Uber Black Driver Guide for 2024

Uber offers many opportunities to make money, but if you’re ready to level up, you may consider becoming an “Uber Black” driver. You’ll need a luxury vehicle and an excellent track record, but you may earn more money.

What is Uber Black?

Uber Black is a premium service Uber offers its riders. The service is only open to top-rated drivers; only certain vehicles qualify. The point of Uber Black is to provide customers with elevated service, a premium vehicle, and greater comfort.

Can Anyone Drive for Uber Black?

Uber Black isn’t open to every driver. You must have a rating of at least 4.85 stars to qualify. Your star rating is an average based on your most recent 500 trips or as many trips as you’ve taken if you have fewer than 500 trips.

Uber Black: Requirements

You must be approved to be an Uber Black driver, but the requirements are stricter.

Driver Requirements

Uber Black drivers are commercial livery drivers. You must have commercial auto insurance in addition to your personal auto insurance. You must also have all the permits your city requires to be a livery driver and meet the standard Uber driver requirements.

Vehicle Requirements

Meeting the Uber driver requirements isn’t enough to qualify for Uber Black. You must also meet the vehicle requirements. To drive for Uber Black, the car must:

  • Be six years old or newer
  • Have a black exterior
  • Have a black interior with leather or vegan leather seats

Uber Black sounds like it has strict vehicle requirements, but there is a long list of vehicles they allow. The list varies by location and changes frequently as cars age and models change.

Rating Requirements

Uber has strict ratings requirements for Uber Black drivers. You must have at least a 4.85 out of 5 star rating.

This is based on your last 500 rides, or as many rides as you’ve taken if fewer than 500. The average ratings change with each ride, so be sure you know how to provide great customer service to keep your ratings high.

How to Sign Up To Become an Uber Black Driver

To sign up to become an Uber Black driver, you must meet the specific requirements. Initially, you must sign up to be a regular Uber driver.

Use this time to get experience under your belt and obtain great reviews. With a star rating of at least 4.85, you can apply to be an Uber Black driver.

Once you have the required rating and verify you drive the right car, you must provide Uber with the proper paperwork. This includes proof of commercial insurance and proper documentation of permits to be a livery driver in the city you’ll drive.

After getting approved, you can select only Uber Black rides if you prefer, or you can accept any of the rides your car qualifies you for, including regular Uber trips.

To maintain eligibility, you must keep a 4.85-star rating, but of course, it’s best to have a 5-star rating. If you lose this rating, Uber will reassess your eligibility after your next 50 rides.

Pros and Cons

Driving for Uber Black has its ups and downs. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:


  • Create your own hours: You choose when you work for Uber Black, setting yourself to available when you want to take rides and shutting the app off when you’re unavailable
  • Increased earnings: Because Uber Black is a luxury ride, you’ll earn higher base rates plus have the opportunity to earn higher tips
  • Exclusive riders: Uber Black drivers often have more exclusive riders because the fare is higher, so the clientele is often more sophisticated


  • Fewer opportunities: Because Uber Black costs more, you may not be as busy as you would be if you drove for UberX
  • Longer rides: Most people who spring for the Uber Black fees need longer rides, which means you’ll travel further and may not always have a ride back to make money returning

How Much Do Uber Black Drivers Make?

Uber Black fares are higher than UberX, but the exact cost varies by location and demand. The cost also depends on the type of vehicle riders choose and whether they pay a flat fee or choose Uber Black Hourly for a longer trip.

Uber Black drivers may make more than UberX drivers because of the higher fares and potentially higher tips. The average Uber driver makes around $23 an hour, but Uber Black drivers usually average a higher hourly rate because of the luxury of the service.

Does Uber Black Pay More Than Other Uber Services?

Uber Black pays drivers slightly more than UberX, again because of the stricter qualifications and luxury of the service offered. The rates vary by area and will increase or decrease based on demand.

Uber Black vs. Other Uber Services

Uber Black isn’t the only premium service Uber offers. They also offer the following.

Uber Black vs. UberX

UberX is the standard Uber drive. It can accommodate up to four passengers, three in the back and one up front. It’s a private ride, meaning you don’t have to share it with passengers other than your own. UberX is the most affordable option.

