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    You may have heard by now that I’m helping organize a new conference about the curb, called Curbivore. What exactly is the conference about and how does it relate to rideshare/food delivery and the gig economy? Below, I’ll cover the Curbivore conference, the interesting panel discussions and guests participating, and how you can sign up to attend the conference virtually.

    Curbivore takes place on October 20 and 21, and you can register for free here.

    Announcing Curbivore: Commerce Moves to the Curb

    Commerce has moved to the curb at an unprecedented pace—and now eateries (and the cities that depend on them) live or die based on how they can adapt: to delivery, to pickup, to retrofitting their curbs, sidewalks, parking lots and disused facilities into civic spaces where citizens can eat and engage.”

    One of the reasons I’m excited about Curbivore as a conference is because of the premise: now more than ever, with the pandemic, commerce is taking place at the curb.

    Initially, a lot of this curb traffic took place with “streeteries” (aka street eateries that allow restaurants to expand on to sidewalks, curbs and even parking spaces) and pop-up shops (including restaurants and small businesses).

    Now, however, we’re all doing a lot more at the curb: picking up food, groceries, even cocktails in some states, outdoor dining and of course more Amazon deliveries. But with these transitions come a lot of questions, including ‘where do cars fit into this’ and ‘how will city regulators manage this for safety and health?’

    This is where Curbivore comes in. Through a series of panel discussions, Curbivore seeks to explain what’s going on behind the scenes by offering the perspectives of entrepreneurs, business leaders and government officials.

    In addition to panel discussions, Curbivore will also host workshops on delivery and online ordering, how restaurants are going contactless, marketing strategies and more.

    As you likely know, I’m incredibly interested in the topic of urban mobility. As an organizer for Curbivore, I’ve not only helped put together some of the interesting panel discussions we have planned, I’m also participating in and hosting panel discussions.

    A Variety of Panel Discussions at Curbivore

    Of course, one interesting panel discussion at Curbivore will be on delivery: “Delivering Profits: How to Make Off-Premise Dining Work”. Delivery driver (and RSG contributor) Dash Bridges will be a panelist on that discussion and will offer his perspective as a Dasher (among other delivery gigs).

    In addition to Dash, the panel will consist of the head of government relations at Postmates, Vignesh Ram, the CEO of Full Kitchen, Peter Szalontay, and the VP of Sales at Virtual Dining Concepts, Kelly Grogan. The panelists will discuss how to operate a profitable delivery company and what the future of food delivery could look like.

    In addition to that panel, Curbivore will also feature discussions on:

    • Sustainable delivery with ChowNow CEO Chris Webb
    • Micromobility, featuring former RSG podcast guest Michal Naka, and the CEO of Zoomo, Mina Nada (recently featured in our courier vehicle marketplace)
    • Learning from cities on how streets and pedestrians can interact safely, featuring the Mayor of Culver City and Sandy Heyaime of the LA Nightlife Alliance
    • A one on one interview with myself and Daniel Danker, the Senior Director of Product for Uber Eats

    Among several other workshops and keynote speeches.

    How to Register for Curbivore

    Registering for Curbivore is easy – simply choose which ticket you’d like. If you choose the Standard Admission ticket, your Curbivore ticket is free and you will just need to log on on October 20 and 21 for the panels and workshops you’d like to virtually attend.

    You can also sign up for the VIP Access Pass, which right now is $99 (Early Bird pricing). The VIP Access Pass will provide you with networking opportunities, and a Q&A session with organizers (like me!) and panelists. You can get the VIP Access Pass here.

    Do you have any questions about Curbivore? Let me know in the comments below!

    -Harry @ RSG

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