RSG117: Rebecca Stack-Martinez from Gig Workers Rising on AB5

AB5 has been perplexing for many drivers, not just in California. Uber’s made big changes and drivers all around the country are wondering when or if they could see these changes come to them. Today, we interview a driver and organizer for gig workers about AB5, the driver’s perspective and more below.

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  • Today Jay from Rideshare Dojo is chatting with Rebecca Stack-Martinez from Gig Workers Rising about AB5
  • Builds on my previous interview with David Zipper
  • We’ll cover what drivers can expect from this change and more

Intro to Rebecca Stack-Martinez

  • Has been driving for two years, Uber and Lyft, in CA
  • Gig Workers Rising has closely been following AB5 news
  • AB5 passed in California, now it’s time to make sure it’s enforced

What Does AB5 Say?

  • Basically, drivers are employees – not contractors as Uber/Lyft says
  • Litigation could be first – tie this up in courts
  • Could be tied up in court but a judge could make U/L reclassify drivers anyway

How Do Drivers Feel About AB5?

  • Most are opposed, but many don’t really know what the law says
  • One major point is minimum wage: with AB5, all drivers will earn a minimum no matter what per hour
  • Still get to keep your higher earnings if you earn more
  • Protects drivers from harassment, unfair deactivations

AB5 and Society

  • Really this does more than make drivers employees – it establishes a baseline for how drivers are treated
  • If Uber/Lyft can’t figure out how to pay drivers more, maybe they should’t be in business
  • No policy is perfect but this is a step in the right direction

Gig Workers Rising

  • Came about because Uber/Lyft not listening to drivers
  • U/L don’t want to talk to drivers, are fighting AB5
  • Goal is to demystify what’s happening in the industry


  • Thanks to Rebecca for coming on this episode and sharing her thoughts on AB5 and its effect on drivers
  • We’ll be covering AB5 more in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to email me if you have a question!

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