RSG046: Why Mindset Matters Most For New Uber Drivers

A lot of new drivers are surprised at the level of negativity when it comes to rideshare Facebook groups and forums.  But I’ve always ignored the haters since just like any other line of work, there are positives and negatives to driving.  And I don’t think it’s my job to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do.

I’d rather focus on sharing my own personal experience and letting people make the decision for themselves.  Today’s guest on the show is similar in that respect and we go in-depth on the mindset that you need in order to be successful as a driver and in life.

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In this episode, RSG chats with Bobby Marchesso, a relatively new Uber driver, who explains that your mindset matters for being a successful driver.


  • Made it to two years of marriage – all right!
  • At FinCon right now, a personal finance conference
  • Interview with Bobby Marchesso, a new Uber Select driver based out of LA
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Interview with Bobby Marchesso

  • Moved to California to expand acting career and took up Uber driving for the in-between times
  • Heard about Uber late last year, has been driving for 5 months
  • Came across RSG while searching for advice about driving for Uber, found the YouTube videos and podcasts really helpful

Experience as a New Driver

  • Was approved to drive quickly and started researching the practicalities of being a driver
  • Found that the morning and mid-afternoon rush are the most lucrative
  • Didn’t read any of the negative comments during research – wanted to find out on own the pros and cons of driving
  • Found driving came pretty easy as long as it was common sense

Advice for New Drivers

  • Could be considered lucky, but it’s also your perspective on the job
  • Stop hustling around trying to be the fastest at the job
  • Stop trying to compete with all the drivers around you – it’s going to stress you out more
  • You just can’t force it – Uber is going to be there and you’re going to get rides, you have to be patient to get those longer, more profitable rides

Actionable Tips for Uber Drivers

  • Start by relaxing and by knowing your city – what areas draw the most rides? What time of the day is most popular?
  • Don’t stress and try to force rides – it won’t work and passengers know when you’re agitated
  • Get used to driving, get accustomed to the days and get better at driving
  • Focus on the customer service
  • Take a look at your metrics: where did you drive and when was it most lucrative? Go back to basics

Struggles as a New Uber Driver

  • No truly awful or scary rides – it’s about common sense and recognizing when pax want to chat and when they want to be left alone
  • Uber customer could improve


  • Do some due diligence, put in the time to make yourself successful, and stay positive
  • If being successful is important to you, you’ll make time for it
  • Before I started RSG, I was driving because the money was good and I liked driving – writing about rideshare driving has also allowed me to build up a successful business
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Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

-Harry @ RSG