Uber Black vs. Uber Black SUV

Uber Black SUV is similar to Uber Black regarding the driver requirements. However, instead of a car to fit four passengers, it fits up to six passengers. The black vehicle must also have black leather seats.

Uber Black vs. Uber Black Hourly

One final luxury option Uber offers is Uber Black Hourly. This option is for riders who need extended time or have multiple stops.

They can request a ride for a specific time versus a specified distance. If you accept these rides, ask the rider for specific details, especially the total distance, to ensure it’s a ride you want.

Strategies of a Successful Uber Black Driver

The Black Car Guy has been doing rideshare for 4+ years full-time and has been driving for Uber Black/SUV full-time for 2 and a half years, so he knows quite a bit about being a successful Uber Black driver. Check out his advice below for new Uber Black drivers.

Driving for Uber Black is a great way to make a living, as it’s flexible and provides lots of opportunities. Fall is one of the busiest seasons for drivers.

I’m a morning person, I rise extra early, focus on airport work in the early a.m., then commuter stuff, and there’s a level of ease and predictability to this rhythm that doesn’t happen so much with nights and weekends when alcohol becomes a factor.

I’m not saying there’s not money to be made during those times. There’s plenty actually, but it’s not my cup of tea and I can’t work 24/7, so I pick my battles and I choose weekdays 4 am to 1 pm. I work hard, but I’m my own boss.

What I find is that my expenses average about 40% of revenue, but that’s taking into account everything, including all vehicle payments, commercial vehicle insurance, maintenance, fuel, bridge, parking, airport permits and fees, licenses, advertising, cell phone, farm out fees, self funded 401(k) retirement plan contributions, everything. All of these are fully tax-deductible.

In a typical month, I generate about $7,700 in revenues and pay out $3,000 in expenses. If I were to lease out the vehicle to another driver on weekends or in the evenings, I could probably generate an additional $2,000 or $2,500 in revenue per month.  But I like having my vehicle handy and I keep it clean and just the way I like it.  I’m picky like that and so far don’t really want to hire drivers to drive it because who knows what goes on when I’m not there!

-Black Car Guy


Here are some more questions drivers have about Uber Black.

Is Uber Black Worth It?

Uber Black may be worth it if you live in an area with a high demand for luxury rides. If you spend more time waiting for requests than driving, stick to UberX.

How Do Uber Black Drivers Receive Payment for Their Trips?

Uber Black drivers get paid the same as UberX drivers. Riders pay Uber directly, and Uber pays drivers via direct deposit either weekly for free, or you can pay for instant deposit and get your fare immediately.

Is Uber Black Safer Than Ordinary Uber?

Uber Black is a luxury ride offered to consumers. All Uber rides have the same level of safety, and Uber does the same due diligence to ensure this. The only difference is Uber Black drivers must have city permits to be livery drivers.

How Long Does the Background Check Process Usually Take?

The typical Uber background check takes 3 to 7 business days but varies by location and company.

What Should I Do if My Uber Black Vehicle Fails the Inspection?

If your car doesn’t pass the Uber inspection required by your city, you can take care of the issue and have it reinspected. The only issue you can’t have ‘fixed’ is if the vehicle is too old, as Uber has strict age requirements for Uber Black cars.

What Are the Typical Peak Hours for Uber Black in Most Cities?

The peak hours for Uber Black vary, but because it’s a luxury service that varies in demand by city. Some areas have high demand on weekends and during special events, and others don’t have as much Uber Black activity.

Do Uber Black Drivers Open the Door for You?

Uber doesn’t require Uber Black drivers to open doors for passengers; however, it’s a nice touch. Any level of customer service drivers can provide may increase customer satisfaction and customer tips.

Can Uber Black Take Luggage?

Uber Black can put luggage in the trunk, and drivers can offer luggage assistance to improve customer service. This could help Uber Black drivers earn higher tips.

What Is the Best City To Drive Uber Black?

Uber Black does best in large cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. Cities with a lot of urban activity offer Uber Black drivers the most opportunities.