Tired of delivering fast food and groceries? Want to join a delivery company that hasn’t been saturated with drivers, reducing earnings and increasing competition? Then Courial might be the new delivery company for you!

    Quick summary:

    • Courial is a new delivery company, but couriers will deliver more than food and groceries. You could deliver meal kits, documents, dry cleaning and more. 
    • Courial delivery drivers (called ‘Courials’) set their own hourly rates and choose their own service areas.
    • Courials can offer additional services – perfect for those drivers who run a side business in addition to delivery.

    This post is sponsored by Courial but, as always, opinions are our own, and we only work with products and services that are beneficial to drivers.

    What is Courial Delivery?

    Courial is a new company that connects delivery drivers to businesses and individuals. Customers order items of all shapes and sizes, and then you will go pick up the item and get it delivered. As a Courial, you could deliver a variety of items.

    Courial is only available on iOS right now, but an Android version is coming out in May 2021. 


    Courial review

    Courial wants to remove the need to app switch among different delivery companies – why use Uber Eats and Instacart, for instance, if you can order restaurant food and groceries from one app?

    Courial is available in the following cities:

    • Atlanta
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Dallas/Ft Worth
    • Houston
    • Las Vegas
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
    • Minneapolis
    • New York City
    • Orlando
    • Phoenix
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Washington, DC

    Some of the most common items delivered by Courials are meal kits, documents, and packages. One of the most interesting items a Courial delivered? Mouse serum for a biotech company. Although it would have been more fun if there was a live mouse, too 🙂

    Courial Driver Pay

    As a newer company, the opportunity for Courial delivery drivers to earn more is high. After all, when you’re one of the first new drivers (whether for Uber or Lyft) for a company, chances are the company wants to retain you (with higher earnings) and encourage you to refer others to the platform. Remember the big bonuses Uber and Lyft used to give out?

    According to the company, the average Courial earns $25 per hour, although drivers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City consistently make more than $25 per hour. Hourly calculation takes into account the time from when a Courial accepts and delivers an order, and Courials are paid for wait time during live orders.

    Courial drivers are busiest during business hours and on holidays or special events (like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.) 

    In addition, Courial delivery drivers set their own hourly rates and service areas – meaning you won’t even be offered a delivery request unless it’s within your area and rate. 


    Courial delivery drivers set their own hourly rates and service areas, plus keep 100% of tips and 80% of the delivery fee

    Courials keep 100% of tips and 80% of the delivery fee. Also, Courial is allocating 10% of the company’s stock to full time drivers. 

    Of course, how much you earn will really depend on how busy and popular Courial is in your market. The more people who learn about Courial and use it to order, the more requests you will receive and the more you will make.

    As Courial is a new company, chances are that if you’re not in a very busy market like LA, NY, or SF, the demand for Courials may be sporadic. The best way to use Courial is to combine it with other delivery services

    For example, you can drive for Courial during business hours (some of their busiest times, 9 AM to 5 PM) and then drive for Uber or Lyft in the mornings or after 5 PM. If you prefer driving for the popular food delivery companies, you can drive food delivery during lunch and dinner and then accept Courial rides before and after those times. 

    Courial also states that 90% of customers tip at least $3 per order. Customers tip Courials when they schedule the order, not after the order is delivered.

    As far as cashing out, Courials are paid weekly for offers completed Monday-Sunday of the previous week. On Monday mornings, payments are transferred directly to your bank through direct deposit. You can also cash out immediately once you have a payout balance of $10 or more.

    Right now, Courial is offering the first 1,111 new Courials in each city the ability to keep 100% of their earnings for their first 111 completed deliveries. This is a limited time offer only, so you’ll want to make sure to sign up soon!

    Courial is offering the first 1,111 new Courials in each city the ability to keep 100% of their earnings for their first 111 completed deliveries.

    Courial also rewards drivers who refer friends to become Courials. Refer a friend to Courial and you both will earn $333 when your friend completes 111 offers. 

    Courial delivery in action

    Courial couriers can also accept up to two offers at a time – this is an example of what it would look like

    Additional Ways to Earn More with Courial

    In addition to making deliveries, Courial also provides their delivery partners the opportunity to earn more by offering Special Services. Do you have a side business as a handy person, notary, or photographer? Have you wanted to pitch to your rideshare customers but are worried a passenger might report you? None of that is an issue with Courial’s ‘Special Services’ section of the app.

    Offer your services directly through the Courial app
    Offer your services directly through the Courial app

    You’ll simply submit your Special Service to Courial, and it will appear in the app as an option to customers. Note: special services are for gigs that can be completed in under 60 minutes, so keep that in mind when you’re pitching your service. 

    With Special Services, customers choose the amount they are willing to pay, and Courials can accept the offer – or not! If the pay isn’t what you’re looking for, you can decline or wait for a customer to increase the price they’re willing to pay. 

    Should You Sign Up with Courial?

    If Courial is in your market, it makes a lot of sense to sign up now. Courial is offering limited time bonuses for new drivers (the first 1,111 Courials in each city will keep 100% of their earnings for the first 111 days), and that alone is worth signing up for if you’re considering a new delivery service.

    In addition, you don’t need a vehicle to deliver with Courial! You can walk, use an e-scooter, bike or drive. If you do choose to drive, you will need a driver’s license and vehicle insurance information.

    Additionally, Courial is offering a lot of benefits to drivers. Among some of the best ones:

    • Drivers keep 80% of delivery fees
    • Courials are paid extra for wait time and heavy items
    • The ability to offer additional services to build your own business
    • Set your own rates and service area
    • Equity ownership
    • Board representation: chosen by your fellow Courials, two Courials will take turns sitting on the Courial Board each year

    The only cons to delivering with Courial right now? Lack of demand. As with any new company, Courial must recruit delivery drivers and customers to the platform, and it’s a balancing act to have the right amount of delivery drivers for the requests coming in.

    According to a recent review, signing up for Courial is similar to signing up with other delivery companies. This reviewer notes Courial is new, so it could be a little slow at first, and other recent Courial delivery driver reviews note low demand as well. However, customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive (4.8 stars), meaning the potential for Courial to grow is there!

    Courial reviews

    If you want to try out a new delivery company and Courial is in your city, we recommend signing up now. Your opportunity to earn is higher, since you can set your own prices, and you can offer additional services if you have another side hustle.

    Is Courial available in your city? Have you heard of it or would you try it out?

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