How To Contact Instacart Shopper Customer Service

Need to contact Instacart Shopper customer service?

Maybe the store is closed, a customer address is wrong, or your payment card isn’t working. For whatever reason, you need to reach out to Instacart customer service…but how?

Below, we’ll outline some scenarios where you may find yourself needing to contact Instacart Shopper customer service, share three ways to contact Instacart customer service, and share strategies for getting quick resolutions to your problems.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever had to contact Instacart customer service and what your experience was like!

Instacart Shopper Customer Service Options

You can choose whatever method works best for your situation. If it’s something that needs immediate attention, you’ll want to call or chat.

If it’s something that can take a day or two to resolve, consider using the email option instead.

1. Instacart Shopper Support Center

As an Instacart shopper, the Support Center is your hub for all things Instacart. When you log in, you will see a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that provides answers to common questions and issues.

The FAQs cover topics such as payment, shopping, delivery, and more. This page is a great starting point for finding quick solutions to any problems you encounter.

If you can’t find the answer you need in the FAQs, don’t worry. Instacart offers various ways to get assistance.

2. Instacart Shopper Support Phone Number

The best phone number to reach support is 1-888-246-7822.

Use this number when you have an issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Drivers usually call their support line when they’re handling a current order.

As mentioned above, drivers can run into app issues or problems at delivery. This would be the time to call the Instacart support phone number (1-888-246-7822) as you would get immediate assistance to help you proceed with an order.

It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

3. nstacart Care Live Chat

With Instacart Care Live Chat, you have access to trained customer care specialists who are available 24/7 to assist you.

Whether it’s an issue with your order or a question about the app, you can get help right away through text messages, video calls, or screen shares.

4. Instacart Shopper Support Email

To contact Instacart via email address, reach out using

This is best used when you have questions or concerns on issues that aren’t requiring immediate assistance. The last time I emailed support was regarding an issue with my earnings. Since I didn’t need it resolved right away, I emailed them and they responded to my email within 24 hours as is standard according to their website.

Why Instacart Shoppers Need to Contact Customer Service

1. Instacart Shopper Pay Issues

Like any job or gig work, discrepancies can arise with Instacart Shoppers.

Full-Service Shoppers, in particular, may experience discrepancies regarding the number of hours worked and pay received due to their irregular schedules.

If you encounter any issues with pay, be sure to reach out to Instacart’s support team for assistance.

2. Instacart Shopper App Issues

There are times when contacting Instacart Shopper Support is critical because a payment might not go through due to app issues or another scenario where you need immediate assistance.

For example, there was an order that I had just vanished from the app after I delivered it to the customer.

I looked at my earnings and I wasn’t paid for the order, and it wasn’t in my history of orders either.

I had to contact support, and it took them about 10-15 minutes to fix the issue for me and to pay me for the order that I had just completed.

The reason I say it is important to contact them in a timely manner is that time is of the essence. They do not reimburse you for the time spent trying to fix and correct the issue.

Those 10-15 minutes spent on the issue could have been put towards another order, so I lost money for that as well.

3. Unable to Find Customer Address

Instacart drivers often rely on GPS to navigate through their delivery routes.

One of the most common reasons an Instacart shopper may require assistance is difficulty locating the delivery address.

This can be caused by incorrect information provided by the customer, outdated GPS data, or simply a confusing address.

4. Unable to Reach the Customer

Another common reason to contact support is when a driver is unable to reach a customer.

There are certain orders where a customer requests to be contacted upon delivery of an order.

If the customer is unable to be contacted, then you will need to call support in order to resolve the issue and proceed with the app.

For instance, there was one occasion when I had to deliver alcohol to a customer, and they weren’t home.

I had to contact support and they instructed me to return the order to the store since the customer was not home and I can’t leave alcohol unattended.

5. Issue at the Store While Shopping

A third reason to contact support would be if there is an issue at the store, such as it being closed or non-operational.

You would need to be reimbursed for the time and gas spent going to the grocery store so you would have to contact Instacart support for that.

For example, a store that I went to for an order was closed for a few hours because they had a power outage.

They were working on the power circuit for the entire shopping plaza where the store was. I contacted support and they were able to pay me compensation for the order.

Instacart Shopper Customer Service Hours

Instacart Shoppers customer service is there for you 24/7, and what’s more, you will be connected with an Instacart support agent by phone in less than two minutes.