It’s easy to focus on earnings as a rideshare driver but today’s guest has found something even more valuable in his first few weeks of driving.  It’s what he likes to call the true value of rideshare driving and although it’s not for everyone, Mitchell shares some great examples of how he’s leveraged the connections, networking opportunities and more on today’s podcast.

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    Mitchell Meyers on the True Value of Rideshare Driving


    • Welcome to episode 53! Today we’re talking with Mitchell Meyers, an RSG reader, on the true value of rideshare driving
    • It’s one thing to be cocky, and another to be confident, and Mitchell has that confidence you want as a rideshare driver
    • In the comment he left, Mitchell mentioned he has a driving strategy that was working, but he was also extracting some more value, the true value of rideshare
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    An Interview With Mitchell Meyers

    • Lives in Dallas and worked at a wealth management company, left the company and started driving for Uber
    • Mastered Uber in two weeks – at age 27!
    • Drove for Uber primarily in the morning for airport runs – a great time to meet CEOs, executives, etc
    • Drives a 2010 Range Rover


    Engaging Your Passengers

    • There’s value in making relationships – most pax get in the car, look at their phones, but morning time is a great time to start conversations
    • Look for things you have in common – a good fall back is always sports!
    • To stay busy and encourage tips, Mitchell visits to find heat maps, hangs out in those areas of his city in the morning
    • Older people are generally accustomed to tipping if you help them with their bags, which is a plus!


    Driving Strategies

    • Drives in the morning – and avoids surges!
    • Chat with the people you drive – you never know who you’re going to meet and pax can help you make connections (job and otherwise)
    • Try to ask interesting questions and be informed about the world – that will help you make conversation and connections with your pax


    Challenges & Strategies Moving Forward

    • Going to keep doing morning drives – when you make a connection, text them your contact info and a little bit about what you talked about
    • Afternoon runs not as a profitable, so being strategic about when and where to drive
    • Tip for new drivers: Airports and mornings are your friends. Just chat away and don’t be shy to share your information with people



    • Particularly for drivers using rideshare or delivery driving as a stepping stone, I hope this podcast really resonated with you
    • You can make money as a rideshare driver, but you have to employ some strategies to move up and make more money (through tips or through the conversations you have with pax)
    • Connections are invaluable, so try to make a connection with pax if they’re receptive
    • Don’t forget to track your miles with Triplog! Use the code ‘RSG‘ when you sign up to save an additional 20%!
    • Feel free to reach out to me at harry[at] or follow me on Twitter @TheRideShareGuy
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    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.




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