7 Best Car Battery Chargers To Jump Your Car

You may be the victim of an awkward experience if your car doesn’t start because the battery’s run out. Flagging people down to help jump you is not a fun activity.

It might happen if you forget to turn off the lights. Or maybe the car battery reached its limit and died of natural causes. It can happen anytime or anywhere.

Below we’ve listed the best car battery chargers that’ll lend you a hand if your car’s battery dies.

1.) Battery Tender 022-0185G

The battery Tender charges all types of batteries with lead-acid, sealed, flooded and AGM. It comes with a regulating chip for the temperature. This allows it to compensate for the exact quantity of voltage for quick charging in accordance with the ambient temperature. It features an advanced charging technology of ISM Adaptive with 4 steps of smart charging.

The product dimensions are 9 x 4.8 x 11’’ and weigh 1.8 pounds. It also comes with various safety features like reverse polarity protection. As a result, it detects if the wrong placing of clamps on terminals is present. The safety timer and spark protected clamps are added for protection.


  • Light-weight and durable
  • In-built many safety features
  • Switches to maintenance mode when charged fully
  • ring terminal connectors and clamps included
  • Affordable


  • Not weatherproof
  • Unclear warranty policy

Verdict: The battery tender is a compact car charging product by Deltran that is ideal for all batteries used in automobiles, boats, and ATVs, having the ability to maintain and charge 6V and 12V batteries with ease.

2.) Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

It is an efficient and fast 1.25A car battery charger that will maintain the battery at proper voltage without damaging it. The product dimensions are 11 x 4 x 11 inches and weigh 2.12 lbs. The temperature control ensures the optimal load voltage depending on ambient temperature and charges faster than a 3A battery charger.

It has a 4 mode smart charging technology where it prevents the battery from being overcharged. The charging mode shifted to maintenance mode automatically when charged completely. It uses less electricity with an input of 12V and output of 750mA. This charger features so many safety measures such as the safety timer. This allows the charger to turn off after 80 hours.


  • The clamps are spark free
  • Reverse polarity detection feature
  • 5-year warranty
  • Ring terminal and alligator clips included


  • Not water resistant
  • Not for sale in many cities like California

Verdict: Battery Tender + is a faster, smart and automatic battery charger than most 3A chargers. All in all, it can be used for all types of off-road automobiles.

3.) NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2A

A smart and ultra-safe car battery charger designed for charging the 12 and 24V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries till 230 amp-hours. In fact, the most interesting feature about this 2x fast charger is that it can repair the batteries that are damaged. It also powers many other DV devices. The product dimensions are 4.3 x 5 inches while it weighs 2.7 lbs.

The in-built microprocessor, as well as the onboard minicomputer, monitor the actions for effective charging. Lastly, these features include the safe spark proof and reverse polarity indicator technology with a supply mode of 13.6V.


  • 2x fast charging
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Non-skid rubber surface and base
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • LED indicators for easy information about charging and warnings
  • Safety features and energy saving mode


  • Confusing LCD panel

Verdict: Noco Genius is a portable automatic 2x fast battery charger that is ranked among the safest chargers. It will not only charge but also repair the battery of every vehicle, like a lawn mower and even a watercraft.


It is a compact battery charger that will charge all 12V kinds of Lead-acid batteries.  No manual operation needed as it is fully automatic with in-built microprocessors smart IC chip and input of 100-240V AC and output of 800mA.

The product dimensions are 4.1 x 2 x 1.5’’ and weigh 12.3 ounces. It has a 4 stage charge technology having a maintenance float mode when the battery is charged. Motopower battery is equipped with many safety features like the reverse clamps polarity indication, no spark technology and prevents short circuits and overcharging.


  • Easy to use with quick discharge and plug-in connectors
  • 4 charging modes
  • Clamp and terminal ring included
  • Safety protection
  • Energy Saver
  • LED for charging indications


  • Heavy
  • Poor LED indicator design

Verdict: The Motopower car battery charger with the best energy save standard that draws zero current from the battery. Its high-level safety will allow charging your kids toys in front of them.


Black+Decker charger is designed for high efficiency and fast battery charging. Generally, the 6amp charger will charge all types of AGM, Wet or gel 12V batteries. Not to mention that it is fully automatic with in-built circuits. The product dimensions are 9.9 x 6 x 4.7’’ while it weighs 3.1 lbs.

Moreover, it comes with a long cord and clamps attaches to any battery type. What’s more is that it can be connected to the battery by two alternating ways: Clamps or the additional 12V DC plug. All in all, this battery has inaccurate polarity, overcharging and short-circuit protection feature.


  • Durable; built to last
  • A sealed outer surface that is water, oil, dust and dirt proof
  • A mounting bracket for wall mounting
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Lacks an LED indicator for various modes
  • Expensive than other battery chargers

Verdict: The black and decker is ELT certified for safety and performance, it is best for charging marine vehicles due to its property of being water resistant.

6.) Mroinge MBC035

The Mroinge battery is the best option for charging 6V and 12V all types of lead-acid, AGM or gel batteries equal to 120Ah. Also, the product dimensions are 8.2 x 2.9 x 2 inches and weigh 15.8 lbs. Buttons are there to select different power options. Equally important is the fact that the 3.5A fast charger has 4 charging modes: start, bulk, absorption, and maintenance.


  • LED panel with different color light indications
  • Quick and easy connect and disconnect
  • Energy saver with zero drawing of current from the battery
  • 4 major safety features: Correct polarity and power connection, spark-free, waterproof (IP65) and high-temperature shield.
  • Two-year warranty


  • Heavy
  • lights for the voltage not labeled

Verdict: From waterproof to high temperature together with short circuit protection, the Meroinge beats all car battery chargers in terms of safety features.

7.) Schumacher SC1305 6/2/10/50A

SC1305 by Schumacher is a 12V battery charger that not just charges the battery but also starts your car engine. Furthermore, it offers 3 power functions starting from a powerful 50A boost engine starting mode, a 10A boost charging mode and 6-2A mode for maintaining and charging.

The product dimensions are 12 x 12 x 9 inches while it weighs 5 lbs. In addition, it is fully automatic with a built-in chip microprocessor controlling the Ampere rate. It also has a power-saving floating mode that prevents overcharging of the battery.


  • Durable; made of steel casing
  • It also starts the engine
  • 3 power charging options; 50A, 10A, and 6-2A
  • Clamp reverse indication
  • Maintenance mode


  • Expensive
  • No spark and short-circuit protection

Verdict: The Schumacher is a full heavy-duty car battery charger that is built to start your vehicle offering multi-step charging.

Final Words

A car battery charger is an essential thing that you need to keep your car batteries in working conditions. Generally, a car battery won’t give up easily offering a longer service life. It’s better to put a battery charger in your car just like you keep a spare tire. So, grab a car battery charger and save yourself from embarrassing situations where your car stops in the middle of the road.