Ford Drive Review 2024: Is It a Good Deal for Uber Drivers?

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The rideshare industry is more competitive today than ever, so drivers must find ways to stand out and minimize costs. Ford Drive provides a leasing option for Uber drivers. They can lease the Mustang® Mach-E®, a performance electric vehicle.

This lease includes maintenance, breakdown coverage, and access to the BlueOval Charge Network – North America’s largest public charging network.

This helps Uber drivers stay ahead without owning a vehicle.

What Is Ford Drive?

Ford Drive is an innovative lease program for qualified Uber drivers currently in:

  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, Calififornia
  • San Diego, California

The program allows approved Uber drivers to lease Mustang® Mach-E® SUVs weekly with no long-term commitment required and the option of different pricing tiers based on miles driven.

The Ford Drive program helps Uber drivers have a sustainable and affordable transportation method with a program that includes maintenance and opportunities for convenient charging.

How Ford Drive Works

To participate in this rideshare program, Uber drivers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego must have at least 100 Uber trips and a 4.85-star Uber driver rating or higher to qualify.

If you are eligible, the program will appear in your Uber Vehicle Marketplace.

Ford Drive conducts a soft credit check to apply for the program, which doesn’t hurt your credit score. They also evaluate your ability to afford the lease payments.

You don’t need a deposit and can lease the Mustang® Mach-E® SUV in 1-week increments with a minimum term of 30 days.

What Ford Drive Offers

Ford Drive is an eco-friendly option offering flexible leases on electric vehicles for Uber drivers with plenty of room to drive passengers around the city or to and from the airport.

Drivers have access to over 84,000 charging plugs nationally through the BlueOval Charge™ network.

Vehicles Available for Lease Through Ford Drive

The Ford Drive program offers Uber drivers access to the Mustang® Mach-E® SUV with plenty of room for seating and trunk space.

It’s compact enough to maneuver tight city streets and parking garages but roomy enough for comfortable transportation for your riders.

Ford Drive Mustang Mach-E SUV
Ford Drive Uber Ridehsare Program

Ford Drive Key Features & Functionalities

Ford Drive offers many benefits for Uber drivers, making it easy – and potentially more profitable – to have an Uber business.

User Interface and Experience

Ford Drive prides itself on its superior customer service. They provide personalized assistance from the moment you sign-up and throughout your lease term, answering questions and addressing concerns. Once you schedule a reservation and meet the driver requirements, there are no long lines or wait times to get your vehicle. You will be able to hit the road quickly. The lease term is flexible and comes with 24/7 roadside assistance.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are top priorities for Ford Drive and its customers. You get hassle-free maintenance coverage from the moment you pick up your vehicle, and you can charge your Mustang® Mach-E® at charging stations throughout California.

Short Lease

Running an Uber business can be unpredictable, so Ford Drive makes it easy to decide to lease a Mustang® Mach-E® SUV. The longest term you must commit to is 30 days; you can return the vehicle without penalty after satisfying the short lease term.

Uber Incentive

The Mustang® Mach-E® SUV is gas-free with an expansive range and zero emissions*, allowing Uber drivers to save on fuel costs. Plus, the Ford Drive rideshare drivers qualify for the Uber Green Incentive, which pays an additional $1 per trip.

*Based on EPA tailpipe rating. Visit for more information.

Pricing Tiers

Ford Drive offers three pricing tiers – the Standard plan for 500 miles per week starting at $289, the Advanced plan for 1000 miles per week starting at $329, and the Premium plan for unlimited miles starting at $369. Pricing may vary based on location. You can toggle between the tiers to help keep your costs affordable and maximize your Uber business.

Pros & Potential Cons of Ford Drive

Understanding the pros and potential challenges of the Ford Drive rideshare program is important to ensure you make the right choice for your business.


  • Inventory available – able to get in a vehicle quickly
  • Short-term lease with flexible terms
  • Superior customer support
  • Convenient charging
  • Combined 93 MPGe city/highway (Source:
  • The thrill of driving a Mustang® Mach-E® with all-electric torque
  • Plenty of riding and storage space in the vehicle
  • Auto insurance included
  • No upfront fee or deposit
  • No mandatory monthly vehicle swap
  • Covers the cost of scheduled maintenance and service including costly wear items like tires and battery


  • Requires a minimum 620 credit score to reserve their premium vehicle
  • EV rental weekly cost is higher than ICE vehicles, but gas & maintenance savings can potentially cancel this out


Ford Drive has an accompanying mobile app (available via Apple & Google Play store) that helps you manage your vehicle and your account at your fingertips.

You are never locked into your pricing plan and you can use the app to change your plan for the following week. This gives you the flexibility of ramping up or lowering your mileage plan based on your potential driving activity.

How to Sign Up for Ford Drive

To sign up for Ford Drive, you must be an approved Uber driver with at least 100 trips and a star rating of 4.85.

If you meet those requirements, you can log into your Uber account, navigate to the Uber Vehicle Marketplace, and apply for the Ford Drive rideshare program.

Customer Support and Assistance

Ford Drive is there for Uber drivers, helping you from the moment you show interest in the program all the way through your lease period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Ford Drive Been in Operation?

The Ford Drive rideshare program began in August 2022 in San Diego, California, but has since expanded to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Can Gig Economy Drivers Participate in Ford Drive?

Ford Drive is for qualified Uber drivers with at least 100 trips at a 4.85 average star rating. Drivers must also prove they can afford the monthly payments and have a minimum credit score of 620.

What Sets Ford Drive Apart From Other Rideshare Vehicle Options?

Ford Drive offers eco-friendly performance vehicles to allow Uber drivers to earn more money while driving a vehicle they enjoy. From slightly higher per-trip earnings to saving money on gas and maintenance, Ford Drive helps Uber drivers thrive in a competitive industry.

How Do I Qualify To Participate in Ford Drive?

To participate in Ford Drive, you must be an approved Uber driver with at least 4.85 stars and 100 trips completed. You must prove you can afford the lease payments and and have a minimum credit score of 620.

The Bottom Line

Ford Drive can help Uber drivers make the most of their business by providing a performance electric vehicle on a flexible lease term.

With only a 30-day lease requirement and many benefits, including excellent customer service and help with normal wear and tear and breakdowns, Ford Drive can help Uber drivers in California build a competitive business.