RSG157: Will Delivery Companies Ever Be Profitable?

Will delivery companies ever be profitable? That’s the million-dollar question going into 2021. In this episode, you’ll hear a replay from a conference I helped put on called Curbivore. I coordinated this panel and think you’ll find it fascinating, as we will cover how delivery companies could become profitable in the future… or not. This panel discussion may surprise you!

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Panel Discussion

  • Introduction to Amir, Vignesh, Peter, Kelly and Mark (Show Notes below for more information)
  • Is there a clear path for delivery companies to make a profit?
  • Examples around the world: China, for example
  • Criticism is that delivery could be exploitative


  • Size of a company does determine profitable, but it’s not that simple
  • Flywheel system – more restaurants on an app, more customers, able to do more deliveries in shorter amount of time
  • Is it exploitative? Larger conversation about the relationship of labor + companies
  • Question also ignores how one career is not always enough – many people need gig jobs to make ends meet

Can Delivery Be Profitable?

  • It will be very, very difficult
  • Higher end customers – potential for profitability
  • Unless there is a monopoly, it will be difficult for these companies to become profitable

Changes for Restaurants

  • Pandemic upended everything for restaurants
  • The opportunity to get more couriers in a restaurant, helps make up for lost revenue
  • Restaurants have needed to become more creative and flexible – delivery is a part of that

Driver Goals

  • Drivers are looking for consistency, as much as possible
  • Don’t necessarily want to deliver 4 orders at once, but goal is to deliver more in less time
  • Opportunity for platforms to take earnings and subsidize the unprofitable orders
  • Driver earnings must be low in order to provide cheaper costs to customers – customers unwilling to pay more for convenience, so drivers must accept less

The Future of Delivery

  • Companies need to focus, not pivot to something new and shiny
  • Comparisons with Amazon – things got cheaper over time instead of shifting dramatically
  • Drivers don’t necessarily want to be jack of all trades, either
  • Virtual dining concepts changes how restaurants will function, too – makes it easier for restaurants to focus on what they’re good at


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Show Notes