Acadium Review: Preparing for Plan B with a New Career

Are you considering a big career move, but you don’t have a lot of connections or job experience in your new field to put on your resume? An apprenticeship (or internship) can be one way to gain those skills quickly and get feedback on your performance. RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook shares this Acadium review, and how it works for apprentices and businesses.

Quick summary:

  • Acadium offers free and paid for apprenticeships program
  • You don’t have to pay to work with a company and mentor as an apprentice
  • Businesses can work with new apprentices and provide feedback and mentorship

Rideshare driving can be a road to many things.

Maybe you use it as an in-between from one job to the next, or as a way to earn some extra money on the side.

Whatever your reasons, having a plan B, or something you’re driving towards, can be beneficial.

What if you don’t have the skills yet to work in a field you want to? One way to get those skills is by interning for companies that will teach you the skills and help you get a job.

One place to help you do that is Acadium.

What Is Acadium?

Simply put, Acadium is a service that puts those who want to apprentice for a company together with companies that need apprentices (or interns).

Filling out a profile is quick and easy, takes fewer than 10 minutes, and you can see right away which companies are looking for apprentices to do small tasks.

As an apprentice with Acadium, you agree to work up to 10 hours a week for 3 months for this company for no pay. In turn, they will provide you the skills and recommendations you need to work in that field, and even find you work, or hire you themselves.

The Acadium program is absolutely free for interns (called apprentices), and as with many internships, interns are not paid for the work they do with the companies. They do, however, add the work they’ve done to their resumes and receive feedback and references.

Want to be almost guaranteed to get an apprenticeship? Acadium offers an advanced program that puts you head and shoulders above most applicants, gives you skills and confidence to apply, and helps you do the work after you get the apprenticeship.

That program is called Acadium Plus.

What is the Acadium Plus program?

Acadium is a free service for apprentices, however, they have an option for a paid program.

This program offers things like 1 on 1 coaching, regular meetings, training modules, help with applications, and more.

This service is for those that not only want to grow in the field but want to shine.

Pricing for Acadium Plus

With so much that comes with the Acadium Plus Program, you would expect the price to be very high. According to a blog post written in July of 2020, the prices have been reduced to allow for more to join.

They have 3 pricing options. The first option is to pay a one-time upfront fee of $2,999. With the second option, you can pay $399 monthly for 8 months.

Finally, if you live in the United States you can apply for what’s called “Income Sharing”. With this option, you’ll pay nothing upfront, but you will pay 11% of what you make for 30 months once you get a job – up to a maximum of $5,000.

acadium review

After Sign Up

After you have signed up and are approved for the Acadium Plus Program, you will schedule a 1 on 1 call with Erik Harbison, the instructor and former Chief Marketing Officer at Aweber as well as the former Vice President of Marketing at eBay to determine what you are starting with (in terms of skills and what you want to learn), and what your next steps should be.

After this call, together you will lay out the next 8 months of the program. This includes things you’ll need to do, when to get them done by, and when the check-ins with him will be to make sure it’s done, done right, and to answer any questions that come up.

Once you have that set, you get to work. In the application process, you’re asked if you’re able to “commit to at least 20 hours per week to participate in required assignments, live sessions, and coaching calls.”

After you put in the work with the course, then you start to apply for apprenticeships, but now you stand out among all the applications they get.

Apprenticeships Offered

When you fill out your profile for Acadium, you pick the industries you would like to apprentice for. As you can see below, Acadium has a lot to choose from. You could do copywriting, SEO, or content marketing – all things that will help you in a new company or if you want to start your own business.

acadium review

In addition to the field you would like to work in, Acadium takes your interests into account as well. That way, not only do you work doing the type of thing you like, but also in the market you want to work in.

For instance, I love to write, so working with content marketing or copywriting makes sense. However, I have zero interest in sports, cars, or textiles. To be honest, I don’t really know what textiles are. Regardless, with their program, I’m able to pick what interests me so I’m doing what I want to do, writing, in the field I want, entrepreneurship, or finance.

acadium review

How Does Acadium Work With Businesses?

Thus far we have talked about how Acadium helps the apprentices, but what about the mentors, or businesses that teach them? Is this service worth it for them? And what are people saying about the service?

Businesses work with Acadium to get apprentices, or interns, that have the skills and talents businesses are looking to hire. There is a free program for apprentices, or businesses can hire Plus apprentices, who have gone through a course and may have more skills than the average apprentice on Acadium.

Getting apprentices from Acadium can be an amazing way to save some money for the company, and get good help. Just like anything though, you have to carefully consider who you hire.

Is Acadium Legit?

Acadium offers a straightforward product for those looking for apprentices, or people eager to learn and grow in a chosen field. The Acadium Plus Program ensures that their applicants will be ready to work.

If you’re considering signing up for Acadium as an apprentice, just know that this is more like an internship and you won’t be paid. If you sign up for the Plus program, you will pay up front or at the backend if you’re hired. You will receive additional help in accelerating your skills and applying for apprenticeships with businesses, but just know that if you choose the Plus program, there is a cost there.

In the end, while you’re not guaranteed a job with the company you apprentice for through Acadium, at the very least you have increased your skills and knowledge, plus gained references and job experience for your resume.

Is Acadium Worth It?

For businesses, hiring an apprentice through Acadium will cost significantly less.

Just like the Acadium Plus Program, Acadium has several payment options for businesses looking for apprentices as well. They have the basic program that is $399.99, which will get you one apprentice for 3 months working 10 hours a week.

Then they have the Pro option which is $99.99 per month, billed annually ($1199.88). And the Enterprise starts at 899.99 per month.

For apprentices, Acadium is worth it if you’re able to grow your skills and find a job once you’ve completed your apprenticeship (aka internship) with one or more companies.

What Are People Saying About Acadium?

Most reviews found online are glowing about Acadium. People love the fact that they can get apprenticeships, gain skills, and start working in a very short time.

However, some businesses have left reviews of complaints against the quality of applicants they get. As mentioned before, this is likely partially because of the free option for apprentices. As with anything in life, when you put your money in, you’re more likely to follow through and get the work done.

In this review above, this apprentice alleges their mentors/employers may have stolen their work – so make sure to always keep a copy of whatever work you do for the employer. This is good practice for your resume and future jobs, anyway!

The review above is from an employer/mentor, and expressed satisfaction with the work they received from their apprentices. Plus, they decided to keep the apprentices as full time employees – that’s the goal!

This review comes from an apprentice who had a good experience – they decided to take two apprenticeships and had a good experience in both.

Should You Sign Up For Acadium Plus?

Whether you have just started trying to find a job, are looking to transition into a new one, or you’re just tired of rideshare driving, Acadium can be for you.

If you need to grow in skills, confidence, or just get introduced to the right people, the Acadium program can help you do it.

Make sure you shine above the rest, and when you apply, make sure you commit. Do the work, do it well, and ask questions when needed.

Readers, have you considered apprentice or internships when transitioning to a new type of work or industry?

-Tyler @ RSG