RSG 207: Uber x Taxis

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What if you pulled up your app, requested a ride, and a taxi pulled up? With recent partnerships by Uber, this could become a reality! In this episode, I chat with the President of Flywheel Technologies Hansu Kim about all things taxis. We’ll cover Flywheel, taxi technology and the Flywheel/Uber partnership.

Intro to Hansu Kim

  • President of Flywheel Technologies
  • Purchased DeSoto Cab – known for its iconic color scheme
  • Re-branded to Flywheel
  • Many fleets now use Flywheel’s tech

Perception of Taxis and How It’s Changing

  • For a while, taxis had a bad reputation
  • Not reliable
  • That pendulum has swung back in favor of taxis
  • Now there aren’t enough taxis in some cities!

Differences Between Rideshare and Taxis

  • Some people feel safer in taxis vs rideshare
  • More vetting
  • Public perception differences
  • Some rideshare drivers are doing both – driving taxi and rideshare!

Flywheel and Uber

  • Strategic partnership
  • Still a taxi ride! With taxi rules and regulations
  • Partnership makes a lot of sense!
  • Vast majority of drivers are looking forward to this partnership – more business

What’s Next?

  • Taxi technology development – it’s more complicated than it looks!
  • Can’t use subpar tech at this point
  • Lead gen
  • Insurance costs

Show Notes

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