Earn More with Perch Mobility

Here at The Rideshare Guy, we’re all about working smarter and not harder. One interesting company helps Bird, Lime and other types of Chargers earn more in less time – and with less hassle! We had RSG contributor Paula Gibbins take a look at Perch Mobility, how it helps Chargers and more.

Perch is a scooter logistics company that helps chargers charge more scooters, faster and more efficiently. Instead of charging at home, they actually provide pods in key areas around town to utilize while charging scooters. This way, you don’t have to drive back home to charge scooters or track mud through your carpets!

The creators of Perch started charging scooters back in 2018 in Santa Monica, California.

You can see how Perch works in action here:

A Perch representative said, “Perch retrofits shipping containers to charge scooters at scale. Each container (Portal) contains up to 4 pods for an individual juicer/charger to rent by the night or by week. We charge a flat rate for the period with unlimited scooter charging during that rental period.”

Perks of Perch

Perch provides you with a safe location where you can bring scooters you pick up and charge them without having to take them home to charge, using your own living space. Each container gives you 20 feet of space to work with, so you can charge several scooters at the same time, increasing your earning potential. You can fit up to 14-21 scooters at once, according to the representative with Perch.

“Any scooter that is compatible with the Lime/Bird/Segway power input will work [with Perch],” a rep said. This gives you the ability to charge as many scooters as possible during the rental period you’ve paid for. If you know you’re going to be doing a lot of charging for the week, take the weekly rate where you get one night free. Otherwise, rent nightly for $25 for the ability to charge up to 14 scooters at once; or $35 for the ability to charge up to 21 scooters at once.

Each pod contains enough racks and power supplies to charge the number of scooters listed for each option given above, so you can choose which will work best for you.

With Perch, you’re saving your own electricity on top of these other perks. You don’t have to worry about your electric bill going up once you start your charging career, which will make your roommates or spouse happy, as well.

Perch mobility
A Perch pod being used to store bikes

Perch mobility
The perfect Perch pod for charging scooters

A perk of using Perch is not having to leave the community to head home and charge, allowing you to save time and gas while collecting scooters to charge. With how quickly electric scooters are spreading to cities all over the country, more and more chargers are needed and Perch is a great way to make this entire process easier and more lucrative.

The earning power of people juicing these scooters is so much higher than if they were to charge in their living rooms and garages instead of renting a Perch pod. With some earning as high as $350 a day just for charging scooters, that’s as good as some regular full-time gigs.

How You Can Utilize Perch to Work for You

“Many customers will charge 2-3 batches of scooters per 24-hour period,” said a Perch representative. Utilizing their services helps you earn more than you would if you were to try doing this out of your own home.

Imagine trying to drag 14 scooters up to your apartment or set it up in your home garage or living room. Would your spouse like having that space taken up? What about your roommate? Perch gives you the space you need to do what you need to without inconveniencing your life.

Also, most scooter companies only allow you so many cables per person as a charger, limiting your ability to earn top dollar. Having all the chargers you need to re-juice as many scooters as you can is worth the $25-35 for Perch. Even if you’re limited by each company with how many you can charge of theirs, you can get as many scooters as possible from each company, utilizing your space within the charging pod and getting the most for your money that way.

You can request to be a host of a Perch charging location. What they look for is 24/7 access and close proximity to available power. Perch then provides upfront payment, monthly rent, all electrical work, flexible terms, EV charging stations and low carbon credits (which varies by market). Currently, Perch serves Los Angeles, with locations in DTLA, Westwood (as of July) and Leimert Park (as of July).

You can learn more about and reach out to Perch here.

Readers, if you’re a Bird Charger or Lime Juicer, would you use Perch?

-Paula @ RSG