Harvest Hosts Review: Free RV Camping at Wineries and More

Now more than ever, RV travel and camping is becoming increasingly popular. If you recently bought an RV or are looking for more opportunities to use a camper you already own, Harvest Hosts might be the perfect option for you. Below, RSG contributor Chonce Maddox-Rhea shares her Harvest Hosts review, cost of membership, and how to get free nights in beautiful locations around the US and Canada.

Traveling can be great for your mental health, and RV travel is becoming more and more popular for domestic trips. Since a lot of my travel plans got canceled this year due to city and state shut-downs, I’m planning an RV trip with my family next month and I found that some of the campgrounds can get pretty pricey.

On average, people will pay $30 to $50 per night to park their RV at a campground. With Harvest Hosts, you can find RV parking at a fraction of that price.

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  • Get started on Harvest Hosts using our discount code: HHFRIENDS15
  • Two types of membership: The Harvest Hosts classic for ($79 per year) and the Harvest Hosts + Golf ($119 a year)
  • Parking your RV on Harvest Hosts locations is free & included with your membership!

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is a program that gives campers free access to a large network of farms, breweries, museums, and other attractions at a variety of locations. This is a way for campers who already own an RV to visit and even stay overnight (for free!) at a different location than a typical RV campground. Campers can enjoy unlimited overnight stays at nearly 1,600 Harvest Hosts locations all over the US and Canada.

There’s no catch, either – stays are free as long as you are a current annual member.

Harvest Hosts free mobile app provides easy access to everything you need to know about the best locations to stay at with your RV. The app will provide detailed trip routing that helps planning the trip that much easier. You’ll also see photos of the location you’re considering taken by members who have already visited the site.

Parking surfaces vary by location and include concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt or grass. If you like what you see, volunteers are welcome to assist! Just call ahead and ask if the host can use the extra help. Harvest Hosts provides family-friendly and pet-friendly scenic locations to park your RV that are outside of the norm.

harvest hosts review
Just a few of the many options for Harvest Hosts campers!


How Harvest Host Works

You can book your stay through the Harvest Hosts website or mobile app. Just create an account, pay the annual membership fee of your choice, then you can start browsing locations.

harvest hosts review

Stays are sometimes limited to just one night but depend on the host. Keep in mind that electricity hookups and bathrooms aren’t always available. It’s recommended that the RV’s have an interior bathroom and built-in tank for waste water.

No exterior tanks will be allowed. Cooking must be done inside of your RV. No tents are allowed on Harvest Hosts property. You can only arrive during business hours unless hosts say otherwise. If you drive in after hours, you run the risk of gates being locked and not having access to the property.

Also when setting up your reservation, be sure to tell the host the size of your vehicle and which entrance you will use when you arrive. Don’t forget your Harvest Host membership card, because only current members will be allowed to leave their vehicle parked overnight. Some locations also offer access to spas and restaurants!

While it’s not required that you spend money at the places you visit, it is recommended to help support these locations and offer support. Buying a meal, a drink, or a small item at the on-site gift shop can help support the hosts’ livelihood.

Harvest Hosts Membership Costs

harvest hosts review

There are two plans to choose from. The Harvest Hosts classic for $79 per year and the Harvest Hosts + Golf at $119 a year. Both are pretty similar except the Golf membership opens up the opportunity to visit over 350 Golf Clubs and Country Clubs.

The memberships give campers access to 500+ wineries, 125+ breweries and distilleries, 330+ farms, and 240 museums and other attractions. The Classic membership typically includes two nights at a campground while the golf membership includes three nights.

harvest hosts review

If members decide they don’t like Harvest Hosts there is a 3 month 100% money-back guarantee in place with no questions asked.

Harvest Hosts Discount Code

Harvest Hosts already sounds like a deal if you like to camp with an RV and explore new sceneries. However, The Rideshare Guy readers can get 15% off a Harvest Hosts membership with the code: HHFRIENDS15.

This means a regular $79 membership would only be around $67 for the year.

Other Apps like Harvest Hosts

There are a few other sites out there similar to Harvest Hosts if you are looking to save money on RV trips.

Harvest Hosts vs RVShare

RVShare is geared more toward people looking to rent out RVs or list their RV for someone else to rent. They don’t focus on providing deals on campsites like Harvest Hosts does.

According to RVShare, the average family RV sits unused about 90% of the year, and they want to help RV owners earn money by renting theirs out to other families. Read more about RVShare at our RVShare Review.

The site is filled with tons of RVs so you can search by location to see what options are available near you. Some things to consider when renting or owning on RVShare are delivery options, how many can the RV sleep, and how many minimum nights are required.

Harvest Hosts vs HipCamp

HipCamp is similar to Harvest Hosts because they do offer the option to book places to camp.

HipCamp offers not only places to park your vehicle like RV camps but also tent camping, treehouses, glamping, and cabins.

If you own land this can be a nice way to earn money from it as well. HipCamp is the perfect marketplace for outdoor living.

