Best Jumper Cables To Keep in Your Car, Just In Case!

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of nowhere, at midnight, trying to get your vehicle started but it doesn’t seem to work.

A drained or dead car battery is not uncommon. For many of you, the next thing you would do is to call roadside assistance. However, if you have a set of jumper cables in your car and some knowledge on how to use them you can turn your car on and get back on the road.

Keeping a set of best jumper cables in your car is as essential as having a first-aid kit.

Best Jumper Cables

Not all jumper cables are the same and finding the best one for your vehicle can be overwhelming, given all the choices. As you search for a set of the best jumper cables, you will be faced with many different shapes and varieties.

Check out our recommendations and your buying decision will be a lot easier:

1.) NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 Jumper Cables

This set of the best jumper cables is equipped with a lithium jump starter rated at 2000 Amps that could jump start your dead car battery within seconds. With a single charge, these jumper cables are capable of charging around 40 cars.

Safety and protection of user is ensured with its spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Not only it is powerful, but also a compact tool for your car that also includes an Ultra-Bright Flashlight.

The cables are designed to work with various types of vehicles including car, RV, truck, boat and other powerful gas engines. It also serves as a portable source of power for recharging USB devices.

2.) Energizer ENB-130 Jumper Battery Cables

The Energizer 1-Gauge 800Amps jumper cables are a set of copper clad Aluminum jumper cables that are 1 Gauge and 30 feet long allowing you to recharge the battery even from behind a vehicle. The clamps are heavy-duty and are of a professional grade.

The jump starter is rated at 800Amps and these cables are tangle-free that work efficiently even at extremely low temperatures such as -40F. Quick and easy connectivity is offered with its Quick Connect plug.

This is one of the best jumper cables to be used with full-size cars and vans, towing/pickup trucks and other freight vehicles.

3.) Cartman 4-Gauge x 20Ft Booster Jumper Cables

These best jumper cables are extra heavy-duty cables designed to ensure safety, flexibility and ease of use. The cables have T-Prene coating that makes it low temperature resistant down to -25C/-13F. The cable transfers power from top-post and side terminals with 12/24-volt batteries designed with special clamps.

The clamps have triple-polarity identification and are UL indent stamped and color-coded. Its no-tangle 4-gauge, 20 feet cable gives you ease of using it with multiple hook-up options. Whether you need to charge a car, truck or SUV, you will find these cables easy to use.

4.) EPAuto 4-Gauge x 20Ft Booster Jumper Cables

EPAuto 4-Gauge booster jumper cables are amazingly reliable jumper cables that can withstand high power and can work with recharging cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks and even SUVs. With the ideal length of 20 feet and 500Amps rating, these jumper cables can jump start your cars within seconds.

Handling is pretty easy with these tangle-free cables. The clamps are thick copper coated and offers good quality insulation as well as good grip. The jumper cables can be easily stored in your car in the storage bag that it comes with. User protection is ensured while handling these jumper cables with a pair of protective gloves included.

5.) OxGord Jumper Cable 4 Gauge x 25 Feet Battery Booster Starter

This 4 Gauge, 25 feet heavy-duty equipment is considered one of the best jumper cables for commercial use. Its compact yet flexible design makes it easy to use and store. The Thermoplastic Rubber material cables are built for durability and offers low temperature resistance up to -40F/-40C.

Its strong grip copper teeth give you no slip strong hold. The tangle-free cords, triple-polarity clamps and overall ergonomic design makes it simple to use on side-terminals as well as top-post batteries. A free CCA travel back is included for proper storage.

6.) NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 UltraSafe Jump Starter

NOCO’s Genius booster best jump cable 150 is an exceptionally powerful set with 4000Amps Lithium jump starter. The design is truly Ultra-Safe with spark-proof and reverse polarity protection and can work with both gas and diesel engines. It carries a potential to charge up to 80 car batteries with a single charge.

Apart from car batteries, users can also recharge their tablets, smartphones, inverters, pumps, tires and other 12-volt power devices. This jump starter can charge batteries of cars, boats, trucks and other commercial vehicles. It also features an ultra-bright 100 lumen LED flashlight that includes 7 different light modes for flexible use.

7.) NoOne KJBC004 6 Gauge 12-Feet Booster/Jumper Cable

NoOne booster cables are known for quick and safe charging of dead car batteries. The cables are appointed with 4 LED lights on the strong alligator clamps that works as the clamp is opened offering you a clear view. The clamps have insulated handles for enhanced safety.

The sufficient CCA and high-quality PVC cables are 6 Gauge, 12 feet long ideal for cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. Their durable construction keeps them from freezing, folding or cracking. A carrying bag and a pair of working gloves are also included, making it one of the best jumper cables.

8.) Coleman Cable 86600104 4-Gauge Auto Battery Booster Cables

Coleman Cable is a company known for its heavy-duty, well-engineered products. This set is one of the best jumper cables at 20-feet long, capable of offering optimum performance in both warm and cold climate conditions fitting both top and side-post car batteries.

It features Polar Glo, triple-polar identification and color-coded shielded clamps that glow in the dark making it easier for user to identify and connect poles even on dark roadways at night time. The 4-gauge cables are protected with T-Prene coating that keeps them strong and protected even when temperature goes down by -94F.

Dependable use is ensured as these consumer grade cables are built to with water, oil and chemical resistance.

Final Words

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. The best way to be safe is to be prepared. A reliable pair of the best jumper cables will always be of help as you encounter the common dead car battery problem on the road.