Don’t Miss July 4th Earnings!

It’s always been true that July 4th is one of the most lucrative holidays for drivers, but this is even more true in 2022. This year, many 4th of July events will take place all weekend long, making this an extended holiday until Monday. How can you maximize your time on the road this July 4th and make more? RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook shares his top tips. 

My very first night driving on July 4th was horrible.

Living near the beach I knew everyone would be there, so it made a lot of sense to me to go there and get rides. The issue is I picked a beach that has one way in and one way out and spent hours in traffic. Passengers would cancel requests because I was taking so long to get to them, and I didn’t know what to do because I was stuck in traffic.

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I wish I had spent time to think about and plan out how I would work, where I would drive, and what time I would do so.

Since then, when I do drive on holidays that’s exactly what I do, and they have been some of the most profitable days I’ve ever driven.

With July 4th coming up, how can you make the most possible? Let’s find out.

Driving on the 4th of July in 2022

We will continue to update this section as we hear more from drivers and readers, but so far the results of driving for rideshare on July 4, 2022 are mixed!

Below, senior RSG contributor Sergio drove all Saturday and Sunday (pre-July 4th holiday, but still a holiday weekend) only to find no incentives or surge pricing!

Sergio wasn’t the only one not finding any bonuses during the holiday. Here is just what a few drivers on Facebook had to say:

“Strangely, it seems like the higher gas prices have attracted more drivers for some reason.” – Michael

“There has been very little surge in New Jersey except the late night bar closing, which has been below average. All bonuses on both apps are almost none existent.” – Bill

“Phoenix is dead.” – Mike

On the other hand, some drivers are making it work:

“There’s surge in New Jersey!” – Chris

“It’s a hot summer in Austin, TX. I’m at $96k for the year. If you don’t live in the city you drive in, don’t drive. I’m looking to clear $210k by the end of the year. I drive an electric SUV, so no gas costs.” – Aaron

“I’m getting bonuses in San Diego. $120 bonus for 10 rides by July 4 or $150 bonus for 70 rides by July 4. I’ve already hit the $120 bonus and am half way to the second bonus of $150. Made a total of $445 on Friday from 2 PM – 3 AM.” – RSG reader (see screenshot below)

7 Ways to Maximize Your Time on the Road This 4th of July

1) Drive Multiple Apps

Holidays are the busiest time to drive, which means more drivers are out to make money, and more passengers are on the app. This, unfortunately, means your app could also crash.

One year on New Year’s Eve I drove and made great money because all the drivers in the area couldn’t get on. The app wouldn’t let them turn on, and for some reason it let me. The problem for me was at the end of the night it wouldn’t let me go offline, but that’s a different problem.

What this shows me is it’s crucially important to have as many possible apps available as possible. Uber is typically the busiest, however, if everyone is on there and the app crashes you’ll be happy to have another option on the ready.

Some of our favorites? Obviously, rideshare (Uber and Lyft) simply because more people want to be out and about. However, don’t discount grocery shopping services like Instacart (people want to grill at home!) or DoorDash (ordering out because they don’t feel like cooking!)

Take a look at our recommended services to work for here!

2) Pay Attention to Events in Your Area

It may be easy to think July 4th is the event, but there are so many things going on. You have the people going to the bars, you have people needing rides to family BBQ, some going to the beach, and don’t forget the fireworks.

A quick Google search can help you find out what’s going on in your city, and more importantly what time things are happening. If the fireworks get done at 10 it makes no sense to get there and stay at 7, you’ll want to spend this time shuttling people (and then back from) the event.

Start researching a few days up to the actual holiday, as plans can change and new events pop up last minute.

This year the 4th falls on a Monday, so people are likely to be celebrating all weekend, and especially on the 4th itself. Take advantage.

3) Know Your City

This applies all the time but especially on a holiday like July 4th.

Most big cities are going to have some roads shut down for the holiday, and if they aren’t shut down the traffic is going to be horrible. If you’re stuck in traffic you can’t get to your passengers.

Maximize your time on the road this holiday season by learning the back ways into neighborhoods, asking passengers if you can drop them off somewhere that’s easier for you to get out afterward, and, if needed, avoiding area entirely.

4) Give Free Things

The little things can make a huge difference. Think bottles of water, sticks of gum, candy, etc. This is especially important on holidays during the summer, like 4th of July, when it’s hot, it can take longer to get around, and people get grumpy.

Offering your passengers a bottle of water can go a long way to diffusing any situations and make someone happier! Plus, you might need the water too.

If you go to a store like Costco or Sam’s Club, you can get a large number of things for a very cheap price.

While this won’t be true of everyone, some people will appreciate the gesture and extra you do for them and give a tip.

5) Stand Out

The little things are great, but you could also do something big. Make riding with you is its own cool experience.

Some ideas for driving on the 4th of July? Decorate your car for the holiday, set up a karaoke, let your passenger hookup to the sound system, do anything to stand out.

At the very least, you can get little streamers and put them up around your car for some festive fun.

You want people to remember driving with you, taking pictures of how cool the ride was, sharing it on social media, etc. People who are happy and having a good time are far more likely to tip and tip well.

6) Pace Yourself And Take A Break

This may seem counterintuitive but take a break.

There should be a good time to take a break between when everyone is going to the festivities, and when the festivities are over.

For me here in Florida, people head to the beach starting around noon, and by 7 most everyone is already at the beach. At 9 or so everyone starts leaving, the sun has set, the fireworks are likely done, and everyone wants to go either home or to a bar.

Use that time to take a break, stretch your legs, get some food, and relax. It will let you be able to drive far later in the night than if you went straight through.

7) Try Delivery Too

Finally, if you’re hesitant to take passengers, or you want to try something else, delivery is a good option. People are having parties, and need food, and more importantly alcohol. Instacart, Uber Eats, GrubHub and Doordash can all help you to make just that little extra while you’re out driving.

Don’t forget this holiday season may be a 4 day holiday for some people, with some people taking Friday before 4th of July off and most people having Monday, the 4th, off.

You may be delivering to tourists in town to party/enjoy vacation, or you may be delivering to family gatherings and other festivities.

In either scenario, people want food! They’ll either cook it themselves (meaning you should sign up for Instacart) or they’ll want it delivered (meaning DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.) Make sure you’re on all of those delivery platforms now!

Bonus! More Ways to Save and Earn Money During the 4th of July

Looking for even more ways to save money, make more, and maximize your earnings? Here are our top tips:

Are you planning on driving this 4th of July?

-Tyler @ RSG