Best Place to Buy Tires Online in 2024

Knowing the best place to buy tires online can save you a lot of money as a rideshare or delivery driver.

Keeping your car in good shape helps you make more money, but tires can get expensive!

I’ve compiled the top places to buy tires online that offer competitive prices and adequate services to make buying tires easy.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Tires Online?

Buying tires online may be a good way to save money on car costs. Many tire retailers offer discounts online that you cannot get in-store, and some tire retailers only operate online to keep costs down.

Of course, you should always check prices at your local stores and online to ensure you get the best deal, especially if you use your car for rideshare services like Uber.

When you buy tires online, ensure you’re working with a reputable company. You can inquire on sites like the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot to see what others say about the company.

Ensure the company is legit, only sells new tires, and stands behind what they sell.

5 Best Places to Buy Tires Online

If buying tires online is something you want to try to save money or simply for convenience, consider the following options to find the best place to buy tires online.

1. Discount Tire

Discount Tire sells tires online and has 1,110 stores across 38 states. You can find great deals for their tires online and have them installed at your local Discount Tire. They often have the tires in stock, and you can make an appointment quickly to install them.

If they don’t have the tires in stock, you may have to wait a day or two for them to receive the tires, but you can schedule your appointment when you buy the tires to make it easy on yourself.

Discount Tire walks you through the tire matching process using your car’s make, model, year, or even your license plate to ensure a perfect fit. You can purchase all-season, winter, and performance tires from Discount Tire, along with wheels, windshield wipers, and various accessories.


  • Offers some of the best deals on the internet for tires
  • Makes setting up the appointment for tire installation simple
  • Provides you with free tire rotation and balance for the life of the tire


  • There isn’t a Discount Tire in all 50 states
  • You must have Discount Tire install the tires if you purchase them online


2. Tire Rack

Tire Rack is an online tire retailer with a 2.7 million square foot distribution center. They carry one of the largest selections of tire and wheel brands, and they are known for their fast delivery, usually as soon as the next business day.

Unlike other retailers on this list, Tire Rack sells not only tires and wheels but also accessories and car parts, like brakes and suspension. However, like many on this list, they don’t have their own installation centers. Instead, they have a large network of professional installers you can schedule an appointment with and pay for the installation when you buy the tires.

Many tires sold by Tire Rack come with 2-year tire road hazard protection, and they’ll ship your tires directly to the installer or your home if you prefer a mobile installer to come to your home or business.

As far as pricing, Tire Rack is right along the lines of many of the other retailers on this list, but for some brands, they may come out even lower. 


  • Most orders over $50 ship free
  • Many tire purchases include a 2-year road hazard protection plan
  • Works with a large number of installers


  • They don’t have their own installation centers
  • Returns are challenging


3. TireBuyer

TireBuyer is another great place to buy tires online. They only operate online, so unlike Discount Tire, they don’t have a facility to install your tires. However, they will ship your tires directly to one of their 18,000 trusted installers and tire shops for installation.

You can locate the best installers near you when you buy tires on TireBuyer, or you can hire a mobile installer who installs the tires at your home or office, and TireBuyer can ship the tires to your home.

TireBuyer ships tires free and makes shopping for tires simple with their option to search by vehicle details, tire size, or brand. You can find sales and rebates on their website to save the most money on your tires and to compare the cost with other retailers.

Returns are free if you need to return tires shipped to an installer (and not yet installed). However, if you have the tires shipped to your home, there could be a $7.50 to $15 per tire return fee.


  • Ships to installation partners within 1 – 2 business days for free
  • Returns are free from an installer
  • Offers hassle-free financing options


  • Doesn’t have its own retail locations for installation
  • No road hazard warranties are available except from the manufacturer

4. Amazon

People who say you can buy anything on Amazon mean anything, including tires! I’ve included Amazon in my list of the best places to buy tires online because we all know and love Amazon for its free shipping for Prime members and great customer service.

However, there is a major downside. If you don’t know exactly which tires are meant for your car, you won’t get the same level of hand-holding you would get at other places on our list, like Discount Tire or Tire Rack.

Amazon has a tire finder, but it’s basic and only offers vehicle or tire size options. They don’t ask additional questions to ensure you purchase the right tires.

When comparing the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 31 X10.50R15 tire , the price is almost identical to Discount Tire’s price, so pricing is great.

