DeliverThat Review – How It Works, Pay, & More

Looking to expand your gig work repertoire? Keep reading to learn more about a catering delivery app called DeliverThat. RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook tested it out to share his experience with you.

As gig workers, it’s always our goal to make as much money as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That is always a great goal, but depending on your market, skill set, availability, and other factors, that could mean something completely different for you than it does for someone else.

So, if you’re looking for that “perfect” gig for you, DeliverThat could very well be it.

Quick Summary: 

  • DeliverThat boasts an average earnings range from $24-$42/hr!
  • With DeliverThat you can actually get ahold of driver support to get your problems fixed…if you call or text during their open hours
  • Easily drive for DeliverThat and fill in the gaps with other delivery platforms to maximize your earning potential

DeliverThat not in your area yet? Check out other services like Uber Eats and DoorDash instead.

What is DeliverThat?

According to the DeliverThat website:

“Founded in 2013, DeliverThat is a national last-mile delivery service recognized as the industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and setup.”

Put another way, DeliverThat drivers deliver food from restaurants to companies or customers that are catering a meal. Think of an average business hosting a lunch or event for customers and/or employees.

DeliverThat is currently available in 39 states and 2 provinces, meaning there is potentially a lot of availability to get started.

DeliverThat Driver Requirements

To get started, you have to be 21 or older and have a vehicle to deliver with. Because these orders are going to be larger, you aren’t able to deliver them using a bike or motorcycle, and if you have a smaller vehicle, you may be a bit hesitant to get started.

I have a Prius, and even though they have a reputation for being on the small side, they are surprisingly spacious and can handle pretty large orders.

How Does DeliverThat Work for Delivery Drivers?

As a delivery driver, you’ll receive orders hours ahead of time. This gives you time to plan your day. You can also schedule out your week for specific shifts that you want, or sign in on the day of and pick up some deliveries.

One major thing I like about DeliverThat is that right away they give you a phone number that you can call or text, as well as an email address to send in any questions or concerns—and they encourage you to use them.

No other gig work that I’ve done has encouraged me to reach out to them directly with any questions I may have, and very few make it easy to call them and speak with an actual representative.

How to Sign Up: DeliverThat Driver Requirements

Signing up is easy. Simply go to the DeliverThat website and click on “Driver”. There you will be given all the open positions they have available. Simply put in your zip code and see if they have a need for drivers in that area or you can click on “See all” and pick the city and state you want to check.

Once you fill out simple questions, name, email, address, etc., you’ll be given a link telling you the next steps to move forward.

From there, you’ll watch some videos, answer additional questions, and then get to the final page where you have to give proof that you own delivery bags, or you can purchase their starter kit for $24.99.

I opted to do the kit just so I can see how good the bags are. There was an additional $18 delivery fee, so it ended up being $43 total, which could come out to about 2 hours of work, so in theory, you can make that back on your first day delivering for them.

Of course, you always have the option to just show proof of what you have instead of paying for the kit.

Once you get through the onboarding, which takes about 15 minutes, you’ll have to do a background check. When you’ve passed your background check, you’ll get access to the DeliverThat Driver app, which is what you use to make all your deliveries.

DeliverThat Pay – How Much Can DeliverThat Drivers Earn?

So, the ultimate question, how much can you make with DeliverThat? According to the site, the range is $24 to $42 per hour, which for food delivery seems pretty high, but in this case, it is accurate.

For starters, the pay amount is pretty decent. For a $275 order that took 45 minutes, the base pay was almost $20 in the training video. Then you add a tip to that, and they estimate that the tip will range from $14 to $30 for that delivery. This means for an hour of work you could make between $34 and $50 dollars.

Now, will it be consistent in your area? The only way to find out is to get out there and try it.

Pros and Cons of DeliverThat: Is DeliverThat Legit?


  • Good money — You will not get very many deliveries from other food services that are $20+ per delivery.
  • Driver support — Most delivery companies can be hard, or impossible to get ahold of someone to help you when you need it. Not so with DeliverThat. They have support ready for you, whether it’s with a phone call or text.
  • Catering deliveries only – this isn’t a one off order from McDonalds type of app. Because DeliverThat only delivers catering orders, you’re dealing with big orders, but big orders to business functions, etc. typically means bigger tips.
  • Ability to plan your day – You can schedule out your week if you want, making it much easier to plan your earning time around your daily life.


  • Only good certain times of the day — All gigs are better during certain times, but with large catering orders, you’re going to be getting them during the week around lunch time. If you’re not available during those hours, you’ll likely earn a lot less with this service.
  • DriversSupport — Though the fact that driver support is available and you can call, text or email, they are not available 24/7. In fact they are only available from 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday, which should give you an idea of when the busy hours are.
  • More work than drop and go — It’s not simply grabbing an order and dropping it off to the customer. You’ll have to make contact with people, get the order set up, and ensure everything is right and ready for the customer. This will take you much more time than the average delivery order.

DeliverThat Review: Is DeliverThat Worth it?

Yes, if you’re able to work during the times when DeliverThat is busiest.

DeliverThat is a great service to make money. You can earn more money than most other services around, and you’ll be busy during times other services aren’t necessarily busy.

If you prefer to work for food delivery services only, you can (and should!) pair DeliverThat’s mainly lunchtime requests with DoorDash and Uber Eat’s dinner and weekend delivery demand to really boost your earnings.

You can also be done at a “normal time” with this gig without having to drive nights and weekends, making it feel more like a “real job”.

DeliverThat Alternatives

Of course, DeliverThat is not the only service out there to drive for. If you don’t have the availability during the normal busy hours for DeliverThat, then it may not be for you. So, what else is out there?

DeliverThat vs Uber Eats

Unlike DeliverThat, with Uber Eats you’ll be delivering customers meals from all kinds of restaurants. You’ll make more deliveries per hour, but likely earn less per delivery. But, if you do it right, you’ll still make enough money from it.

Make sure to check out our Uber Eats Driver Review to learn how to maximize your Uber Eats earnings.

DeliverThat vs DoorDash

DoorDash is one of—if not the best—delivery services to drive for, usually making you more money than other services. We’ve written all about them before, so check out our article on DoorDash Driver Pay.

Again, unlike DeliverThat, you will be dealing with small orders, but a lot more of them.

Like DeliverThat, you have the ability to sign up for shifts so that you’ll be able to create your own schedule.

Want to make more with DoorDash? Check out this video on how much DoorDash drivers can make in 2022.


DeliverThat is a great service that is likely to earn you more money per hour than the standard delivery gigs out there.

However, if for any reason you can’t carry heavier items or make multiple delivery trips, DeliverThat might not be right for you.

While it’s awesome that driver support is easy to get ahold of, they only have set hours they are available, which can be troublesome if you run into an issue outside of their availability.

We recommend trying DeliverThat out if it’s available in your area. Give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for you and let us know how it goes!

DeliverThat not in your area? That’s okay! Check out other services like Uber Eats and DoorDash instead.

Already driving for DeliverThat? Tell us about your experience in the comments! 

-Tyler @ RSG