Exciting New DoorDash Features Make Dashing Even Better

Recently, DoorDash has adjusted pay for longer distance, higher-effort dashes, rolled out alcohol delivery, and upgraded the platform’s app-based navigation. In addition, there will be changes directed to improving the customers’ experience that may affect the Dasher experience, so we’ll explain it all to make it easy.

Many of the features we cover below will be released market-by-market, and DoorDash has confirmed that most couriers will encounter these features within the next two months.

Below, RSG contributor Jeffrey Fike shares new changes coming to DoorDash and which ones benefit Dashers most.

This post was sponsored by DoorDash but, as always, opinions are our own.

If you are a Dasher, you’ve probably noticed the large influx of emails lately. Trust me, the majority of emails from DoorDash are worth looking at, especially recent ones. DoorDash is releasing a lot of new features, including some that may impact your earnings!

Let’s briefly examine some upcoming and recent changes to the Dasher app.

New Features Coming Soon to the Dasher App

You may already see some of these features on your app, as DoorDash has begun to roll them out market by market. If you haven’t seen these features yet, stay tuned – they’re likely coming your way soon!

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Dashers Can Now Deliver Alcohol! With Caveats

The next feature DoorDash is rolling out is offering the opportunity to deliver orders including alcohol in some states! Chances are if you saw this email, you read it, clicked a link, completed the short online compliance course, you are now eligible for more orders to increase your earnings potential.

If not, you can get certified to deliver alcohol, if it’s legal in your area. Orders with alcohol will give you access to more orders, which could be more lucrative than standard orders! On average, alcohol deliveries pay 30% more than the average non-alcohol delivery.

We know delivery drivers find alcohol delivery pretty lucrative – as long as you know what you’re shopping for! If you know the basics about alcohol delivery in your area (where that section is in your grocery store, for example!), an alcohol delivery request on top of a restaurant delivery could add up quickly in your favor.

I personally haven’t had any alcohol orders or other orders that included alcohol items yet, but am excited to have this new opportunity. If you’ve not already certified (again, if legal in your area), remember these certifications are state-specific. Learn more here: Delivering Alcohol Guidelines.

Bonuses for Grocery Orders

This change is time-sensitive. DoorDash is paying a bonus when delivering grocery orders, but only for a limited time.

Dashers will receive an extra $20 when completing at least 5 Shop & Deliver orders from all grocery stores from Tuesday, August 31st to Monday, September 6th.  Keep in mind that to get this extra bonus, you have to maintain an average rating of 4 stars or above on your delivered grocery orders.

Weighted Items

The next noticeable change, especially for those who haven’t done a lot of grocery runs recently, is how to fulfill produce and meat items that are charged by weight in the store. In the past you as a Dasher might have an item like this: Steak, Sirloin 1.7 pounds (size varies) Quantity 2.

You would do your best to find two 1.7 pound packages of Sirloin and check them off the list. Now, with some participating merchants, you will weigh the items and input the weight directly into the app. This helps to ensure that the customer is being charged accurately for what they receive.

To me, this seemed like it was going to really slow grocery orders down, but in reality, it only adds a few seconds per item. Again, this was most likely done to keep order totals in a certain range for guests. It is a quick and pretty easy step, but a necessary one.

In-App Navigation for Seamless Deliveries

Now, navigation now lives inside the Dasher app! This couldn’t come soon enough, and now allows you to accept and navigate to deliveries with the fastest estimated routes.

I did see this navigation on DoorDash for a few trips a few weeks back, and learned that it has now rolled out to the majority of Dashers! So why is this important?

For one, as you’re dashing, you’ll be notified of new orders in-app, so you don’t have to switch from one app to the other to browse earning opportunities. To make sure you get the most of your shift, the nav will recommend the fastest route while sharing restaurant information, pick-up instruction and more accurate drop-off information.

If you’re having trouble seeing this update, make sure you’ve enabled in-app navigation as your default setting! Go to “Account” then “Settings” and update your preferences.

DoorDash has been studying entering different delivery sectors recently. They have asked for Dashers input on a new survey regarding delivery types and apps, and if you want to share your thoughts, you can find the survey here.

A Dasher’s Thoughts on These Upcoming Features

Overall, these changes are surprisingly positive and so far seamless, which is not always the case. The continued specialization and smooth implementation of changes within the DoorDash app have really impressed me. In-app navigation and alcohol delivery at scale may present challenges, but should ultimately be wins for drivers as well.

Dashers, have you noticed any of these new features in your city? What is your opinion of them – have they helped or increased your bottom line?

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-Jeffrey @ RSG