Helping Drivers Earn More Money

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been soft-launching one of the first ever rideshare driver video courses and the feedback so far has been great.  For those who don’t know, I partnered up with YouTube rideshare star (yes that is a real thing) Brian Cole and we’ve created an in-depth video course that covers everything from getting started as a driver to advanced money making strategies.

I’d say that on a weekly basis I have close to a thousand unique interactions with drivers.  I read every single FB comment and tweet that I get and I still respond to each and every single e-mail (just try me!).  I think it’s that personal touch and the ability to empathize with drivers (because I am one) that has made my site so popular.

But over the past few months one of the recurring themes that I’ve seen from drivers is that they aren’t making enough money.  Some of the most popular articles on my site have to do with comparing income on Lyft vs. Uber, Uber’s fare guarantees, sign-up bonuses, etc.  Notice a trend?  Being a driver is still a great job but it’s getting tougher and tougher to make good money.

There are literally tens of thousands of new drivers signing up every month and for good reason.  Just like us, they value the pay, the flexibility and the interactions with passengers.   And even though the driver market is getting saturated, that also presents a unique opportunity for the best drivers to really stand out.  Brian and I have been working diligently over the past few months to create a course that will help those drivers rise to the top and out-earn the competition.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Video Course

We are all passionate about driving but at the end of the day, if we can earn more money, that means we can hang with friends, spend more time with family, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to drive, but there are plenty of other things I’d rather be doing 🙂

I truly believe that there is still a ton of opportunity for those who are willing to work for it and ready to invest in themselves and their career.  But if you expect to just flip on the app and make $30/hr without breaking a sweat, that is not going to happen.  This course is all about maximizing the opportunity that is out there and coming up with ways to think outside of the box and engage that entrepreneurial spirit.  Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

  • Getting the basic set-up of your car down
  • Figuring out who to drive for and when to drive
  • Providing a 5 star experience every time
  • Finding More Pick-ups
  • Surge Pricing Strategies
  • Tax Information

I’ve shared a lot of information over the past year with you guys through my articles, podcasts and videos.  But with hundreds of articles now published, hundreds of hours of podcasts and videos, there is a lot of information to digest.  This course aims to compact everything I’ve learned over the past year into two short video courses.  Each video is about 15-20 minutes and there are 5 videos in the standard section (beginner-intermediate) and 5 videos in the gold section (advanced).

If you’d like to learn more about the course and what’s covered, please check out our course landing page.

Even if you’re not interested in the course, I encourage you to go over and check out the site.  Brian will be starting a video blog within the next month or two, we’ll be giving away a free ‘Business of Rideshare’ course and doing monthly webinars.  So as always, lots of free and exciting content to keep you busy.

If you’re ready to join our community, head on over and check it out!

-Harry @ RSG