Now that many people are working from home, they’re starting to realize there are a lot of pros – but also some cons to working at your house. In this episode, I’m interviewing Christelle Rohaut from Codi, a company that connects people with homes to people looking to work from ‘home.’ It’s a really cool concept, and it’s even more important now. We’ll talk about Codi, how she came up with the concept, and the future of remote work.

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    Intro to Christelle Rohaut

    • UC Berkeley city planner and environmental engineer from France
    • Studied the circular economy
    • Founder of Codi, called Airbnb Meets WeWork
    • Sharing economy vs. circular economy

    What is the Circular Economy?

    • More holistic way of looking at the economy
    • Hiring local drivers, local driving – it goes beyond ‘just’ the car
    • How dollars circulate in the economy, stay in the local community
    • Became interested in sustainable communities within cities – create value in your own city

    Codi: Airbnb Meets WeWork

    • Name – wanted to be able to use it as a verb and a noun
    • Customers came up with the description!
    • Codi is the first company to offer daytime work spaces in private homes
    • Gives the opportunity for people to walk to work from their home, remain in their communities

    Response to Codi

    • A lot of workers want to stay remote, but want to be connected to community
    • Codi provides this option and feedback has been positive
    • Opportunity for human interaction, walk around – positive for mental health

    Hosting with Codi

    • 60% of hosts already work from home, looking for company and to share space
    • 40% of hosts work outside the home and have empty space
    • Opportunity to earn extra income – hosts are notified when they have a booking and they see the LinkedIn invite
    • By locals, for locals

    Vetting and Safety

    • Background checks, LinkedIn verification
    • Not for tourists – it’s for people looking for work space
    • Initially reached out to people in coffee shops

    Scaling and the Future of Remote Work

    • Working with businesses
    • Designing the platform in a thoughtful way
    • Codi is focused on sparking the ‘walk to work’ movement


    • Thanks to Christelle for coming on the show! COVID has harmed many industries but has also helped grow others
    • On a personal and business level, there are some upsides to the changing thoughts around remote work

    Show Notes

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