How I’m Crushing Lyft’s Bonuses Using The Updated Location Filter

Every once in a while, we get the chance to utilize a tool in a way that allows us to make some good money. Recently, thanks to Lyft’s updated location filter, you can stay within a specific area for up to 3 hours!

Combining that tool with Lyft’s Streak bonus can significantly improve your hourly revenue.

In this article, I will share all the details so you can start to do the same things. I will even show you how I used this strategy this past week to tremendous success.

Steps I Took to Make More Using Lyft’s Updated Location Filter

This strategy will only work with Lyft and it’s updated location filter. Uber still has destination filters, but they have not added this additional feature.

Let’s break this down:

Step 1:  Find The Best Streak During The Busiest Time Of the Day

On the weekends, you will often get streaks that are 2 hours apart. For example, in Sacramento, I will often see Streak bonuses at 1 PM,  3 PM, and 5 PM.

The Streak bonus will pay you as long as you complete three consecutive rides.

Finding the Streak bonuses in your market is very simple:

  • On the home screen, you will see if there are any streaks for the day.
  • The second screenshot shows more details about the bonus.
  • The final screenshot shows even more detail.
Jay's Streak Options with Lyft
Jay's Streak Options with Lyft

Often, the Streak Bonus won’t be available in your entire market. Instead, you will have to drive to a Zone and start the streak there.

All the Streak bonuses I have seen do have a Zone in or around Roseville, which is my home city. The zones look like this:

Zones in Jay's Home City of Roseville
Zones in Jay's Home City of Roseville

Step 2:  Get In Your Zone At The Top Of The Hour

You want to be ready right when the zone opens up.  It usually takes no more than one minute, and you can get started.

Step 3:  After You See The Zone On Your App, Set The Destination Filter

This step is very simple.

  • In the first screenshot, next to the “Go Online” button, click on the two lines to the right.
  • In the second screenshot, click on “Location Filters”.
  • In the third screenshot, click on “Stay Within Area”.
  • In the final screenshot, you will want to tighten your range. My area gets busy, so I can get rides using the 5-mile range.  Even though it says “5 mi,” your range will be 10 miles in diameter.
    • If you are in an area that is not so dense or busy, then you should expand your area. You will have to experiment with it to find your sweet spot.  Once you set your range, you will go online and begin accepting rides.
set the destination filter with lyft
Set the Destination Filter with Lyft

Step 4: Get 3 Rides Started, And Accept Your 4th Within An Hour

Ideally, you will get a ride within a few minutes. The location filter will only give you short rides that start and end in your zone.

Your goal is to pick up your third ride and then get notified that another ride has been added to your queue before the top of the hour.

This will allow you to start another 3-ride streak and earn an additional bonus.

One time on Saturday, I missed it by one minute. This is not a guarantee, but it does work most of the time.

Step 5: Do The Math

Here is what happened this past Sunday when I finished my day.

  • I arrived in Roseville about ten minutes after the hour started.
  • I had accepted a long ride which paid well and had a drop-off near Roseville.
  • My first ride started at 9:11 AM.
  • I accepted 3 short rides in succession. No wait in between rides. Awesome!
  • By 9:41 AM, I had already begun my fourth ride, which started the Streak bonus all over again.

As you can see, in less than 90 minutes, Lyft paid me $30 in bonuses on top of my fares and tips.

That’s a great way to end the weekend.

Jay's Lyft driver screen

Key Takeaways

I love this Streak bonus. I have seen them as high as $21, but that is rare.

$15 and $18 are my sweet spot. This is better than anything I am getting from Uber.

Uber only offers $2 or $3 extra per ride during specific hours of the day. I don’t get too many of those in Sacramento.

Consequently, I have been doing more driving for Lyft. We drivers go where the money is. Right now, it is with Lyft.