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    If you spend any time of your day driving during the commuting hours, you’re very familiar with traffic. But what are transit authorities doing to address the ever-growing traffic problems many cities are now afflicted with? If you’ve been asking that question, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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    • Today I’m talking with Joshua Schank
    • First-ever Chief Innovation Officer for the LA County Metro
    • Urban planner by trade
    • A realist – he can really speak to the biggest challenges facing transit, congestion pricing, etc.

    Intro to Joshua Schank

    • Chief Innovation Officer for the Los Angeles County Metro
    • Background in urban planning
    • Dislikes traffic – now works in LA!
    • Day to day job involves solving transportation problems in LA in creative ways

    Challenges Facing LA Transportation

    • The way we use our transportation network is the issue
    • Efficiently allocate space
    • Traffic does not have to be our default
    • Testing new ways to address transportation in a major city

    Solutions for Addressing Transportation Issues

    • Congestion pricing – is it feasible?
    • Attacking Uber/Lyft is easy – but not necessarily the best way to go!
    • Issues are more systemic than TNCs
    • Combine the best of TNCs with the best of the public sector

    Mobility on Demand

    • Partnership with Via
    • Best of TNC and best of Metro
    • Pilot program (grant program)
    • Uses TNC to get to Metro stations – first/last mile
    • Just approved for a second year – outperformed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Upcoming Innovative Transit Opportunities

    • Incentives – Travel Rewards Program
    • Partnering with TNCs to encourage people to not drive alone
    • Work with employers around LA to incentivize people to not drive alone
    • Encourage a mode shift


    • Big thanks to Dr. Schank for coming on the podcast and chatting all about the current and future states of mobility in LA
    • I’m very excited about the pilots coming out – it’s not just studies anymore
    • Cities still have a ways to go, but clearly there are hardworking and talented people working on this
    • Follow along with the Request For Proposal (RFP) process – LA Metro website below – they’re not just for big companies!

    Show Notes

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