from not just the everyday sweat and dust but also spills, pet dander etc. (making this one the best car seat covers for pet owners).

This seat cover won’t slip away every time you get in/out of the car mainly because on the slip-resistant back. And for added assurance, there is also the buckled strap.

The embossing on the edges increases durability (it will last you for years) and contoured fit gives it a neat finish. It doesn’t stick to the skin which makes it comfortable to sit on in any weather condition.

And to top it all off, included in the purchase are also seat belt covers (because they need protection too).


  • Protects car from sweat, pet dander, spill, dirt, grime etc. and is waterproof
  • Embossing on edges increases durability
  • Doesn’t slip off due to the non-slip back and buckled strap
  • Comes with seat belt cover (FREE)
  • It doesn’t stick to the skin unlike cheap materials


  • Not as luxurious looking as a leather cover

#3: BDK OS309CC Polypro (Budget Pick)

If you need a cover on a budget, this Amazon best-seller is just what you are looking for. The seat cover has a polyester build which makes the cover cost-effective. But that’s not all.

It does a great job protecting your seat from sweat and grime and cleaning it is a breeze. Just throw it in the washing machine and it comes out just as good as new.

You might need to make some incisions for the perfect fit but they ensure its cover does not slip off easily or bunch like other cheap covers.

Also, it isn’t very durable but for such a cheap price, it is the best car seat cover for any budget buyers wanting to give their car a neat and clean look.


  • It is cost-effective
  • Protects seat from sweat and grime
  • It is machine-washable
  • Comes with a detailed installation guide for easy installing


  • Lacks durability
  • Needs incisions for the ideal fit

#4: Big Ant Car Seat Cover

If you’re low on storage space in the car, this seating area specific cover is just what the doctor ordered for. It’s sleek, compact and yet does its job of protecting your seat from dust, grime, sweat, and even bacteria.

To keep the cover from slipping off, there is a non-slip rubber sole. And shore up things up further, Big Ant also added plastic chuckles that slip in between the seat and the backrest. And to forget, the metal hooks that wrap things up neatly.

Lastly, with the front pocket, you have on-the-go access to important gadgets and accessories like your wallet, mobile etc. (a feature you will find quite handy).


  • Keeps car seat safe from spills, sweat, grime, and even bacteria
  • The non-slip rubber sole on seating area keeps the cover in place
  • Helping with that are the plastic chuckles and metal hooks
  • Front pocket gives you easy access to important accessories
  • It is sleek and compact thus saves on storage space


  • Lacks covering for the backrest

#5: Sojoy Universal 4-Season Car Seat Cover

From spills and dirt to everyday body sweat, this seat cover can take it all on and give you a comfortable seating experience as it comes with additional padding

Supporting that is the Isothermal Polyester build which is also responsible for the excellent insulation it provides making it the best car seat for hot summers and even winters.

Installation takes only 25-30 seconds and the cover remains tightly in place due to the buckle provided at the end. This also gives you control over the length of the cover.

And since the cover is machine-washable, you can have it cleaned right from the comfort of your home in minutes (just make sure you have the right setting).


  • The isothermal Polyester build makes it resistant to sweat, grime, dust etc.
  • It also ensures top-notch insulation making it an all-season seat cover
  • The cover is machine-washable
  • Installation takes no more than 25-30 seconds
  • Buckle at the end prevents slipping and lets you adjust the length


  • It won’t wrap around the full seat
  • Slight expensive

#6: Copap 4pc Universal Car Seat Cover

Want to throw in some colors your ride? The Copap will do just that. Plus, it will also give you added comfort and cushioning with its 3mm foam padding.

The breathable material means it wicks away any moisture in no-time, making a great pick for really hot summers.

It is a highly versatile seat cover and perfectly fits on even adjustable headrests irrespective of whether it is an SUV or Sedan.

And last but not the least, it will keep the seat safe from any spill, sweat, grime (after all, that’s what it is all about).


  • Just like others, it too keeps the seat safe from spills, grime, sweat etc.
  • Breathable material wicks away moisture quickly to keep the car smelling fresh
  • 3mm foam padding provides excellent cushioning for added comfort
  • Improves the décor by giving it a vibrant look


  • Not the most durable of car seat covers

#7: Leader Accessories Waterproof Sweat Towel

If you don’t like to keep the cover on at all times and want something that can be removed, rolled up and carried anywhere for use, this waterproof tower is where your search ends.

This isn’t your ordinary towel. From protecting your car against sweat to even bacteria, it is often the gym freaks, swimmers etc. go-to cover mainly because of the convenience it offers (put it on and take it off in mere seconds)

Not just that, the waterproof nature of the towel means it handles any spills even an entire bottle of water just as well.

And its versatility means it can be used even around the house for your sofa etc. Plus, as I mentioned above, it’s super easy to pack and carry as it rolls up and is lightweight too. So if you need portability, this is the best car seat cover for you.


  • Protects car from sweat, spills, and even bacteria
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to install and remove (takes 4-5 seconds)
  • Rolls up for easy carrying and is also lightweight
  • It can also be used for sofa, chairs etc.


  • Slips off during movement
  • It is available only as a single piece

Final Words

For a touch of luxury, the FH Group PU205102 is the best car seat cover you can find. But if you need something on the cheap, the BDK OS309CC Polypro is a decent buy but remember, it lacks durability. In the end, the choice comes down to budget and personal preference.