Check Out My Feature In The Uber Momentum Magazine

A few months ago, Uber reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to be featured in the second issue of the Uber Momentum Magazine.  I’m always trying to reach new audiences and while I was surprised, I accepted their offer and today that issue is now live!

You may not have heard about the magazine since the first issue was released digitally and only mailed out to drivers in select markets but this second issue will actually be mailed out to every single driver in the US.  So make sure that you check your mailboxes over the next week or two in order to get a hard copy!

Uber Momentum Magazine - The Rideshare Guy Feature - Harry Campbell
Uber Momentum Magazine – The Rideshare Guy Feature – Harry Campbell

In the mean time, you can actually get a sneak peek at the digital issue below.  The magazine is custom tailored to your region so that is why there are three different versions:

Uber Momentum MagazineWest Coast Edition

Uber Momentum MagazineEast Coast Edition

Uber Momentum MagazineMidwest Edition

As many of you are aware, in addition to the blog, I also release a brand new podcast every two weeks where I interview drivers, talk to industry experts and sometimes just tackle important issues on my own.  The podcast doesn’t get as much traffic as the blog but I love recording the episodes because it really allows me to have a meaningful one on one conversation with all of my listeners.

Whenever I meet drivers in person who have listened to my podcast, they tell me that they feel like they already know me because they’ve listened to me on so many of my podcasts.  Sometimes it’s hard to let your personality shine through in your writing but the podcast allows me to really be myself.  I want everyone who listens to feel like I’m talking directly to them or they’re a part of the conversation if we’re doing an interview.

For this feature, I wanted to include an excerpt from my interview with Rob, a baby boomer Uber driver out of Long Beach.  Some of you may have already listened to this episode, but if not I highly recommend it.

Episode 17: Why Baby Boomers Are Flocking To Drive For Uber and Lyft

Out of everything I’ve done, this was really one of my favorite episodes to record because Rob was such a great interview.  His story was really inspiring and I love that we covered all of the ways driving for Uber has benefitted him but we also touched on all the unique challenges that drivers his age (and even drivers in general) face.  He even motivated me to start volunteering at a local food bank every Friday morning!

There are lots of blogs, forums and Facebook groups for drivers out there but many of them are either too negative or make things appear way better than they actually are.  One of the goals of my site is to really just “tell it like it is” since I know that drivers are smart and they can quickly see through anything that isn’t genuine.

There’s often a big disconnect between the TNCs and what it’s like for drivers out on the road.  My hope is that through features like these, I can bridge that gap and help more people understand what it’s like to be a driver, the challenges we face on a daily basis and figure out ways to make things better for everyone.

When people ask me about driving, I always say that there’s a lot of good, but there’s also a lot that could be improved.  And I for one, want to see things start to change.

So if I can help with that, I’m all for it.

If you have any questions for me about this episode or the Uber Momentum Magazine, please leave a comment below.

-Harry @ RSG