6 Best Flashlights To Keep In Your Car For Emergencies (Bright!)

As an indispensable item in your car’s emergency kit, flashlights can help save the day…or night. From flat tires to fender benders, emptied tanks, and everything in-between, car flashlights can help speed up resolving vehicle-related emergencies.

It’s important to choose your car flashlight with due diligence. And to do that you need pay attention to the fine details of what makes a great car flashlight.

For starters, a perfect car flashlight is one that is lightweight and portable, being convenient and requiring less storage space — storage space as small as your glove box. It also needs to act with reliable runtime and consume energy efficiently.

A USB rechargeable flashlight is the most ideal option for a car flashlight. With this option, you can quickly get the light back on if the battery runs down while you’re on the road.

The following is a review of 5 flashlights that fulfill the criteria mentioned above for the best flashlights for cars.

1.) Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight

With activity-based sets of functions and a sturdy, portable body, this classic Maglite flashlight gives you the best bang out of your use time. What’s more, this flashlight provides you 80 hours of run time or over three full days of constantly running for every new battery you use.

The activity-based set of functions, which include outdoor, enforcement, law, and military, is regulated from the electronic switch. It also offers an advanced beam focus system, which allows you to focus its adjustable beam with high intensity, all within an anodized aluminum casing with weather resistant seals.

The anodized aluminum body and weather-resistant seals give greater durability and resistance to corrosion. It also comes with power management options and design balance optics for enhanced performance.

An industry-best lifetime warranty backs this staggering performance. Also, the Shock Resistance and the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) independently certified this product.

Not the smallest and lightest option to choose from but for a good reason – this flashlight doubles as self protection.

2.) Nitecore MH20 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The newest member of Nitecore’s Multi-Task Hybrid Series, the MH20 is the smallest and lightest USB-rechargeable there is. It offers a powerful LED technology in a military-grade anodized finish, making for a powerful and highly reliable flashlight. It can generate as much as 1000 Lumens in Turbo mode. And it comes with multiple Turbo output variations. There are five different output ranges is activated via the side switch. There are also three specialized output modes: Strobe Mode, S.O.S mode, and Location Beacon.

The side switch also serves as a power indicator which indicates the power status using different patterns. And with its Precision Digital Optics Technology, it can generate beams that travel up to 220 meters.

It comes with an integrated micro-USB port for recharging. The USB rechargeable powering option, together with the rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 battery, can give you a run time of up to 235 hours. And to increase battery runtime and overall performance, the product features an advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology.

3.) Yifeng LED Tactical Flashlight

With a LED technology that generates up to 1000 Lumens, this product can shed light perfectly on any car-related emergency. Chief among its iconic features is the adjustable focus that allows for long-range observation and illumination of wide areas.

The flashlight can illuminate a vast expanse of space, and can also create a highly focused beam with high intensity. To give even greater utility during emergency situations, the product comes with three strobe functions: rapid flashing, slow flashing, and SOS flashing functions. In addition to that, it also features five additional light modes.

All of these features represent a sturdy body with excellent skid-proof and weather-resistant properties. The sturdy frame sports an elongated handle and scalloped bezel for self-protection

4.) Olight S1 Baton Flashlight

This is the newest member of the Olight’s S-series of compact EDCs. It features four output levels that range from a 0.5-Lumen “Moonlight” mode to a powerful 500-Lumen “High” mode. You can easily alternate between the output modes by tapping the side switch. With its smooth reflector, the flashlight can generate strong beams that travel as far as 361 feet (110 meters) — that’s about the length of a football pitch.

The product also features a Strobe function for disorienting a target during threatening situations. It also comes with a flat tail clip that allows you to place it upright on a flat surface.

All of these features make a hard-anodised body for greater durability and weather-resistance. Its overall form factor is portable and lightweight. The frame also sports an anti-scratch blue ring.

5.) Jetbeam Mini-1 Rechargeable Keylight

With a titanium body, this product is one of the most durable flashlights for your car-related emergency tool kit. To complement the titanium body, it features a shatter-proof mineral glass lens. But despite its titanium body and mineral glass, it still very lightweight and portable.

It sports an integrated clip which is attachable in a variety of ways, in addition to it being a keylight. It features two distinct brightness settings that is adjustable with a simple tap of a button. The USB rechargeable power option allows you to power the device using your smart phone charger, laptop cable, and power bank. It also comes with a power status indicator.


The G25C LED flashlight is a mini powerhouse that can generate up to 1000 Lumens. With so much capacity, the product is capable of shooting beams up to 208 meters. It offers multiple output ranges. You can switch through the various output modes through the power switch. And during emergencies, you don’t need to switch on the light to activate the strobe mode.

It’s rugged aero-grade aluminum body sports a military-grade hard-anodized finish; an impeccable body make up that’s bound to make the product as durable as any else. The frame also sports slip-resistant knurling to enhance firm handling. The lens has ultra-clear tempered gas. And by meeting the IXP-8 Waterproof standard, the light remains protected even if it falls as deep as 3 feet under water.

Final Words

There you have it — the best car flashlights that money can buy. These flashlights are highly dependable and durable as well as the many other excellent features they have. They can generate powerful beams of light that light up large spaces as well as targeted distant objects. They can also serve as tactical tools for self-protection during dangerous situations. These and many more reasons make these the perfect item for a car-related emergency kit.