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    If you’ve been following The Rideshare Guy for a while now, you may know about the rideshare driving course I created called Maximum Ridesharing Profits.

    This is a one-stop shop course that distills all of my best advice, tips, strategies and more for being the best rideshare driver out there. No fluff, no ‘tricks’ – just tested and Harry-approved strategies for earning the most money while on the road.

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    What you may not have known was behind the scenes of MRP, I was working with RSG contributor Jay Cradeur to completely revamp the course for 2020.

    We took all of our combined rideshare knowledge, filmed a ton of new videos (36!), updated all of our strategies and came out with a new Maximum Ridesharing Profits course we’re both really proud of.

    And then… COVID hit. Ridesharing took a huge dive, drivers understandably stopped driving, and we put the brakes on releasing the new version of MRP.

    However, the issue is: we still want you to see the course! Right now, it’s sitting there unused, and that’s not why we made it. We made it so drivers like you could learn from it and go out and earn the most money per hour driving.

    Now that Uber and Lyft demand is beginning to ramp up again, and more states are allowing people to go out, we wanted you to have access to MRP.

    However, we didn’t feel right asking you to pay for the course right now.

    So we have some good news: enrollment in the newly improved, epic Maximum Ridesharing Profits course is completely free this week only.

    That’s right – starting today (June 22) to June 26, Maximum Ridesharing Profits is completely free. After the 26, that price goes up to its regular $99 price tag.

    Did You See That? Maximum Ridesharing Profits is Completely Free, Right Now

    That’s right: the entire course (not just a few snippets – the whole thing) is completely, 100% free to you starting today (Monday, June 22) until Friday, June 26.

    You have from now until Friday to go sign up for Teachable and get the course completely free.

    Signing up to get the course is easy:

    1. Head over to Maximum Ridesharing Profits
    2. Click ‘Enroll Now’
    3. Create a Teachable account if you don’t already have one

    Bam! The MRP course will show up in your Teachable account, ready for you to watch and use whenever you want.

    MRP Behind the Scenes


    Maximum Ridesharing Profits is Yours to Access Forever

    That’s the other thing: you don’t have to start the Maximum Ridesharing Profit course right away, either!

    If you don’t feel safe enough to go out there and drive, that’s okay! You should still sign up to get Maximum Ridesharing Profits for free here though, because when you do feel comfortable enough to drive, MRP will always be there for you.

    You’ll have full access to the full course for as long as you want. That’s right – no future costs.

    That means you can get MRP for free right now, browse through the course, then get back to it in a month, three months, six months – even a year from now. Whenever you feel comfortable to get behind the wheel and return to rideshare driving, MRP is there for you.

    Why Should I Get Maximum Ridesharing Profits?

    Right about now, I could tell you all about the hundreds of drivers who’ve taken our course and benefited from it – and I will.

    But first, the most important reason to get MRP right now is because it is free! Whether you haven’t even started driving for Uber or Lyft yet, or you’re an experienced driver, there is really something for everyone in the course.

    Just look at what’s in the course:

    And don’t take our word for it. Money Under 30 reviewed MRP and said:

    “Maximum Ridesharing Profits will give you the skills needed to be a successful driver, with advice from people who have been there and have made it as drivers”

    Rideshare Apps said:

    “Being a driver myself, I personally love the course. I learned a lot after watching the videos, and have rethought many of my earnings strategies (especially when it comes to taxes). I think this is a great resource for new and existing drivers alike, and will help the rideshare community as a while become better and more efficient.”

    Ridesharing Driver said:

    “They present a lot of new advice you’ve probably never heard before about surge pricing, taxes, and tools for drivers. After only one or two sittings I was able to absorb a lot of new knowledge that will help me boost my ride share earnings. You should get it!”

    There are hundreds of more testimonials like this in my inbox, on YouTube, and more, but honestly, we don’t want you to wait: just go and get Maximum Ridesharing Profits now while it’s still free!

    We’re optimistic that one day rideshare will start getting back to normal. When it does, we’ll start charging for the course again.

    But for a limited time, we’d rather let you in for free.

    We’re Opening up Enrollment for Free: June 22 – June 26. Get access to Maximum Ridesharing Profits here!

    Don’t forget – you can sign up now and take the course later! But it’s only free for this week only. After this week, the course is going back to its original price of $99.

    But I Want to Pay You For It!

    So you want to pay for MRP, but it’s free?! While we appreciate you wanting to pay for the course, we really want to give it away for free this week only.

    However, if you do want to pay it forward, we would really appreciate it if you:

    1. Tell your friends and family about Maximum Ridesharing Profits – tell them to get it for free now!
    2. Share on social media that Maximum Ridesharing Profits is currently free!

    You can share on Facebook here

    You can share on Twitter here

    You can share on LinkedIn here

    3. Share on your favorite driver Facebook group, Uber or Lyft driver Reddit forum, or the UberPeople forum. Let them know our full MRP course is free this week only!

    Get access to Maximum Ridesharing Profits here!

    Readers, what questions do you have about this course that I can answer? Let me know!

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    -Harry @ RSG

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