Bonus Pod: Introducing the Rideshare Dojo!

Today’s podcast episode is a special “bonus episode” and I have some exciting news for you: we’re launching a new podcast called the Rideshare Dojo! The podcast tagline is ‘by a driver for drivers’ and is meant to be like a water cooler for drivers. In today’s bonus episode, I’m introducing you to a Rideshare Dojo interview Jay conducted with Nathan Daulton, a driver who has a ‘Plan B’ after rideshare driving.

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  • If you’re a long time listener, you’ve probably heard me interview Jay Cradeur, but even if you haven’t, he’s a long time senior contributor to RSG
  • He’s written hundreds of articles and done dozens of videos for us, plus he has over 25,000 rides as a driver.
  • Rideshare Dojo launched a couple of months ago and already has over 20 episodes, so head on over (link in Show Notes below) to check out all the latest episodes

What’s Happening to The Rideshare Guy Podcast?

  • Nothing! We’re still around, focusing on everything related to mobility including rideshare, scooters, interviews with industry leaders
  • If you want more driver-focused interviews, Rideshare Dojo is definitely a podcast you want to check out
  • If you want more industry content, stay subscribed to RSG – if anything, we’re ramping up more content!

Preview of The Rideshare Dojo: Interview with Nathan Daulton

  • Nathan is a rideshare driver – also a mobile notary (his Plan B)
  • He’s a year into implementing his Plan B and has plans to make over $100,000 in his second year of work, his goal is $200,000 a year
  • Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well among drivers!

The Idea of a Plan B

  • Was driving in 2018 and met a passenger who worked with an escrow company (signing real estate documentation)
  • Passenger recommended it to Nathan
  • National Notary Association – leading national org that trains and certifies notaries

The Notary Process

  • He learned about being a notary in January 2018, takes about 3-4 months before you can get started making money (need training first – all online)
  • General notaries don’t make as much – around $15 each
  • Loan signing for homes pay around $150 – need additional training for that kind of pay!
  • Has done nearly 500 signings in one year – roughly $60,000 so far
  • In one day, made $965

Implementing Plan B

  • Always interested in entrepreneurship
  • Has reached a point that he could start his own signing service, making passive secondary income
  • Things just started to snowball – met other notaries, made connections in the real estate industry

Logistics of Being a Notary and Driver

  • Being a notary is ridiculously easy once you have the training
  • Coordinating driving + being a notary was difficult at first – had to plan where to be and on time!
  • More than enough work in cities to keep someone busy without rideshare driving!
  • Driving less – as driver pay has gone down and as Nathan works as a notary more, driving wasn’t as lucrative in comparison
  • Most stressful thing of being a notary is making sure everything is signed – if you miss a signature or an initial, you have to go back and fix it and that can mess up sales timelines

Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.