DoorDash Promises $1,000,000 to Dashers and Non-Profits

DoorDash recently announced their plans to give out $1,000,000 towards Dashers and non-profits. For Dashers, it’s set up like sweepstakes with a chance to win money for yourself, and a charity of your choice (somewhat.)

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10 DoorDash Drivers to Receive $50,000 – If They Complete 25 Deliveries

Learn how this initiative came about in our interview with Director of Dasher Marketing Emma Glazer: Doordash Driver: A Chance To Win A $50,000 Bonus With Emma Glazer (Director of Dasher Marketing)


For every 25 deliveries a Dasher completes between April 5 and April 18, their name will be entered into a drawing of 10 names to receive $50,000 cash. From there, the Dasher chooses their favorite non-profit or charity to receive an additional $50,000, making up that total of $1,000,000 promised by DoorDash.

“Over the past year, Dashers have played an important role in our neighborhoods, connecting customers and community members to essential items, groceries, and meals, and enabling restaurants to adapt their services to meet the demands of a COVID-19 world,” Sueli Shaw, Head of Social Impact at DoorDash said. “To celebrate all that delivery drivers have done for our communities, DoorDash is excited to continue our commitment to giving back to Dashers and the causes they care about.”

Not all non-profits and charities are allowed, however. The Dasher will choose from one that addresses hunger, economic empowerment, and social justice, and were selected in consultation with the Dasher Community Council and the Voices from Dashers of Color Council.

DoorDash Rolls Out Big Bonuses, Announcements to Keep & Add Delivery Drivers to Platform

This news is on top of big bonuses DoorDash has been offering Dashers over the past few weeks.

Watch: Doordash Is Offering Drivers BIG BONUSES to drive (+$500)!


Some of these bonuses included up to $20 extra per delivery if completing all deliveries as part of the promo. With tax refunds and stimulus money burning the holes in the pockets of customers, DoorDash wants to make sure enough drivers are on the road to complete all deliveries.

Commenters on our YouTube video about the bonuses confirmed the bonuses:

One stated, “It’s true. I did mine in 8 hours, made $260 plus the $500.”

Another shared, “I had a $200 bonus last weekend after 25 deliveries. It was amazing.”

DoorDash isn’t the only company seemingly throwing money at their drivers recently. Lyft and Uber have also been putting up bonuses to get drivers back on the road during increased demand.

One offer from Lyft would give the driver a $250 bonus for giving 20 rides in a week. That’s an average of over $12 extra on each fare completed.

What Are Delivery Drivers Saying About This?

On Reddit, drivers didn’t seem terribly excited by the contest.

One commenter said, “So that’s their first attempt to counter the cancel movement.” This is referencing an article that came out earlier this week about couriers on the DoorDash platform that are trying to game the system by not accepting sub-par orders.

Others are upset that apparently New York drivers are excluded from this offering. Some drivers are also upset they never received any kind of communication about this, giving them less opportunity to participate.

Final Thoughts

It’s awesome they are doing this and a great incentive to get couriers out there consistently delivering.

However, I wish they would let the Dashers choose any non-profit or charity of their choice. There are a lot of great charities deserving of that $50,000. It’s a shame it’s limited.

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Are you participating in the DoorDash sweepstakes? What will you do if you win $50k?

-Paula @ RSG