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    Note: This podcast episode was recorded pre-COVID-19. Since recording, Swoop has announced heavily discounted rides for hospital, healthcare, public transportation staff, police officers, military, construction and factory workers who need to still get to work. Visit the Swoop app below for more information.

    There’s been a lot of focus lately on rideshare, delivery, and scooters. But one thing I’ve learned is, at the core, transportation is pretty simple. One topic I like to learn more about is the topic of lesser-known areas of mobility. Today, I’m going to be talking about group transportation and why no one is really dominating this market yet.


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    • Today I’m talking with Ruben Schultz
    • Co-founder of Swoop, which connects private owner operations in the group transportation space with consumers
    • A lot has changed with Swoop since I last spoke with the Swoop CEO two years ago, so I wanted to get an update
    • We’ll talk about their business model, get some updates, and see where they’re going from here

    Intro to Ruben Schultz

    • One of the co-founders of Swoop
    • Response for operations, marketing, hiring and fundraising
    • Prior to Swoop, he worked at Google and Facebook
    • Born and grew up in Germany before moving to the US

    Solving Group Transportation

    • Goal of Swoop is to solve group transportation, how groups get around whether it’s a business, party, etc.
    • Don’t own any vehicles – Swoop works with operators
    • Built technology that makes connecting operators to customers seamless
    • Swoop is now nationwide

    Supply Side of Swoop

    • Operators typically entrepreneurial people who have five to 10 vehicles
    • They want to connect more with customers, helps to have a variety of vehicles
    • Operators and customers have grown to trust Swoop – Swoop takes care of all the information so there are no surprises or issues
    • Historically, group transportation industry not very efficient

    Using Technology to Make Group Transportation More Efficient

    • Created relationships with operators
    • Using technology to help them run their businesses
    • Makes their businesses more efficient and accelerates their businesses
    • Building technology with Swoop has been a key focus area

    Future Growth of Swoop

    • Big push into corporate space, transportation for large groups and events
    • Focus on working with operators on the tech side
    • Growth into on-demand space
    • Growing the team


    • Big thanks to Ruben for coming in to chat about Swoop – I’ve known them for several years now and like seeing the trajectory they’re on
    • Fascinated by other business models in the transportation space
    • I’m not an expert in group transportation but appreciate learning from those who are

    Show Notes

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