RSG158: How Argyle is Helping Unlock Employment Data for Gig Workers

Imagine this: you want to hire a large group of people, but you’d like to learn more about them, how much they’re currently earning, etc. to be able to offer something that makes them want to join you. Today, I’m talking with the COO and Co-Founder of Argyle, Billy Marsden, about gig platform data, Argyle’s work in the financial space and so much more.

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Intro to Billy Marsden

  • Co-Founder and COO of Argyle
  • Offers companies better access to employment data via user consent
  • Previously investor at F-Prime Capital
  • SF native

What is Argyle?

  • User permission gateway into employment records
  • Makes it easy for employees to share their employment records
  • Makes it easy for companies to see and use those records
  • End user are consumers who want to share their info with insurance companies, banks, etc.

Argyle + Gig Workers

  • Came about because of previous work in a fleet management system
  • Needed to gather a lot of info to hire someone – time consuming and painful
  • How easy would it be to get someone’s previous work history from previous employers? One click uploading
  • Another example – lending info for buying a house, applying for an apartment lease

User Journey

  • Imagine you’re applying for a loan, etc.
  • Form asks for your employment information
  • You use Argyle and grant them permission to share your employment data with this business
  • Application is completed with one click, instead of you searching for everything
  • Operates under ‘users own their own data’ – they can authorize third party assistance

How Does Argyle Benefit Gig Workers?

  • Works to help gig workers with getting lending, for example (no payday loans)
  • Can also help companies learn more about applicants
  • Allows workers to leverage their own time, money and experience
  • Data compliance and storage is key – uses military grade security system to encrypt and store info

Future of Argyle

  • Engineers are building even more integrations
  • Target is to have all Americans have access to Argyle
  • A very long tail of integrations to get this to work
  • Users won’t feel this complexity


  • Thanks to Billy for coming on to the podcast – I really feel like I refer so many people to Argyle
  • Offers a lot of benefits for drivers and gig workers
  • If you would like an intro to Argyle and Billy, email me (contact info below)

Show Notes