Bosch RideCare Companion Review 2024

Rideshare driving is a great way to make extra money, but it can be risky. Any layer of protection you can add can keep you safe, providing peace of mind.

In this Bosch RideCare Companion review, I’ll go over what the RideCare Companion is and how it works to help you determine if it’s a good investment for your vehicle.

What Is Bosch RideCare Companion?

The Bosch RideCare Companion is a connected dashcam which includes on-demand 24/7 support from a live operator as needed. It has interior and exterior camera, with secure cloud storage for your footage.

How Does Bosch RideCare Companion Work?

After installing and starting the Bosch RideCare Companion, the camera records each ride.

Records Interior Footage

It records interior footage of each trip, which stays in the device and can be uploaded to the cloud via the app, as needed.

Records Exeterior Footage

You can also choose to have exterior footage sent to the cloud by pressing the button at the bottom of the device. This automatically captures the last three minutes of exterior footage, sending it to the cloud.

Once the footage goes to the cloud, you can keep it there for one month or download it to your phone.

Wireless SOS Button

If an incident occurs while you’re using the Bosch RideCare Companion, you can press the wireless SOS button to call a live agent immediately. The button can be discretely placed wherever you like in the car.

Bosch operators will have instant access to the footage inside your vehicle via the camera and can call the police if the situation requires it. They can share your precise location and provide the police with any other information they need.

If you can talk on the phone, a live agent can also call you to discuss the situation to better understand what you may need.


The Bosch RideCare Companion has many features, including the following:

  • Safety Call and SOS Button: You can immediately get support from remote operators in case of need with a touch of a button.
  • Driver Portal App: This is where you get all the footage recorded. The camera can tell when a trip starts and stops and is categorized according to dates in the app for easy download to your phone.
  • Cameras: The Ridecare Companion has interior and exterior cameras. The interior camera automatically starts each time you start the car and captures all occurrences within the vehicle. The exterior cameras capture what happens outside the vehicle from the dashboard, which is available upon request.
  • Video Evidence: All videos have a date, timestamp and location if you need to use them as evidence for an incident.
  • Camera Check: The AI algorithms ensure the camera is properly positioned and footage can be captured. It will notify you if the camera is tilted improperly or has other issues obstructing its view.

Pricing and Fees

The Bosch RideCare Companion has a normal price of $250 for the unit, plus a $10 monthly subscription; the first month is free.

RSG readers get a special offer of $199 for the unit, plus $10 a month, with the first month free. Use code BoschRSG for this special offer.

Get Started

Bosch RideCare Companion vs. Traditional Dashcams

The RideCare Companion provides greater security for rideshare drivers. It doesn’t only record footage for future use, but provides active help in case of need.

It connects drivers to live agents when they need support, including calling authorities. The RideCare Companion also has an LTE connection, which does not use your phone data plan. It has a visible light that lets passengers know the service is active to keep drivers safe.

Customer Support

Besides being easy to use, Bosch offers many options for customer support, including the following phone, email, and live chat support. They also provide a lot of information on their website for customer self-service.

Pros and Cons

The Bosch RideCare companion offers many great features, but like anything has pros and cons.


  • Helps keep rideshare drivers safe
  • Offers an option for immediate assistance when needed
  • Creates documentable and reliable proof for disputes or incidents


  • The device is only sold through Gridwise
  • You must pay for a subscription for the device to work

Ratings and Customer Reviews

Current customers using the Bosch RideCare Companion, either as a driver or customer, state that they feel safer having it in the car. It can help keep drivers and passengers safe while enlisting emergency medical help.

It’s not an intrusive camera; it’s just another little light and camera in the car that makes everyone feel safer.


The Bosch RideCare Companion is one of a kind right now. Here are some questions people have about it.

Is Bosch Ridecare Companion Compatible With All Rideshare Platforms?

Yes, the Bosch RideCare Companion works with any rideshare platform. It doesn’t sync to the platform itself. Instead, it records the activity within the car (and exterior upon demand) to protect the drivers and passengers in the vehicle.

How Does Bosch Ridecare Companion Handle User Data, and What Privacy Measures Are in Place?

Bosch keeps your information private and protects your data as much as possible. However, information may be shared if authorities or anyone else needs information during an incident.

Can Bosch Ridecare Companion Be Integrated With Multiple Rideshare Platforms Simultaneously?

You can use RideCare with any rideshare platform. The camera captures footage and stores it in the cloud, which you can use to upload to your desired platform if an incident needs evidence.

Are Software Upgrades Provided for Bosch Ridecare Companion, and How Do They Occur?

Bosch RideCare sends updates in real-time, so you don’t have to do anything. You always have the latest software available with your chosen hardware.

Drivers Take

Keeping yourself safe while rideshare driving means taking as many precautions as possible.

My RideCare Companion review shows how the RideCare Companion can help you and your passengers feel safe while having footage recorded, if needed, for any unexpected incidents.