DoorDash Introduces Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery

In recent weeks and months we’ve talked about super-fast grocery delivery apps that are popping up around the nation—and the world. Today it was announced that DoorDash is going to launch a similar setup in New York City.

A brand new DashMart location is opening up in NYC—specifically in Chelsea—and will be used for ultra-fast grocery delivery. Since these fast delivery setups are different from your average grocery delivery, there will be a separate fleet of couriers specific to this side of the business.

This fleet will set work schedules, use a new delivery app designed specifically for their unique work, and have job responsibilities beyond delivery.

These workers will be paid an hourly rate starting at $15 an hour plus tips and will be hired on as employees. Those who work more than 30 hours per week will be eligible for benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as Employee Assistance Programs, Flexible Spending Accounts and commuter benefits, among others.

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Keep an eye out for more locations and partners following suit in the coming months.

According to DoorDash’s announcement, “Starting today, customers within the delivery zone can visit the DoorDash app or website, toggle to the convenience tab and place an order from DashMart for a delivery. Customers who have DashPass will see $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on their orders. The DashMart Chelsea location will be open from 7 am to 2 am daily, including holidays.”

More on this news in the video below: Doordash Starts A New Employee Model With drivers?!


Our Thoughts

It’s interesting DoorDash is hiring these ultra-fast grocery couriers as employees as opposed to their traditional independent contractors known as Dashers. This could be because competition such as JOKR have an employee model and DoorDash wants to be able to compete.

DoorDash elaborated that DashCorps will be supplying Zoomo e-bikes to couriers as well as safety gear, a safety training program, and training curriculum from Bike New York for things like cold weather riding policies, how to use safety equipment and more.

As another plus, I think a $15 starting wage is pretty decent, especially since they’ll be able to keep all of their tips. I know many delivery drivers earn more in tips than they do their regular wage, so this could be significant earnings for those couriers.

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-Paula @ RSG