RSG047: What’s it Like to Drive for Juno

Juno just completed their 1 millionth trip in New York City and they appear to be growing quickly. Last week, they opened up pre-registration to drivers across the US and it seems like they’ve got plans to expand sooner rather than later.

Juno has predicated its entire existence off being one of the most driver friendly options and on today’s podcast, we’ll get to talk to one of those drivers who’s been with Juno from the beginning.

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Curious about what it's like to drive for Juno? In this episode, we interview Cameron from NYC about his experience driving with Juno.


Interview with Cameron Krueger

  • US Army veteran, professional driver in New York City since April of 2016
  • Started with Uber because he was running his own business and needed to supplement his income until it took off
  • Currently drives for Uber, Lyft, Gett and Juno

Experience Driving for Uber and Juno

  • Was driving almost exclusively for Uber because the fares were good and could make a good amount of money
  • Happened to run into another rideshare driver on the street who told him about Juno and the $15 referral bonus for each new passenger
  • Juno doesn’t have advertising in NYC – it’s all face-to-face interactions
  • Still likes Uber but doesn’t like the 25% cut they take compared to the other rideshare companies. Juno also offers stock in the company, which is another incentive for drivers

Best Things About Juno for Drivers

  • It will be coming to other cities because its growth has been explosive
  • 50% of their founding shares go to rideshare drivers
  • Communication with Juno is easy and quick, people seem to enjoy working for Juno

An Average Rideshare Day for Cameron

  • Mostly drives with Lyft and Juno now (both have tipping)
  • Uses Gett next and then Uber if it’s really slow
  • Recommends the Independent Drivers Guild in New York City
  • Uber’s response so far has to have surge prices almost constant to help lure drivers back to the Uber platform versus the other apps
  • Gives about 10 rides per day through Juno, makes about 35% of income with Juno
  • Currently has 1542 shares of stock, but anticipates that to increase as he drives for Juno

Juno Going Forward

  • Needs to expand throughout the country
  • Has the word of mouth positive publicity, drivers are ready for Juno to come to them
  • Uber’s growth strategy may be different from Juno’s, and Juno has a great opportunity in the US to grow


  • Juno is now accepting pre-registration.  You can sign up here using our referral link or our code: 5335-180
  • Really excited to see how Juno expands throughout the country
  • Drivers are happy, rides are cheaper: passengers are really going to flock to Juno if they keep up a smart business model
  • Competition is key, diversifying your income is a necessity
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Show Notes


If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.