Instacart Batch Grabber: Shoppers Beware!

Instacart shoppers face a lot of competition because it’s a great way to make money on the side. However, it can be frustrating to miss out on available batches because other shoppers get the orders first.

An Instacart batch grabber offers an option to grab batches before any other shoppers, helping to increase your productivity. But beware, using an Instacart batch grabber isn’t a recommended way to get Instacart batches. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is an Instacart Batch Grabber?

An Instacart batch grabber is an app or extension that helps Instacart shoppers get batches faster than human shoppers can get.

Does Instacart Allow Batch Grabbers?

Generally, Instacart doesn’t allow batch grabbers. The Instacart Terms and Conditions clearly state that shoppers may not use or promote anything that modifies or exploits the system, giving a shopper an unfair advantage on the platform.

It also says that shoppers may not hack, reverse engineer, or tamper with Instacart software in any way, or they’ll face deactivation.

However, there are still Instacart batch grabbers that exist that you should avoid.

How Do Instacart Batch Grabbers Work?

There are two types of batch grabbers — alerting grabbers and automatic grabbers.

An alerting grabber automatically sends you alerts when new batches are available. You can then look at the batches and decide if they fit what you want.

Automatic grabbers choose batches for you based on the parameters you set. This means if a batch becomes available in your area and within your available times, it will grab it for you.

The bots usually have faster access than human shoppers, getting you the batches you want against Instacart’s terms.

Will You Get More Batches Using an Instacart Bot?

Instacart bots claim to get you more batches by ‘cheating the system,’ but again, it’s against the Instacart Terms of Service, so there are better ways to get batches.

The best way to get batches fast and ethically is to provide excellent customer service so you have a high rating and position yourself near busy stores during the times with the most orders.

Instacart Hacks to Use Instead Of Batch Grabbers

Instacart batch grabbers may work temporarily until Instacart discovers them and gets them banned from the app store, but there are other legit ways to get high-paying batches.

Work at the Busiest Times and Locations

The best way to get the most high-paying Instacart batches is to work during the busiest times. You can determine which times are the busiest by using Instacart’s heat map. This will tell you when there are a lot of orders and their location.

Knowing when to schedule your time to work as an Instacart shopper can enhance your earnings. When you’re available to work, position yourself as close to a few popular stores as Instacart focuses on shopper rating and proximity to the store.

The closer you are to the store (Instacart has access to your location when using the app), the higher your chances are of getting the order.

Increase Your Shopper Rating

Instacart batches go to the highest-rated shoppers first. Currently, Instacart considers any rating of 4.7 or higher ‘the highest rating’ and prioritizes batches to shoppers with a rating in this range.

Your Instacart rating can change often, depending on how many batches you do since it’s an average of the last 100 batches.

For example, if you get a bad rating from a buyer that drops your rating below 4.7, it will only last until other batches with higher ratings supersede it. So the more batches you do, the easier it is to keep your rating high.

Login to Multiple Food Delivery Apps

Instacart is only one of the many food delivery apps available for drivers today. Instacart pays well and can be fun for shoppers, but other alternatives to Instacart include:

  • Shipt – This service works like Instacart, paying shoppers to pick out a customer’s grocery order, check out, and deliver it to their doorstep. It’s not available everywhere, but if it’s in your city, you can work for both.

  • DoorDash – If you don’t mind picking up restaurant orders, you can log into DoorDash, pick up customer orders, and deliver them to their home or business. The nice thing is you don’t have to shop for an order. Your only task is to pick up already prepared orders.

  • Uber Eats – Like DoorDash, Uber Eats has drivers pick up restaurant orders and deliver them to customers. If you drive or Uber, you’re automatically approved to deliver for Uber Eats, or you can apply to work only for Uber Eats.

  • Grubhub – Also, like DoorDash, drivers can deliver food from restaurants to customers. Grubhub is available in 4,000 cities and pays a flat fee, plus drivers keep customer tips, like most gig apps.

The key to working with multiple apps is organization. You must be able to manage your time, keep the orders separate, and deliver exceptional customer service to all customers.

A portion of your income relies on tips, so customer satisfaction is important when maximizing your earnings.

Focus On Speed and Quality

Because your income relies on customer tips and ratings, the key is to focus on shopping fast and delivering high-quality service.

When you provide customers with the service they desire, they’re more likely to give you a higher rating. And, shoppers with high ratings have first dibs on the best batches.

Instacart Batch Grabber Scripts

Like Instacart batch grabber apps, you may find Instacart batch grabber scripts online. These are just as against the Instacart terms and conditions as the apps, so we don’t recommend purchasing them.

To purchase a script, you typically have to call or email the developer and pay for the script upfront. It’s much too risky for many reasons, including falling for a scam, and putting your Instacart shopper’s account at risk.

Accept Double Batch Orders

Double batch orders are multiple orders at the same store, delivered to two separate addresses. Having batch orders at the same store saves you time because you don’t have to travel to different stores.

You shop two orders at the same store, carefully keeping them separate. After you check out (separately), you deliver each order to the customer.

The key with double batch orders is to stay in contact with the buyers to inform them of your progress and to deliver the orders as quickly as possible to get the best ratings.

For example, it’s not the best idea to take two very large orders because you can’t shop for two large orders and deliver them promptly. When the orders are quick and easy, you can kill two birds with one stone, getting paid for multiple orders at one store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few other common questions people have about Instacart batches.

How Do You Cheat On Instacart?

Despite cheating being a big moral no-no, Instacart also prohibits cheating. And anyone caught trying to cheat the system, including using an instacart batch grabber to get ahead of other buyers in any manner (except providing great customer service and getting high ratings) risks being deactivated from the app.

Are Instacart Bots Illegal?

Instacart bots aren’t against the law. However, they are against the Instacart Terms of Service, and if you’re caught, Instacart will deactivate your account.

How Do I Stop Instacart Bots?

Instacart does everything it can to stop Instacart bots from the technical side. If you notice bots, you can flag them or email Instacart to tell them what you found.

Is There a Way To Beat Bots on Instacart?

The best way to beat bots on Instacart is to keep your shopper rating as high as possible, position yourself close to stores with orders at busy times, and pay attention to availability. Getting batches the right way will be worth it in the end, as the bots won’t last as Instacart works hard to stop them.

Should You Use an Instacart Batch Grabber?

At Rideshare Guy, we do not encourage the use of Instacart batch grabbers. We’ve outlined many other ways to increase the number of batches you receive, each of which are legal and promoted by Instacart themselves.

Using any methods besides providing excellent service, working for multiple delivery apps, working to get the best shopper rating, and accepting double batch orders could put your account at risk and isn’t worth it.