Drivers, make more money by promoting the Freebird app to your Uber and Lyft passengers. Get $5 for each new person you sign up.

Click here to download the Freebird app and enter referral code “RSG” in the app to sign up and get your bonus credit.

Program Details

The Rideshare Guy, the largest resource online for Uber and Lyft drivers, has partnered with Freebird, a cash-back app for Uber and Lyft passengers, to create an exclusive referral program to help you make more money.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Freebird is a free cash-back and rewards app for Uber and Lyft riders
  • Rideshare and delivery drivers can make money by promoting the Freebird app to passengers and customers
  • Earn $5 for each new user you refer

Signing up is easy and quick:

  1. Download the Freebird app
  2. Open the app and enter code RSG in the app to join and earn your sign up credit (Profile > Promo Codes)
  3. Promote the app & your unique referral code to your passengers and delivery customers (Profile > Invite & Get Cash)
  4. Make $5 for each person you refer who takes their first ride

It’s really that simple. We even made these free business cards to make it easier for you. Just write your unique invite code on the blank spots and give them to all your rideshare passengers and delivery drop offs. They get two free $5 credits added to their account when they use your unique invite code to sign up.

So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of drivers that are taking advantage of this limited time offer.

Download Freebird and enter the code “RSG” in the app to enroll and get your bonus sign up credit.

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An easy way to make more money

It’s a win-win for everyone. Like the Ibotta promo code shopping cash-back app, Freebird is one of the best cash back apps. Users get points and cash-back on their Uber and Lyft rides, and drivers make money by referring new users.

It’s pretty easy to sign up new users. People love the Freebird app because they get to save money doing something they were already going to do anyways (take Uber and Lyft rides). In fact, passengers will thank you when you show them how they can get free and discounted Uber and Lyft rides. Plus they get two free $5-credits added to their account when they use your referral code to sign up.

The Freebird app is perfect for couples, friends and family that like to go out together. They get to go to their favorite restaurants, save money on transportation, and not have to worry about picking a designated driver.

Freebird promo code

Freebird app

Full Sign Up Steps

Signing up is easy and fast. Here’s how to start making more money today:

  1. Learn more about Freebird on their website
  2. Download the Freebird app
  3. Open the app and follow the instructions to log in
  4. In the Freebird app, click “Profile” and then click “Promo Codes” and enter the code RSG to enroll in this promotion and get your sign up credit
  5. In the main menu, click “Invite & Get Cash” to get your unique invite code
  6. Promote the Freebird app to your rideshare passengers and delivery customers; ask them to use your unique invite code to get two free $5 credits added to their account
  7. Print the business cards and flyers in this folder

After printing the cards and flyers, write your unique invite code in the blank spots. These are documents that you can place in the interior of your car, or hand to your passengers who are interested. There’s even free business cards that you can write your code on and hand out.

If you don’t want to keep printing out paper, ask the passenger to take a picture of your invite code instead of handing anything out. You can even laminate the flyers if you wanted to. And there’s sign holders you can purchase on Amazon if you want a more professional look.

You don’t even need to print anything out, feel free to promote the app how you want. Get creative.

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It’s that simple

Download Freebird, enter code RSG in the app, then start promoting your invite code to your passengers to make more money.

Promote your code to your passengers, and when they take their first ride, you get $5.

There’s no catch. You cash out real dollars from the app to your bank account, just like you can with this Dosh referral code. The only way to miss out on this is by not participating in this limited time offer brought to you by Freebird & The Rideshare Guy.

Here’s a video showing how the CEO of Freebird explains the app and what users see when they use the app:

Download Freebird | Code: RSG

Available nationwide in the U.S.A


How much money can I make with Freebird?

It depends how much you promote the app. Some drivers are earning hundreds of dollars per month, and other drivers are earning less than a hundred dollars per month. It’s a numbers game, so the more people you promote the app too, the more referrals you’ll get, and the more money you’ll make.

Where is this available? Is it available in Canada?

The Freebird app and this program is currently available to U.S.A. residents only.

Can delivery drivers take advantage of this program?

Yes, if you’re a delivery driver (UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, Amazon Flex, etc.), you can also make money by promoting Freebird to your delivery customers. Just write your code on these free business cards and drop them off with your orders.

Where do I enter the RSG code in the app?

In the app, click Profile > Promo Codes, then enter the RSG code and click Submit.

Where do I get my unique invite code?

In the app, click Profile > Invite & Get Cash. There you’ll see your unique invite code, which you can share however you’d like. We created free marketing materials for you to share your code easily.

Why does the app need to connect to my Uber/Lyft account?

You will install the Freebird app just like a user would, because there is no separate Freebird app just for drivers. The app will ask you for permission to request a Uber/Lyft ride, but don’t worry, it won’t actually request a ride unless you request one yourself.

How does the Freebird app work?

Check out this Freebird app review for more information about how the app works. But we also recommend that you try the app yourself. Use the Freebird app like a passenger would so you can see what it’s like and how it works. By becoming familiar with the app, you will be able to describe it better to your riders, which will help convince more people to join and you will make more money.

Download Freebird | Code: RSG

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