Lyft Pink Pairs with Grubhub to Offer Free Delivery to Subscribers

Customers already enjoying the added perks of their Lyft Pink membership will get a little extra as of Tuesday, October 6 that might appeal to them: free Grubhub+ membership which includes free delivery. You can read the official announcement on Lyft’s blog.

Lyft Pink’s Grubhub+ Membership Perk

Grubhub+ typically runs at $9.99 a month, but with your $19.99 Lyft Pink membership, the Grubhub+ fee is waived. On Grubhub’s FAQ site, there’s a whole page dedicated to answering questions about how Grubhub+ and Lyft Pink are partnering with each other.

“Lyft Pink has always been oriented on delivering great value for our members. When we launched, that value was rooted in our transportation network,” said Heather Freeland, Lyft vice president of marketing. “We heard from our riders that food delivery was a benefit they wanted, so we went to work to make it happen.”

This includes instructions on how to combine your accounts if you already enjoy Grubhub+ or what to do if you don’t have a Lyft Pink account yet. If you are already a Lyft Pink subscriber, you may have received notification similar to this:

lyft pink announcement

It states:

“Enjoy unlimited free restaurant delivery and more with Grubhub+ (normally $9.99/month).

With Lyft Pink, you get access to Grubhub+, a monthly membership program for Grubhub that is currently available in select cities. As a member, you’ll get unlimited free delivery on orders of $12 (before tax, tip, and fees) or more from restaurants in the Grubhub+ network. Additional fees may apply and vary on orders. Your free Grubhub+ membership with Lyft Pink won’t automatically convert into a paid Grubhub+ membership when it expires…”

If you do not wish to have a Grubhub+ membership attached to your Lyft Pink account, you can contact Lyft support to have that benefit removed while still being able to enjoy all of the perks of a Lyft Pink membership.

Keep in mind, as stated above, if you cancel your Lyft Pink membership, that effectively ends your Grubhub+ free membership. To switch to a paid Grubhub+ membership, you’ll need to actively create that account. It does not automatically switch.

Addition Lyft Pink Perks

Other perks of Lyft Pink membership include: 15% off all car rides, any place, any time; priority airport pickup; three free cancellations per month; three free bike or scooter rides per month; waived lost-and-found fees, and surprise seasonal discounts and exclusive offers.

Grubhub+ membership includes free delivery, exclusive perks and donation matching to help aid communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re not a member of Lyft Pink, it’s easy to join. Simply download the Lyft mobile app, click on the three bars at the top left to open your options, click on the “Lyft Pink” tab and press “Join” to get the membership process started:

Lyft Pink has been available to passengers for about one year. Freeland stated within the blog post, “At a time when Americans are relying on food delivery more than ever, we’re thrilled to team up with Grubhub to bring even more value to Lyft Pink.”

From the Grubhub side, we heard from Alex Weinstein, SVP of Growth at Grubhub: “Connecting hungry diners to the restaurants they love and giving them the most rewarding experience is our mission at Grubhub. We’re excited to extend these rewards to even more consumers through our partnership with Lyft. Whether they’re ordering delivery on their way home or grabbing something to go, Lyft Pink members can now take advantage of the incredible benefits at the restaurants they love with Grubhub+.”

To learn more about other customer perks offered by Lyft, check out their Rider Rewards page.

Readers, have you signed up for Lyft Pink membership? If so, how is it working out?

-Paula @ RSG