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    Today I’m talking with Alex Roy, a really fascinating and enigmatic person I met a few years ago. Alex is one of the old school mobility guys and has an automotive background. He also races cars, and you can tell his passion is on the automotive side. We’ll be talking about automotive issues as well as mobility, specifically the mobility media. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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    alex royIntro

    • Today I’m talking with Alex Roy, co-host of the No Parking Podcast
    • Co-host of the Autonocast Podcast and Editor-at-large at The Drive
    • Produced and starred in the new movie called Apex: The Secret Race, a story about underground racing across the US
    • We’ll be talking about mobility but also the mobility media landscape in general – he cuts through the BS!

    Intro to Alex Roy

    • Founder of the Human Driving Association, dedicated to raising licensing and safety standards for personally owned vehicles
    • Broken numerous Cannonball run endurance driving records
    • Leading expert on driver assistance and self-driving systems
    • Produced a new movie called Apex about his record-setting drive across America

    Interest in Cars, Future of Mobility

    • Right now, at an intersection of all the mobility technologies
    • Let’s choose to make them great and have them serve us
    • Wants to bridge road between car enthusiasts and autonomous vehicle side
    • What types of AVs do we want to have as a society?

    Creating Better, Safer Cities

    • Roy’s interest is in automotive safety
    • The two polar opposite sides, people who hate cars and people who hate trains – both wrong
    • There’s a balance between the two and people need to be given better choices
    • No Parking podcast – new podcast – learns something every episode, from really talking about autonomous vehicles, driver assistance, even autonomous dentistry!

    Mobility Media

    • A lot of press out there paid for clicks – exaggerating for the press
    • Some companies out there don’t really know what they’re making, just sucking up air and money and press, then leaving before there’s even a product
    • The best of America is a company that benefits not only shareholders, but society as a whole
    • Get around this with education: educated journalists, investors
    • People who cover this environment and support the companies doing real work

    How Can We Get the Best Information and Avoid Hype?

    • Subscribe to real media companies – subscription models
    • Forget politics
    • Educated people separate facts from opinions
    • Realize that many people online have an agenda – go out and experience things for yourself and don’t just believe what you’re told


    • Big thanks to Alex for coming on the podcast and chatting with us – been wanting to have him on the podcast for a while so glad to make it work!
    • He’s passionate about driver safety and driver education
    • You might not expect a racing guy like him to embrace the future of mobility and AVs, but he’s become sort of a spokesperson for responsible use of all these features
    • He likes to challenge people on their thoughts – drivers a Tesla and loves it, but also criticizes Tesla and is honest about their faults

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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