Amazon usually ships within two business days for Prime members, and shipping is usually free. Like many other online tire retailers, you can have the tires shipped directly to your installer, and believe it or not, Amazon has an Installer Finder, but it may not be as robust as other strictly tire stores.


  • Free shipping for Prime members
  • Fast shipping for anyone, including non-Prime members
  • Competitive pricing


  • Lackluster tire finder
  • Not as robust of an installation partner network as others on the list

5. Priority Tire

Priority Tire, like Tire Rack, is an online tire retailer. They don’t have branded installation centers but work with a large network of professional installers to which they will ship their tires and who you can schedule with online when you purchase them.

Unlike Discount Tire, Priority Tire doesn’t offer road hazard on its tires. The only way to get this coverage is if the manufacturer offers it. All buyers get free shipping to the 48 contiguous states, and they have a great 90-day return policy for a full refund or exchange. However, you are responsible for any freight charges.

As far as pricing, Priority Tire is right along the lines of Discount Tire, and with free shipping, it can be quite comparable.


  • Generous 90-day return policy for unused and unmounted tires
  • Offers coupon codes directly on its website
  • Works with reputable installers


  • Shipping can take as long as six business days
  • Only sells tires; doesn’t sell rims or wheels

Advantages of Buying Tires Online

There are many reasons to consider buying tires online, including the following.

  • Price comparison: It’s much easier to compare prices when shopping online. You can look at as many places as you want without leaving your couch to ensure you get the best deal. Some stores run online-only deals or exclusive promo codes when you purchase tires online, helping you save money as a rideshare or delivery driver.
  • Greater selection: Local tire retailers can only stock a certain number of tires, which may limit your options. When you shop online, though, you can find tires anywhere, including cross country, giving you more options.
  • More support: When you shop online, most retailers have a tire finder that helps you find the perfect tire down to the smallest detail to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.
  • Customer service: Buying tires online gives you access to greater customer service than when you visit a store in person and only have the salesperson’s attention while you are there.

How Do I Choose the Right Tires Online for My Vehicle?

It may feel overwhelming to buy tires online without a salesperson helping you choose the right tires, but it’s actually much easier to do it online.

Most stores, except Amazon, have a robust tire finder. This automated system asks specific questions about your car, driving habits, and needs and matches you with the right tires.

You still get choices regarding brand, features, and price, but you’ll know that any of the tires suggested are a good fit for your vehicle.


Finding the best place to buy tires online is important because it can help you save money and time. Here are more questions to consider that I hear all the time.

Do Online Retailers Provide Tire Installation Services?

Not all online retailers offer tire installation services themselves. However, most online tire retailers work with a large network of professional installers who they can recommend based on your location when you purchase tires.

What Is the Typical Shipping Time for Tires Purchased Online?

Some stores, like Tire Rack, ship tires by the next day, and others take a few days. Most offer free shipping, and some take a little longer than others, but you should have your tires within a week.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Tire?

The cost to install a tire varies by the installer, but expect to pay $15 to $45 per tire. The cost depends on the vehicle, tire size, and any special tools or needs required, such as TPMS servicing.

Are There Installation Fees When Purchasing Tires Online?

The installation fees charged when you purchase tires online are from any installer you choose to install the tires. Many retailers work with installers and have set prices worked out with the retailer. You pay the installation upfront but don’t owe anything when you pick up your car.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Wheels and Tires Online?

Buying wheels and tires online can be cheaper, but there’s no guarantee. Do the same for your tires as you would if you were shopping around for appliances or other large purchases. Compare any offers you can get online with what you can get in person to ensure you get the best deal.

Can I Return Tires if They Are Not the Right Fit or Have Issues?

Every tire retailer has a different return policy. Some have generous policies, allowing up to 90 days to return tires, and others allow a much shorter return window. The common factor most retailers have is that the tires must be unused and unmounted to be eligible for returns.

Can I Purchase Extended Warranties for My Tires Online?

Some companies offer extended warranties for tires online, but they are mostly those that have a local installation center, like Discount Tire. Companies that operate online only offer the warranties the manufacturer provides.

Drivers Take

The best place to buy tires online is wherever you can get the best deal and be comfortable with the installation process.

Most tire retailers work with a large number of installers, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get them installed or if you’re getting quality service.

Your car is essential to earning your income, so compare your options with online and in-person tire purchases to see where to get the best deal!