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    KMobility options are changing rapidly these days, and while Uber and Lyft have had a big impact on this new mobility era, they’re not the only players. Today, I’ll be chatting with someone who is on the front lines of multi-mobility issues and keeping cities healthier, greener and happier. 

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    • Today I’ll be chatting with Matt Brezina of People Protected
    • We’ll be talking about the curb issue, find out what protected bike lanes are, and more
    • Shoutout to Micromobility Podcast – great podcast if you’re interested in learning more about scooters, bikes. Covers global issues and more.

    Intro to Matt Brezina

    • Matt Brezina has founded, ran, and exited two ventured-backed companies
    • Has invested in 60 companies over the past 12 years
    • Early to the micromobility revolution having backed two of the earliest companies, Jump and Spin
    • Matt spends his time investing in companies at the intersection of the macro trends of urbanization and electric mobility, co-founder of People Protected

    People Protected

    • Grassroots movement to get people aware of bike lanes
    • Started People Protected after two women killed in SF while bike riding
    • Politics is local – and visual. Goal is to draw attention and get laws changed
    • “Green lanes”, “protected lanes” – better names for multi-modal lanes

    Relationship with Uber and Lyft

    • Started his second company next to Uber/Lyft (they started with around 5 people and so did Matt’s company)
    • Uber and Lyft have done some amazing things – ability to get a car whenever you need with the click of a button
    • But also a lot of risks – drivers who don’t know the roads very well, roads that are congested


    • We’ve transformed how we use our city streets
    • Governments are slow to adapt
    • CurbFlow – repurposing the streets
    • Redefine curb space in busy areas – drivers can be directed to open areas using CurbFlow


    • Thanks to Matt for coming on the podcast! Learned a lot about bike lanes and the companies he works with.
    • Make sure to follow Matt on Twitter if you want to learn more about People Protected
    • Check out the Micromobility Podcast – it’s fascinating, great mobility content if you’re looking for more

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

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