RSG066: Noah Lang on Helping Rideshare Drivers with Healthcare, Taxes and More!

In today’s episode, I’m covering an important topic that is frequently ignored by drivers because it’s so expensive and/or confusing: health insurance. One of the reasons it took me so long to become a full time rideshare driver and blogger was I was worried about health insurance. With my full-time job, I covered my wife and myself, and as a self-employed person (which rideshare drivers are), my family wouldn’t have those protections.

Luckily, I found a company called Stride Health, which introduces people to affordable, legitimate health coverage. Stride Health makes it easy to find a variety of plans to fit your budget and your family’s needs. Health insurance is crucial for rideshare drivers, particularly because driving is inherently risky. Today, I’m speaking with Noah Lang, CEO of Stride Health. Read on to listen to this episode or read the show notes.

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In this podcast episode, we're talking health care for drivers and entrepreneurs. Health care is particularly important for drivers - more info here:


  • When I first was thinking of leaving my full-time job to run this blog and rideshare drive full time, my number one worry was health insurance
  • I was providing health insurance for me and my wife, so the thought of us going without health insurance held me back
  • Then I found Stride Health, which offers health insurance and more, and I used Stride Health to get me through the transition of leaving my job and becoming an entrepreneur
  • RSG is a site for rideshare drivers and those who consider themselves entrepreneurial, and Stride helps drivers with everything from health insurance to tax assistance, which is great for drivers and entrepreneurs
  • Today I’m talking with the CEO of Stride Health, Noah Lang: how Stride got started, how it helps drivers, and more. Stay tuned because Noah will share his strategies on how to use Stride
  • You probably know of Stride through Stride Drive, a mileage tracking app that I highly recommend. It’s free, so go check it out!

Interview with Noah Lang

  • Noah is the CEO of Stride Health. Stride Health is a benefits platform built for traditionally benefit and eligible workforces
  • A lot of drivers know about Stride Drive, but Stride Health actually got started in healthcare, not mileage tracking
  • Noticed there was a gap for people who wanted to be self-employed, but they couldn’t find affordable healthcare
  • Wanted people to feel they could work for themselves for the long haul and not have to scale back just because they couldn’t find healthcare

How Stride Health Works

  • Stride Health is designed for the self-employed, but users usually have multiple jobs
  • It’s actually very easy to get started with Stride Health, which no one ever says about health care
  • You can even search for plans through your Stride app, which makes it really easy
  • You enter some information about yourself, your income, and then Stride Health finds the best plan for you based on several factors
  • Stride also offers dental and vision plans

Stride Drive

  • Started Stride Drive because they realized drivers were losing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars at tax time because they didn’t understand deductions
  • Stride Drive was designed to make sure that drivers weren’t being taxed on expenses they had to incur because of their business – that’s unfair, so first Stride Drive just started with mileage tracking, built from there

What’s Next for Stride?

  • More new features rolling out in the future, including taxes and helping drivers get a good jump start on 2018
  • Just remember: open enrollment for health insurance closes on December 15
  • Stride Health is a great option that offers the lowest prices for health insurance, and using it doesn’t cost any extra
  • You can visit Stride Health here
  • If you have the app, open the Stride app, go to the Rewards section and you’ll see Stride Health there
  • Download the Stride app here


  • Thank you to Noah for coming on the episode and talking about Stride Health
  • Stride Health is a simple and easy way to find affordable health coverage, doesn’t cost drivers extra and was designed with drivers in mind – worth checking out especially before December 15
  • I’ve always liked Stride Drive too for mileage tracking, and it’s one of our affiliates, so if you want to support RSG, this podcast, etc. please use our link to sign up with Stride here
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Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

What do you currently use for health insurance?

-Harry @ RSG