RSG084: David Seagraves Went From Uber Driving To Selling Rideshare Insurance

Being a rideshare driver can really open your eyes to new opportunities, from starting your own business, becoming your own boss and more. I enjoy talking to drivers who start their own businesses or changed the trajectory of their lives because of rideshare, and today we have one of those guests on the podcast.

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  • As a driver, you can meet a lot of interesting people and learn about different employment opportunities you may not have ever known about
  • Today, I’m chatting with David Seagraves, who began driving for Uber and Lyft in 2014 and then transitioned to the insurance industry and has plans to be his own boss
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Interview with David Seagraves

  • David was born and raised in Colorado and is a newlywed!
  • He has driven for Lyft and Uber since 2014 and has given 600 rides between both services
  • He’s also driven for Uber Eats and Amazon Flex
  • He currently works in insurance

Driving for Uber & Lyft in 2014

  • Most drivers don’t continue driving this long! Things were very different in 2014 – met with a mentor with Lyft, for one
  • Was working full-time when he first started driving for Uber and Lyft
  • Likes driving because he can do it whenever he wants – flexibility has been important

What is Rideshare Insurance and Why is it Important?

  • Back in the day, insurance companies would drop you for being an Uber/Lyft driver
  • Insurance companies are conservative and didn’t like the livery aspect
  • Period 1 – when your app is on but you haven’t accepted a ride – this is the biggest risk if you don’t have rideshare insurance (it’s a gap!)
  • Rideshare coverage from Uber/Lyft kicks on when you turn on the app and accept a ride

Driving for Uber Eats and Amazon Flex

  • Uber Eats was very similar to rideshare, except with food and not people
  • Amazon Flex was a little different, because driving with Flex and being covered by insurance is more of a gray area
  • Enjoyed driving for those companies when he did drive for them, but because the insurance coverage is so nebulous, he doesn’t currently drive for them

Working with Farmer’s Insurance

  • David drives less than he did before, but he still drives and shares his business card with passengers
  • Found out about insurance from RSG, learned about rideshare insurance, joined Farmer’s as a driver
  • Turned into a job with Farmer’s – not a typical route, but it worked!
  • Basically, the insurance industry is recession-proof, plus his job helps people stay safe
  • Pursuing the Protege Program – working toward owning his own agency


  • Big thanks to David for coming on, I always enjoy conversations with people like David, who shared his perspective on why he’s still driving to this day – David has used it in a part-time fashion and made sure he’s open to opportunities while he’s been driving
  • Farmer’s Insurance is throughout Colorado – you can contact David here: 303-768-8130
  • Contact the Colorado Farmer’s team here

Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.