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    If you’re curious about autonomous vehicles and on-demand services, you won’t want to miss this episode.  I’m speak with a former Uber Head of Strategy in the Advanced Technology division, so suffice it to say that today’s guest has plenty of experience in this relatively new industry!

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    justin ho rideos


    • Today I’m talking with Justin Ho, the CEO and Co-Founder of RideOS, a next gen platform marketplace and mapping service
    • Will be talking about RideOS and his thoughts on autonomous vehicles
    • Don’t forget to check out one of my favorite podcasts, the Smarter Cars podcast!

    Intro to Justin Ho

    • CEO and Co-Founder of RideOS
    • RideOS can be used by ridesharing companies, OEMs and governments to operate fleets of on-demand, self-driving vehicles
    • Formerly head of strategy at Uber’s Advanced Technology division where he co-led the ideation strategy and execution of self-driving car and mapping business units
    • Favorite mode of transit? Rideshare!

    Building Products Isn’t Easy!

    • Mapping one of the biggest challenges when Justin joined Uber in 2014
    • Still a big challenge – teams of people working to make mapping just right
    • Everything is dynamic – always moving and fairly complex
    • Moved into the self-driving division for Uber

    Self-Driving Car Technology

    • Started with a question: what is the fundamental problem of ridesharing?
    • What’s the global problem with rideshare?
    • Began self-driving vehicle efforts
    • Goal is still to make self-driving cars a reality – need good software and good teams


    • Wants to build tools to become a global leading cloud platform for location dispatch and routing services
    • Create safe and efficient transport for all
    • Focusing on self-driving cars, it may take a while for society to feel the impact of these technologies
    • A lot of factors in this timeline, including manufacturing and technology

    Distinct from Competitors

    • Built this with flexibility in mind
    • Based-routing engine
    • Also focusing on efficiency and utilization
    • Currently working with Ford, other companies that are focused on self-driving vehicles and infrastructure


    • Big thanks to Justin for coming on the episode! Really cool to meet with folks who are working on different types of products out there
    • Interesting thing to me – working at a company like Uber, identifying trends and then starting your own company

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

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