I love companies like Postmates, DoorDash and Instacart because time is important to me now! If there’s an opportunity to save 20-30 minutes, sign me up! However, a lot of the news out there describes delivery services as a nightmare: low pay, problems with orders, etc. Is food delivery an illusive proposition? Not according to this episode’s guest!

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    • Today I’m talking with Chris Baggott, co-founder and CEO of ClusterTruck
    • Full-stack delivery company
    • Don’t forget to check out one of my favorite podcasts, the Smarter Cars podcast!
    • Favorite episode recently was an episode about the transportation landscape + micromobility solutions (check it out below)

    Intro to Chris Baggott

    • Chris Baggott has been a leader in data-driven software for a long time now
    • In 2015, he brought his tech background to ClusterTruck
    • Delivery-only kitchens
    • Goal is to make delivery efficient!


    • Software-forward delivery-only kitchen
    • Control driver fleet (1099 drivers), software, everything (vertically integrated)
    • Operating in two locations in Indianapolis, and one in Denver, Columbus and Kansas City
    • Launched in 2016

    What Makes ClusterTruck Unique?

    • Vertically-integrated, don’t work with brands
    • Single location that is central to where the food is made, distributed
    • Models like GrubHub don’t, can’t work
    • Drivers are more important in ClusterTruck model

    ClusterTruck + Business Impact

    • Actually spend less on driver costs
    • Free delivery for customer – but customers have skin in the game, too (have to meet the car and get their food)
    • Single point system (less time spent driving around, wasting time)
    • Not a cloud kitchen!
    • Kroger partnership

    Biggest Challenges for Current Delivery System

    • The driver piece!
    • Take the worst job in the gig economy and make it the best
    • Customer loyalty
    • Training-aspect for customers, but it’s worked for ClusterTruck

    Future of Delivery Service

    • Who is making money in the current delivery system we have now?
    • Not drivers, not companies
    • Inefficient system
    • ClusterTruck is the only profitable model in delivery right now


    • Big thanks to Chris for coming on the episode! If you’re in one of the cities where ClusterTruck is available, give it a shot as either a customer or courier!
    • Would love to hear about your experience – reach out to me!

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