Harvest Hosts vs Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is another RV rental site and they provide a few suggestions for national parks where you can camp. They have a unique referral program that not only gets you $75 off your next trip but $50 off your referral’s first trip.

Outdoorsy offers easy access to average pricing right on the homepage to give you a good idea of what you’ll be paying.

Harvest Hosts Alternatives

There aren’t really any direct Harvest Hosts alternatives out there right now that will get you the same results. RVShare is one of the top sites for finding an RV to rent, but that’s about it. Outdoorsy will help recommend national parks that you could stay at, but you could likely find this information on your own with a little research.

Harvest Hosts gives you access to an exclusive network of untraditional campsites across the country – all for one low fee. If you’re traveling in your RV just a few times per year, you’ll get plenty of use out of your membership and also learn about some great new attractions along the way as well.

What’s Unique About Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts provides options for a unique way to camp especially if you’re looking to do it cheaply. The yearly fee is all you’ll have to worry about before having unlimited access to 1,000s of locations across North America. Be sure to make a purchase during your stay as a thank you.

Pets and children are more than welcome to join you during the stay. You’ll just have to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t explore closed or restricted areas. Not every area is open to the public when at a site.

Some locations might be open all year. It might depend on what part of the country it’s located, but regardless each host has an information page that breaks down what days their location is open.

Here are what some people are saying about Harvest Hosts.

“We used it a few times and were happy. We stayed at a Meadery and there happened to be a festival that day. We parked down the road and went to the festival and once everyone cleared out we basically had it to ourselves. It was really nice.

Another time we stayed at a small golf course in a small town. We got there late so there was nobody there and left early. Never saw anyone.

I really like the concept, personally and will probably continue using it.”  – Reddit user

“I have it but we have not used it yet. There are a lot of locations. It’s important to note that you are expected to pay for a meal, wine, entrance to the attraction and sometimes for a round of golf depending on the location. Which makes sense.”  – Reddit user

“We just stayed at a vineyard last night. We bought some wine, enjoyed some music, and they even had a nice fireworks display. It was great!” – Facebook user

“We joined last year and love it. We stayed at 7 different wineries last summer. It gave us an excuse to leave on scheduled trips a day early and come home a day late. Each and every place we stayed was so much fun and the people were very accommodating. I highly recommend joining.” – Reddit user

Harvest Hosts Referral Program

Harvest Hosts members will get $15 for each new member who signs up with their link. The more referrals the easier it will be to pay your annual fee!

Overview: Why Choose Harvest Hosts?

There are so many reasons to use Harvest Hosts to help you save money on RV trips each year. For starters, you get to travel all the lower 48 US states, Canada, Alaska, and Baja California for just $79 or $119 per year.

Instead of just the usual campground, take advantage of other unique locations like farms, wineries, breweries and more. This is a great investment that can be well worth the price after just a few visits.

All you have to do is support the location you choose to stay at with a minimum $20 purchase. If you happen to not like products at the winery or brewery where you are staying, get a gift for a family member or friend. You bought the RV and if you aren’t using it this is a great opportunity to start.

If you don’t have an RV, you can always use a site like RVShare to rent one and take advantage of these unique vacations.

Harvest Hosts FAQ

Can you still use Harvest Hosts during COVID?

Yes. In fact, RV travel with Harvest Hosts is the perfect way to social distance and still enjoy a relaxing vacation. Just be sure to follow CDC and local guidelines for the area you’re in.

Are pets allowed at Harvest Hosts locations?

Yes. Dogs are recommended to be on leashes. Some pets might only be allowed in the parking area. Some locations are on farms so be extra careful around the other animals. Also, clean up after your pet!

How much does a Harvest Hosts membership cost?

$79 for Classic, $119 + Golf Membership.

What is the difference between the Classic and the + Golf Membership?

The biggest difference is the golf membership gives access to golfing locations and access to spa facilities and restaurants.

What kind of RVs can camp at Harvest Hosts?

All classes of RVs are allowed (Class A, Class B, Class C) including camper vans, fifth-wheel campers, toy haulers, motor coaches, schoolies, travel trailers, and truck campers, Towed vehicles are also an option.

Is Harvest Hosts legit?

Yes, they have host locations all over, many pleased members, and many of the locations are open year-round.

Do I have to buy anything from the Harvest Host?

It’s not a firm requirement, but highly recommended that you at least spend $20 to show the host appreciation and continued support. This is the only compensation hosts receive for letting you stay overnight.

What kind of amenities can I expect at Harvest Hosts locations? / Do the Hosts offer electricity, water or sewer hook-ups?

This depends on the host. They do list this on their information page but be prepared to not have electricity, water, or sewer hook-ups provided.

Get started on Harvest Hosts using our discount code: HHFRIENDS15

Would you or have you stayed at a winery or brewery? If you own or rent an RV, what’s been your favorite place to stay?

-Chonce @ RSG