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    I’m a big fan of companies that put drivers first, listen to drivers and make improvements based on driver feedback. In this episode, I’m talking with Jason Rees of FarePilot about FarePilot (a free app), what it does for drivers, and how it helps drivers earn more. Also, stay tuned until the end of this podcast, where I ask Jason what he’s learned from talking to thousands of drivers.

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    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

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    • One complaint I’ve heard over the years is how there are too many drivers on the road, and I do think the numbers back that up
    • What can drivers do about it? Today, I’ll be speaking with the CEO of FarePilot, Jason Rees
    • FarePilot is a company that helps drivers solve this very problem and helps them get more rides
    • The holidays are coming, which means it’s the perfect time of year to purchase The Rideshare GuideWhether you’re just getting signed up or you want to learn more about the industry, this book is definitely something you should take a look at

    Interview with Jason Rees

    • Jason Rees is the Chief Executive Officer of FarePilot, a mobile app improving the lives of drivers by helping them earn more money and spending less time on the road
    • FarePilot is already serving thousands of drivers across the UK and the USA and is expanding globally as well
    • FarePilot created as part of an innovation sprint in 2016 and was designed to help drivers and create greener cities

    How Does FarePilot Help Drivers?

    • FarePilot is a technology company that helps professional drivers earn more and spend less time on the road
    • Noticed there is an oversupply of drivers in some areas, meaning drivers are waiting longer to get fares. This also puts downward pressure on driver compensation
    • Drivers value money and flexibility, so FarePilot offers drivers a suite of tools to help them earn more and spend less time and money
    • How? 1) Passenger hotspots – to reduce driver idle time. 2) Events – closing time, number of attendees, etc. For the more advanced drivers who already know their cities hotspots. 3) Offers – help drivers manage their costs and partner up on expenses that matter to them (insurance, etc.)
    • Uses algorithms to determine driver patterns, city attributes, etc. to get the best information to drivers

    FarePilot’s Global Expansion

    • FarePilot initially launched in London and then expanded through the UK and into the US
    • Found that London was one market, moving into LA was a completely different market – learned a lot moving overseas to the US
    • In both locations, FarePilot has learned what drivers want and grown with them – making this company beneficial for drivers

    The Evolution of FarePilot

    • Hotspots are and were popular, but we added other things based on feedback from more experienced drivers as well
    • Where to find the bathroom? was a question we were asked all the time – never thought of it, but when you think about it, of course it’s a good question – so FarePilot added that feature
    • FarePilot removed features drivers found annoying too – it wasn’t just about adding new things. FarePilot takes driver feedback seriously and makes changes that benefit drivers

    The Future of FarePilot

    • Always looking at ways to improve data for drivers
    • Looking at other ways to work with traditional industries, like private fleets
    • Focused on making the core product of FarePilot the most useful for drivers
    • You can download FarePilot (for free) on Apple and Android phones in the app store
    • Questions for FarePilot? Reach out at [email protected]


    • Big thanks to Jason for coming on, I always enjoy conversations with people like Jason, whose team and company are trying to make things better for drivers
    • If you want to check out FarePilot, head over to the app store on your phone – the app is free
    • You can also go to to learn more about it
    • If you’re looking for some good books to read about rideshare, I recommend checking out my book The Rideshare Guideyou can also get the first chapter for free here

    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

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